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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Invitation to a Special Tea ...

Welcome to tea ladies (and gentlemen who may also stop by) ... 
I'm so happy that you stopped by. Today's tea is a special tea ~ it's in honor of Hope Unlimited's celebration of love, for the many girl's they help. You also get a tiny glimpse of my new writing studio (which I will share more about at another time).

I have a creative area set up at the back of my writing studio, the windows provide a fabulous view of Mother Nature's treasures.

For our tea I have chosen some specific items: The tea was a gift from my friend Elizabeth, she brought it all the way from China, during her world trip last year. The teacup and saucer set is a gift from my dear friend Ly ~ so we have plenty of cups and saucers for everyone. And the heart display represent LOVE, not just at Valentine's - but everyday! 

Look how lovely the Jasmine balls look! 

And once they bloom in the tea pot ... WOW!!!

I just love the orchid design on the saucer and tea cup...

Now that your tea is poured ... let me tell you a little about Hope Unlimited's Celebrate Love project. Each year Hope Unlimited hosts a summer Day of Love party where all the girls learn about HEALTHY relationships, family and God's love. Girls as young as 10 come to Hope Unlimited from the streets and slums of Brazil, where they are constantly threatened by abuse and exploitation. 

During the summer Day of Love, the girls are given cards ... much like the Valentine's Day cards that children here in North America exchange. These cards are sent from caring loving people all around the world. It's amazing how a "little" card will make a difference in the life of these girls ~ knowing that someone, somewhere in the world cared enough to send them a "little" note.

By now you are possibly thinking...
 "hey, I could send a card", "I want to make a difference",
 "How many cards do I need to send, I don't have a lot of spare time"....

You can send 1 card or sky is the limit ... your card(s) can be store bought - or handmade.

I chose to make mine .... here is a sample of the cards I made. You can find phrases in Portuguese to personalize your card(s) here. The one I used - translates to You are precious, God's beautiful creation. On the inside ~a butterfly goes through so much in a short time, to evolve into the beautiful gift from nature- so I chose a stamp with a butterfly and "dream big" wording; I added a second butterfly bling (because who doesn't love sparkly inspiration) and added a heart and the phrase Happy Valentine's day on the front of the card. For the envelope I added the phrase the translates into Beautiful young ladya couple more hearts with sparkly bits representing the infinite number of Angels who watch over each girl. I also added a seal to close the envelope.

Once your card(s) ready to go ... place card(s) in an envelope and mail it to:
Hope Unlimited For Children, PO Box 100, Jefferson City, TN 37760. 
Cards may be postmarked as late as April 1.
And the wonderful folks at Hope Unlimited offices will make sure that your card(s) arrive safely at their Brazil destination. 
You can learn more about Hope Unlimited by clicking here and to learn more about Celebrate Love click here. If you were wondering the impact a card can make read this story.

Celebrate Love: Meet Joyce

Read about how Valentine's cards affected a girl at Hope Unlimited here.

Special thank you to Susan from My Place to Yours who introduced me and many others in Blogland to Hope Unlimited.

Now take 5 minutes out of your day and send a card, you will be making the world a better place!

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  1. what an inspiring idea to make a difference in a child's
    heart. you are a wonderful role model for me, too!

  2. I've addressed the card and will send one tomorrow. Love the jasmine balls

  3. Can I make my cards along with you at the tea? I'll be right over!


    P.S. First I have to get a passport...

  4. Dearest Celia,
    What a sweet and thoughtful idea! Just right after Easter time, that will give hope for new life to those young girls.
    Thanks for sharing this. Love your special Jasmine tea ball, and your orchid cups & saucers.
    Hugs to you dear friend - we're still running the wet vac at about 25 gallons an hour... all night and let's hope we get to sleep some this night. It enters through Pieter's work shop.

  5. What a great project Celia, you made some pretty cards to send.

  6. I love those jasmine balls! How great of your friend to bring you back some tea from China. How marvelous to know that something as simple as a card can help and encourage a young child. Thanks for sharing that, Michelle

  7. I tried the flower balls teas recently and wrote a post about them. They are fabulous, and I like your part in the card project. Your cards are precious.

  8. What beautiful cups and such an incredible card mission. One little act of kindness can change a life - how inspiring - just like you! I will have to buy a card because I am not at all talented in the crafty area!

  9. Celia:
    This was a great blessing to these girls! Thanks for linking to Friends Sharing Tea.

  10. Hello Celia,
    Such a lovely and inspiring post! Your tea setting is beautiful, even the tea itself is beautiful!
    I love the idea of sending these cards of support and encouragement. Thanks so much for sharing about it.

  11. I love having meaningful virtual tea with you! Hope your week is going well!

  12. Celia, I can hardly wait until your Valentines arrive in Jefferson City! Every time I stop by the office, there are more cards from around the country -- and I think of the reception those simple acts of caring will have on our girls in Brazil. Thank you for your long-distance encouragement of and love for the girls. Thank you, also, for inviting HHL readers to join you in sending Valentines even though V-Day is past. After all... Love is a year-round gift, and this is an easy way to share it in a way that can have both immediate and eternal impact!

  13. I love this. Your tea and writing studio inspires. I will make sure Sophia and I send a card as well. Thank you for bringing this worthy cause to light, I really appreciate that. I can feel your kindness jump off the page here.

  14. I am forwarding a link to this post to my granddaughters, they would love to make cards & share them with another girl their age in a far land. What a blessing this is to others, and also informs us that there are others in need of a kind word and a bit of whimsy that also tells them they're special & loved by God.

  15. It looks like such a worthy cause and your images are very lovely. Wishing you and the organization best wishes~

  16. Amazing post my friend! I will send a card :)
    Thanks for linking!

  17. Dear Celia
    This card project is such a meaningful and beautiful idea. What's more lovely is you knowing what young girls like - all the special sparkle. How wonderful. I can see your world is full of beauty... those tea cups, gorgeous.
    Thanks for being such a caring soul.
    Love from Greece,

  18. Amazing. I'll check it out. Recently a young woman read a post of the traumas my grandson has endured over the years and began sending him cards, and yesterday a gift box arrived (I have them sent to my house). He was overjoyed, so I know first hand how meaningful this can be. Thank you!


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