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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What does toasted mean to you?

Today was Rehab Therapist (RT) day. She has been working with me just over two years, helping me with getting back into doing daily activities, learning how to pace myself (this is a toughie) and how to deal with situations that I find uncomfortable (especially when my filtering system is working in slow motion – i.e. what comes out is “Bitch” instead of what I really wanted to say which was “I understand that you want to be of assistance, but this customer service person has it under control” to the busy body reception woman – who probably hasn’t been …. Ok I’ll stop there) RT would be proud, I took a deep breath and filtered.

On a serious note, when we were interviewing for this position – my only request was that the person knew what Holt’s was. After all she needs to be able to understand who I was pre-accident to understand, what I was missing of the person I was, the lifestyle etc.

I notice I’m digressing – so, after our session, I was completely exhausted. I napped for awhile and when I woke up. I had this incredible urge for a toasted bagel. So off to Tim Horton’s I went. Still not feeling very active – I decided to go through the drive-thru. I ordered my French Vanilla (the only coffee I drink from Tim’s) and a double toasted sesame bagel with butter to the edges. For anyone who has ever been to a Tim’s you know what I mean – you have to be specific on everything you order.

As, I ‘m driving home I’m thinking – I should have checked my order, but I completely forgot. But, still being positive – I had asked the girl as I paid “that was double toasted, right?” – she smiled and responded with a “yes”. I can hardly wait to get home and relax with my mid-afternoon treat. Dolce, is at Doggie Daycare; Mr. G is outside working in the yard; Stella (our Golden Lab) is also outside in the doggie play area. I sit down in front of the television, legs up on the lounger, heating pad on my sore lower-back. Take my first sip of coffee – mmm; remove my bagel from the bag, unwrap my treasure …and STOP… she lied… this isn’t toasted – where is the light brown colour, the crispiness? I bite into a warmed up bagel – and yes butter on only the centre of each slice!

Yummy ... Toasted

Ok, does this happen to anyone else? Does Tim Horton’s not have a training program for toasting? I really want to get back in my car and go back and let them know how their inability to toast a bagel, has ruined my anticipated moment of relaxation. But, I’m too tired and sore to move and I now feel a head ache coming on. As I sit debating my next move … my thoughts are interrupted by the ringing phone.

Barely Toasted ... Yuk!
After letting me vet for awhile, a dear friend on the other end, suggests that I write a letter to customer service at Tim’s; why didn’t I think of that … I have said that on different occasions, when I have been less than pleased about bagels and coffee – and I recall a time RT, asked for a small coffee in a medium cup or a medium in a large cup and the girl explained she would have to charge her 10 cents (something about inventory).Yet, when you ask for a second cup to place over your hot
cup – they give it to you no problem … and I have the ABI!

My friend advised me not to write to customer service until tomorrow, her reasoning is that I will ramble and not get my point across. I assured her I would wait … but she didn’t say anything about posting about it. – So, I figured I would start a draft by posting… sorry about the rambling. I will keep you posted on any response I receive for Tim’s.


  1. Ugh I dont even go to Tim's anymore! I got so sick of their lack of customer service, they never thank their customers, get orders wrong all the time and when I complained to head office they ignored me and never returned my call. One time I went to the Tim's in the Pickering mall and the girls were so stoned they could barely make my sandwich! Another time I bought cans of coffee for my brother-in-law and asked for a bag - the kid behind the counter handed me a bag! Didn't even think he should bag my purchases!

    The problem is they dont have a training program nor do they have adults with manners running the place!

    Now I go to McD's for my coffee!

  2. That was my fav post to date!!! you are VERY funny :) did you know that??????
    I can't wait to hear the follow up on Tim's head office reply, prob vouchers for coffee and half toasted bagles?!


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