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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Rain and the Gardens Transform

After what seemed like an eternity (actually ~ a good week and a few days) of no rain, the skies opened up and Mother Nature gave us a good watering for 2 1/2 days. And as I made my way through the gardens this afternoon I was amazed at the changes ...

Our Angel garden is a continuous canvas of changing colour. As we say good bye to some colourful blossoms that have entertained us from the beginning of spring, we  wait in anticipation of what magical colours will be displayed for us.

The blue Iris started off almost 3 seasons ago as 2 or 3 little sprigs when first planted. Today it entertains us with numerous blooms and even if only for a short time, they truly are marvelous!!

In the Butterfly garden ... the green foliage is slowly awakening to reveal the beauty of their blossoms, some are certainly ahead, while others continue to tease as with their full buds, that will open to turn the garden into a choir of colour...

Our Memory garden is one of this seasons projects ... Mr. G and I enjoyed choosing each plant - ensuring like our other gardens that a hint of colour is always present among the various shades of green.

Last year the Vegetable garden was a little sparse. This year Mr. G. is lovingly tending to it's needs in hopes of a plentiful bounty during harvest. There is nothing like sitting down to a meal where the veggies came from  one's own garden! And to be bale to go outside and pluck fresh herbs is a beautiful thing.

The Peony and Rose gardens are bursting with buds! Which one will win the race?

This year it was the Peony! Our first one of the season.

The Hydrangea garden is looking promising with most of it's plants showing beautiful green foliage!! 

What changes are you seeing in your beautiful gardens?

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  1. Dearest Celia,

    Wow, the weeding by your dear friends got a true blessing from above and look at the change it brought about! Each day if you walk the gardens you can notice some budding, blossoming or whatever growth catches your attention. Not only yours, but of the butterflies and the birds that feel like in paradise. Enjoy it every day and yes, we too got some nice rain showers over the past couple of days. Much needed. Today, Pieter barely managed to mow the lawn in the late afternoon. Again, just in time for another down pour.
    Enjoy your peonies and the roses. We have right now lots of hydrangeas blooming. We did take a bouquet to our friends for their son's graduation party. The theme was blue so they did blend in nicely with their four different blue varieties.
    Hugs and love to all of you,

  2. oh my gosh. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could visit it :)
    I bet it smells so lovely!

  3. There's nothing like a good drink of water from Mother Nature to green up and flower your plants. Your garden is lovely!

  4. My ex was the gardener in our family... sadly I do not... cannot... the results are not pretty!

  5. Beautiful gardens and life! Good for you for learning to make lemons out of lemonade! It's something we all have to do at one point or another! I really like your blog... I've signed on to follow! Have a beautiful day!

  6. Your grounds and gardens are amazing! I love hydrangeas. I am waiting for mine to come out. Can't wait!! xo

  7. Your gardens are beautiful! Here in New England we are getting lots of rain and the gardens are thriving and the birds are singing. OH YES, LOVE Hydrangeas!!! I'm hoping you will stop by for a visit to My Land of Blog too...
    Have a FUN weeks end,

  8. As dreary as a rainy few days can feel the results are stunning!

  9. I'm so happy that you are the winner! Congrats again! I will mail your package once I receive your address.

    I am so glad that you are feeling well. Small steps. We all have those times.
    Your grounds are so beautiful! I love hydrangeas and fresh herbs! We saw the most beautiful hydrangeas last night. I wish mine grew so well. Unfortunately, I did not have much luck. Perhaps I will try again.

    Wishing you a lovely day!! xoxo, B

  10. Hi Celia
    The rain certainly did help and then when the sun came back, plants are playing catch-up. My hydrangeas have lots of buds and every day brings something new to flower.

  11. i so agree that the rain helps our beautify our gardens - however, i am so needing some sunshine here! & so do my chickens (they love coming out of the coop) lol! Thanks for sharing your amazing photo's of your gardens over here at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party!, all are so pretty! xoxo, tracie

  12. My favorite is hydrangeas I can't get enough of them in my yard. We have had no rain since April so I water them everyday. They do like water

    my herbs are looking so pretty almost as pretty as yours

  13. Hi Celia, I love your memory garden, angel garden, and herb garden. Your iris and tiarella are lovely too. Enjoy your garden!

  14. Just lovely! Peony is my favorite!

  15. Celia,
    Your garden is gorgeous! Green green with envy I am...we don't see too much green here in the desert ~ And I just love that you have an angel garden to go sit in and be enveloped in peace and love ...

  16. I am happy for your rain... always the best gift a gardener can receive and we are in dire need of gentle showers just now as well... lovely post! Larry

  17. Your collages are so lovely. May I ask what you used to create them?

  18. Hello Celia not only do you have a lovely garden - but you've also created a gorgeous post filled with lovely collages/mosaics. I have been marking the calendar for the rain and so very grateful when it comes our way - I will be featuring your post in tonight's Home and Garden Thursday post
    Thank You,


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