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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt… Not quite there yet

This year we were going to host an Easter Egg Hunt for our friends’ children, but as the time approached to start sending out the invites, I started to feel very anxious. At first I thought it would pass – then the thought of preparing activities for the children, planning the meal, and executing it all (of course Mr.G. would be helping with all the prep) became to overwhelming. Mr. G. even suggested we have it catered or at least hire wait staff to serve and clean up. The day that we should be announcing our plan to host an Easter Egg hunt – I became so overwhelmed that the thought of it all, exhausted me to the point of hyper-ventilating. Mr. G. was so sweet, he made me a cup of tea, managed to talk me through it (my care team - would have been proud of him).

Before my detour on the road of life, I would invite my friends’ children for an afternoon of Easter egg decorating. It was so amazing to see them transform a simple white egg into their vision of a masterpiece. They would give so much thought as to what colours to use – and apply each one just so with a paint brush. By the time we finished, it was a good thing that the table and floor were cover with a painters cloth and that our clothes were protected by the latest Glad design plastic garbage bag smock.

When I calmed down Mr. G.reminded me that its not the end of the world if we do not do it this year and that he understands how hard it is for me to not easily do the things now, that 3 1/2 years ago came so naturally; and there is always next year. So, as much as I really wanted it to happen this year, I guess I’m just not ready for all the excitement. But, look out Next Year!

I did manage with Mr.G’s help to put together some Easter baskets for our friends’ children and we will be delivery them on behalf of Mr. Bunny this week-end.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!

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  1. Awww I'm sorry you didn't feel up to a party this year - maybe next year! Start planning it now and hire help! Even when we have our Christmas party I hire a girl to come and serve food and drinks and clean up - it is a lifesaver to have someone else doing it all!

    I went to send you an email but you dont have your addy listed here....drop me a line! suburbanprincess at ymail dot com



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