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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Things that can take you back to Simpler Times....

...Writing a Letter and Taking Tea!

It seems the more connected we are to the world outside our front door, across oceans and miles, the more  disconnected we are becoming. We are rapidly changing from a society of enjoying life and all that it has to offer, to one that needs instant gratification no matter the cost.

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Take a moment to think.... when was the last time you actually sat and put pen to paper and wrote? Hmm... how about the last time you actually communicated with someone in "full English or the language you speak " where you actually wrote complete words, sentences, paragraphs instead of  something like: C U L8er ( translation:  See you later)? 

Now, when you sit to enjoy a nice cup of tea do you plug the kettle in, pour the boiled water over the tea bag (of course you want that tea now ... so you are probably swishing the tea bag in the cup , so the water turns colour faster) ~ I see a couple of you smiling and nodding~ and of course any cup will do ... right?

These two simple acts provide us with much more than information and a warm beverage. If performed the "old fashion" way they offer us so much more. Sitting down  to write a letter, note or post card actually helps stimulate and activate our brain; it allows us to sit and catch our breath as we gather our thoughts about what we would like to write. A handwritten letter is more than just words on a page, it shows the recipient that you care enough about them to take a few moments in your day to think about them and actually write ~  not just send a quick email or text - that is generic and could have been sent to numerous people. A letter is personal. You are also sending a gift of a few moments of relaxation; as (especially in today's world) someone receives a handwritten letter ... they are so surprised, that they will take a few moments to sit down and relax while reading your letter. Perhaps they will even make themselves a cup of tea.

Unlike texts, IM or emails which often get deleted, thoughts, words handwritten on paper are something you can save and read again and again in years to come. Have you come across a letter that was written to you years ago, and as you re-read it , the memories attached to it came back in vivid detail? I have and I can tell you, it's a wonderful feeling!
In it's early days, tea was thought to have magic powers and cure all. Well, I can tell you there is some magic healing in them leaves. For the past year I have made taking tea once a day a priority in my day. The 15-25 minutes that it takes to boil the water, spoon tea leaves into a teapot, wait for the tea to steep for the appropriate time before pouring the golden liquid into a teacup (with a saucer) sitting back and awakening my senses ~ smell, sight, taste and hearing  - yes hearing, there is therapeutic value in the sound of the kettle whistling that it's ready and the trickling of the water as it is poured from kettle to teapot and then to teacup. During this time I may just sit and let my mind wander into peacefulness, or I may write a few words to a dear friend or if I'm lucky I have a letter or note or card to read ... that was written by someone dear, just for me.

Where do you take tea? and Do you use a special teacup?

Here are some images I hope will inspire you to take a few moments in your day to truly enjoy a cup of tea!

Taking time to write friends and family and to enjoy a cup of tea are simple things that I am able to do, which bring calmness to my day if for only a a few moments. 

How do you bring a few moments of peace and relaxation into your busy day?

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Joining these fabulous ladies for tea:

Martha's Terri's Tea Time Tuesday


  1. Very nice post! Yes, it's been a very long time since I've written a "real" letter. I love that picture of the pile of letters tied up with string...brings back memories!

  2. Wonderful post! I make time to reflect and relax each afternoon with a cup of tea with my husband in the sunroom...and the cat! I actually try to avoid actually writing letters, as I have arthritis in my thumbs that is aggravated holding a pen. But wprd processing or typing doesn't have the same effect. But I LOVE to get letters...just wish I could still srite them. I stillhave the sealing wax and seals I used to use....

  3. I write letters to a friend I have in another state...I always end up folding at least 5 or 6 pages into an envelope for her. Nice post, pretty photos. I really like the picture of the stacked cups and the bundle of tied letters. I have to say, I rarely use tea bags! Normally, the only time I use them is if I am drinking tea with a friend and they gave the bags to me(trying to be courteous), or if I am using my portable Teazer commuter cup and heading out the door in a hurry. Otherwise, every day~~ usually twice~~ I make tea the 'old fashioned' way :)

  4. Lovely post.
    Life is so busy these days, and technology, I feel, is not making life easier just busier. We try to fit so much more into our days.

