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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Country Garden Walk with High Heeled Life

Our move to the country a year after my accident brought many therapeutic and healing advantages. At times it also brought much frustration - as I felt useless, with all the renovations that were taking place to make our home more "new" me friendly, I was not able to help out (even though we had contractors, pre-accident me, would have been right in there, designer work gloves and all).

The grounds however was a different story...our property was a blank canvas, but deciding where to plant, what to plant - something that once had come so simple, for my city garden... now my brain just couldn't see the whole picture. People tried to say "You can't compare all this land with your postage stamp city yard!" but, it was more than the size difference - I really wasn't able to visualize and see it nor make a choice. But, frustration over my limitations, and determination to not let them take me down ... I just looked up... ask for a little help and started purchasing perennials ... with Mr. G's and friend's help we somehow got these plants in two gardens.

They would become what is known today as the Cutting Garden and the Butterfly Garden. Looking back to that first summer, I often shake my head at my stubbornness desire to maintain the gardens weed free. If you can imagine ~ a full grown women with her pink garden gloves, Ann Klein garden shoes, dressed in gardening clothes, straw hat and all ... laying/crawling on the ground weeding!!! I was not going to let my fatique be hero to the weeds.Yes, it must have been quite the sight (according to Mr. G - who after he realized I wasn't just laying passed out on the ground - for the hundreth time - it was something he wishes he had caught on photo - had he not been so worried and angry with me), thankfully living in the country neighbours cannot see into one another's property.

When we walk the property these gardens mean so much because they truly were cultivated from passion, love, and the help of guiding hands. So I invite you to come along on a walk of the gardens (these photos were taken mid June 2011)...

In our Cutting Garden, the peony are the first to greet us...

Our Butterfly Garden, named for the plants that attract butterflies.
The Lupin make their entrance long before the rest
that wait for the heat of summer....

Our Angel Garden was cultivated last summer (2010) and
is a beautiful place to sit read,
meditate or just become lost in one's thoughts.
This is the first garden to spring to life with colour and
offers a rotating variety of colour throught spring, summer and autumn.

Our newest garden is the Gazebo Rose Garden (this summer-2011),
we planted Golden Showers climbing roses,
I think they will look wonderful making their way up the sides of the gazebo.
We will also be adding more roses in the gazebo area, this year.

These wonderful Angels call our Angel Garden home, but are
visible throughtout the gardens. I know it is their help,
that enables me to create and enjoy these gardens.


  1. Darling friend, thank you for your visit and sweet comment. Yes, the brain is an amazing tool and gift and with love, determination, encouragement and friends and family ALL of us can reach further towards at least seeing our dreams. I see here that you have had much to do and it has fallen together so beautifully. Oh dear one, YOU are an inspiration and to see your lovely angel guarding your paradise is a symbol of hope that I KNOW will come to fruition for all of us who believe. You are fabulous and have a magnificent day in youru GARDEN!!!! I am! Anita

  2. Dearest Celia,

    What a calming, romantic and functional garden you have! Supporting butterflies with providing them nectar to feast on is in itself already great. It looks so inviting and your peonies are beauties. Wish they would ever look like that here in our harsh, way too hot climate...
    Love the angels, what a feeling to have guardian angels all around you; in thought and in any other form!
    Enjoy this; you both worked hard at it and I know by experience, the rewards are great. Something that you created yourself, shaped yourself and maintained the hard way. Just like real life. Fighting weeds all the time... But never giving up to see the image of the endresult - it's worthwhile all the efforts!

    Lots of love,


  3. What a beautiful haven you have created! I love butterfly bushes/gardens. I hate weeding as well. I love planting flowers and tending to my many plants, but weeding is for the birds (if only they could help me weed!)

  4. I love all your photos--we have lots of angels in our yard too!

  5. I too have a country garden and once my friend said, "I love that you can't tell where the garden ends and the woods begin" My best beds are the ones that have foxgloves coming everywhere because I allow lots of things to just go to seed and do what nature intended. Your garden has that same kind of natural flow. Thanks for sharing

  6. Celia, I love this post. What an inspiration you are to me! Your gardens are beautiful and peaceful. It would be nice if we could gather some of our best blogging buddies and have them visit for a day to sit in our gardens and enjoy the company!

  7. That is such a great story of your life and garden. It was good in more than ways than one. Take care.

  8. What a beautiful garden you have created! And it must be such an inspiring retreat for you. I wish you many restorative moments in your gorgeous outdoor paradise!

  9. What beautiful gardens you have created!! Your peonies and roses are lovely as is your gazebo.. especially once the roses climb their way to the top. A perfect place of serenity while you're guardian angel looks over you. You did a fabulous job!!
    xoxo, B

  10. Oh my gosh! I have a few hostas and a couple of perenials - thats it! You inspired me to really plan for the fall to add more perenials and make the outside of the new little house beautiful!
    Thank you !
    Have a PRETTY day!

  11. Oh Celia, your garden is gorgeous! It shows what a labor of love it was to create. What an inspiration! You make me want to get my fanny outside and get working on my yard! Unfortunately, I need to get the inside done, then the exterior of the house before I do any planting. I do not want to go through all the trouble of planting just to have it damaged when we work on the exterior and put in the new fence.


  12. So beautiful Celia! I love my garden, especially when you have planned and taken care of it yourself, it is so therapeutic and peaceful! i can only imagine the strength that you get from here :)


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