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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm in Paris

OK .... I'm here!!! I'm really Here!!!! I am in PARIS!!!!

I can hardly wait to start posting pictures .... and telling you all about it... check back next week ...as I'll be posting about my adventures!!!!

Bon jour to All....


  1. How wonderful, just a Eurostar trip away from me in Kent, have a fantastic time!

  2. Lucky you!! I can hardly wait to see your photos!
    Paris is my absolute favourite city. I can't wait to go back.
    How a wonderful time!!
    xoxo, B

  3. Barry and I are so jealous! I hope you have an amazing trip and we're looking forward to lots of pics.
    Have an awesome time!

  4. OH DEAR! HAVE FUN FOR ME! Kiss the ground while you're at it and go to Ladurée and.....heheheheheeee! Thanks for visiting my blog on Mrs. Robinson! Anita

  5. Great to hear from you and thanks for your comments. I hope you're having an amazing time in Paris. Can't wait to see the pics!

  6. Very glad to have found your blog. Have a wonderful trip!


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