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Monday, April 5, 2010

Before slipping on those strappy sandals… please do your Spring Pedicure Cleaning

I understand the excitement the recent onset of great warm weather has brought on, to reach for those strappy sandals. STOP…..!!!! Have you done your Spring Pedicure Cleaning? If not , 1) please do so before wearing toe exposing footwear 2 ) please refrain from subjecting the rest of us to the unsightly mess and keep those toes covered until you have an opportunity to groom them. This post comes on the heels of my Saturday shopping experience.

Already exhausted (not sure what made me go out into the stores on Saturday) from all the people and noise that comes with being in stores on a Saturday, a wardrobe piece I didn’t realize I was in need of or missing – yes that elusive item – a dress by Milley – sprung out from the rack right at me! Hmmm would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Paris. So not wanting to chance it doing a vanishing act, I decided to stand in the long line up to the fitting room. While I tried to keep my mind/thoughts occupied with visions of Paris, to block off the surrounding noise and aching pain that suddenly crept up on my lower back – my thoughts came to a complete halt when my eyes caught sight of toes in flip-flops. My mind was trying to understand why it was, the owner of these toes choose to not take the 3 seconds It would have taken, to remove the remains of red polish on 2 toes and 3 toes of her feet (the other toes were completely bare of polish).

As, I stood there waiting my turn – It was like driving by a bad accident – you know you don’t want to/shouldn’t look – but your eyes can’t help it! Just as I was contemplating pulling out my blackberry and discreetly snapping a shot of the guilty toes (something I now – think you are better off not seeing) … I was saved from my madness - by the smiling fitting room lady, letting me know it there was a fitting room available. I’m sure her eyes had followed my gaze and she too was horrified by the sight.

Please remember to do Spring Pedicure Cleaning before slipping on warm weather toe exposing footwear. And while we are speaking feet, moisturize those heels daily (am-pm) they need TLC too!

If you are a Pedicure connoisseur like moi, your toes are ready to be exposed year-round. Some of my favoritePedicure items:

I like a little colour on my toes, as I tend to keep my manicure neutral. What is your Pedicure preference - French or colour or au Natural?


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  1. Thank goodness the nursery school opens again this week! I can finally squeeze in a pedi! I love colour on my toes! Lapazitively Pink (I think that's what it is called!) is one of my faves!


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