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Monday, June 18, 2012

Size DOES Matter ...!The Other Side of Thin ~ Part Four

... and this is especially true when we are on track to creating a healthier eating lifestyle. Given the choice between the 4 plates below, most people would chose Plate 1 ~ assuming they were getting more for their money. What plate would you choose?

Actually all the plates contain the same amount of food - it's the size of plate that is visually making  it seem as one plate has more food than the other.

A standard dinner plate size has increased by 3.5 inches since the 1960s, not a huge amount. But the amount of food which it is able to hold has increased more than 50%. And of course many of us take full advantage of this new found plate Real Estate.

Lets look at this in terms of calories.... we are now able to pile on 1900 calories VS. 800 calories of food onto our plates. Below is an example of how easily it is done.

The more white space we see on the plate the more food we add. It's no wonder we are struggling with getting our weight under control, even if we have turned to a healthy eating lifestyle. 

At the High Heeled Life home, we have started to look at the size of plates, glasses and bowls we use on a regular basis and are slowly changing to smaller sizes that do not make a portion size look small. Do you use large plates, bowls, glasses or do you use smaller ones to help you stay on track with REAL portion size?

Of course it's important to choose healthy foods over processed and filler filled foods. But it is equally important to do a reality check on what an actual portion really is, you'll be surprised!

Here is a chart to help get you started...

If you you really want to be surprised try this : after pouring your "healthy" whole grain cereal into a bowl, pull out the measuring cup and pour the cereal in. Chances are you are regularly consuming 1.5 to 2  portion sizes instead of the single portion size of 1/2 cup. Now look and see how many extra calories your are innocently consuming each morning.

Let's do all we can to help each other achieve our healthy eating lifestyle - so we can heap the side effect , of  healthier weight and waist line.

In the next installment of The Other Side of Thin , I will be sharing more portion distortion. Please share your discoveries. We are in this together folks! 

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  1. Dearest Celia,

    This is a genial way for rubbing it in to our minds! It is true. This lunch time I was complaining about my too small plates from my wedding china. It is such an 8.5 Inch size. So true that we all get used to huge plates. I use the large ones mainly for charger, they are from Pillivuyt France but they're actually called dinner plate!
    Thanks for pointing this out, in a very visual and convincing way. You are a great teacher!
    Love and hugs to you both + furbabies!

  2. This plate size chart is so true! I often serve dinner on our smaller plates for this exact reason. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Thee Blog Hop.

  3. The plate size chart makes me smile, angel, because is soooooo true and it's so interesting how our mind can be fooled by that.
    This is very informative, thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope you'll having a nice Sunday.
    Here is raining and foggy :(
    Tons of love and blessings Celia

  4. Lately, the husband has been lucky to even get his dinner ON a plate :)
    I lost my will to cook.
    Living here, this is not a problem.
    I had a friend who was dieting and she would just order a meal, then when it was put before her, she took her fork and just made everything half .. and only ate the half .. not the whole thing.
    She lost a lot of weigh, while still eating whatever she wanted ( within reason).
    Whatever works for you .. lots of luck in this.. love from a very cold and damp and dreary BA.

  5. Stopping by via the blog hop and following! Like this post!

  6. I guess the question is: did the plates get larger and we got fat or we got fat and they began making the plates larger to accommodate our new found appetite? Either way, you're totally right about big plates, I use the smaller salad plates at home, and I get so mad when I see the size of plates used at restaurants. Great portion chart.

  7. I found you from Thee Networking Blog Hop. I have read this whole series as well as a little bit about your story. I am a new follower. I am very intrigued by you and your story. I had an injury that took me out of my 'normal' active self for about a year. Nothing compared to what you have gone through but enough to understand even to a small degree the major up and down roller coaster it causes. You are a fantastic writer and it is inspiring to read what I have read thus far. I look forward to more in the future as I follow along on your journey.

    1. I forgot to mention that I am Speech-Language pathologist by training, though not practicing at the moment as I am at home with my 2 girls, but I am intrigued to learn more about that aspect of your journey. Another time when I have more time, I will read more. Thanks again for allowing us on your journey.

  8. Celia,

    This is such a great post! I had to look twice at the first diagram. Interesting to learn that the size of plates has grown. I have my Grandma's wedding china (about 100 yrs old by now..) and the plates are much smaller. The second diagrams showing fist-size portions is excellent and one that I used when I was working in Dietetics. I still do this for myself! :) Americans are known for super-sizing and I also think we eat too fast. If we eat slower and savor each bite maybe that would help?

    Love all your thoughts and thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hi.


  9. It's incredible how we over-estimate quantities. The times when I've resorted to measuring quantities I've been astounded. I read a book called Mindless Eating, which will surprise you. It teaches the triggers that make us eat when we are not really hungry, or when we are full and continue eating. I strongly recommend it. It's a real eye-opener :-)

  10. Oh, seeing that chart is beyond helpful and such a good reference to make sure portions are under control and appropriate. Thanks for sharing!! xo

  11. I have never thought of it like this! I often give the kids a smaller plate but L and I always use a large one.
    Hmmm. I wonder if we would just fill up twice? lol!

  12. Now I am going to have to start using smaller plates!! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop…I would love if you would come say hello :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  13. such a GREAT point and SO true. plate size can really impact how full you feel. thanks for the tips! found you via the blog hop and am excited to follow along xo

  14. Really great post! wonderful explanation :) XOLaura

  15. Hi Celia Thanks so much for joining the POTMC. This is such an interesting post. I love how visual it is. I'm really going to think twice when filling our plates for dinner tonight! J x


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