    I do miss letter writing and you are right, a tea bag, any old cup, do I have time to even drink it!!!


  5. Wonderful post. I've been trying to write more letters and send them snail mail. Mostly they are short notes on a pretty card (I have too many pretty cards). Having tea nearby makes the writing easier!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  6. Good morning Celia,
    I always enjoyed writing a letter and sending cards. Then I got sick and I lost the fine hand I used to have. And it really bothers me! I used to paint too which I can't do any more. I am so very thankful that I can type and I don't like abbreviations either.
    Now the art of taking tea; that's something I do enjoy very much and I agree with you whole-heartedly about that!
    I have an opinion about why we have lost the simple things in life but I won't share that here in blogland. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed your post and thank you for coming to tea with me. I hope you have a lovely day, my friend.


  7. Hello Celia,
    Your tea post is perfection! I really enjoyed reading it. Taking time for tea, is truly taking time for one's self. Each day I try to sit with tea and a book, or just gazing out at the beautiful scenery around my home. As you say, with today's pace, it is more important now to take the time to relax.
    I recently begun writing letters to another blogger, as pen pals. It has been really fun! I really love getting mail!

  8. Dearest Celia,

    Guess we're true kindred spirits in many ways. Even without words, we still could communicate by use of tea, pen and paper. The stroke of a fountain pen over some nice cotton stationery is so soothing. Add to that angels and roses, or gardenias and jasmines and we got our own little paradise. Not such a steep investment but with daily rewards and lots of benefits for calming us down...
    Hugs and love to you,


    PS in my Hear - See -Speak No Evil post I had added a personal photo after you read it...

  9. Lovely post. There's nothing like relaxing in the afternoon with a good book and a cup of tea. I'm so glad you stopped by.

  10. I love my daily ritual of afternoon tea, always with a little sweet along side.
    The two gals at the pool look they're having the best time together sipping tea and chatting.

  11. Put me down for a new penpal please!

  12. you must have been reading my mind nearly. i just got a marine pen pal for an organization here, pease greeters. well, i had an especially challenging week losing a very dear friend and work taking no back seat no matter what. so in the midst of it all, i went to my stationery box, plunked down with pen in hand and wrote my new pen pal a letter. it took my mind away and recharged me which is just what i needed. i am trying to move back toward simpler things....when things weren't 'rushed', and we relished in the rituals.

  13. i love to write and receive letters...always have . Having family in Europe means i still do...often. My much older aunts wouldn't even know what a computer was!
    tea...only in the evenings. So relaxing.

  14. I do miss letter writing. I always enjoy receiving a letter from a friend, although rare nowadays. I love to keep the letters to read over and over.

    Jocelyn @

  15. Thank you for a very restful post...
    I make coffee from scratch each morning, grind the beans etc.
    but in the late afternoon to wind down I have jasmine tea, made the old fashioned way from leaves in the pot.
    Both these times are special to me,
    both are times I take out of busy days whenever I am able, just for my sanity.
    stolen moments
    to reflect
    and yes sometimes to write a letter.

  16. Hi Celia,
    yes, you are so right. But the problem of letter today is, that they need sooo long to come to the recipient. Things can have changed totally when the letter arrives. So its much faster to give an Email, although its not romantic. Your vignettes are all so relaxed and sweet. Having tea is really a treat, I love.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Lovely post! I agree that we should take time to write letters and cards to our friends and family. It really can make a difference in someone's life. Just knowing you took time to hand write a note means so much! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, and your equally beautiful words!

  18. Very nice post and so true. I love writing letters, but admit I don't do it enough (though I have a drawer full of pretty stationery!!) My m-in-l in England writes to my husband every week. Her letters are so nice and keep us informed. This reminds me that a letter to her is overdue. Not much of a tea drinker myself, but when I do, I use a china cup and make my tea in a pretty pot. It tastes better that way!!! Thank you for a great post!

  19. Hi: The perfect post for a perfect cup of tea. Thank you for a lovely time. Blessings, Martha


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