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Monday, December 10, 2012

Cup of Tea & Scents for the Home...Thinking Out-Loud ~

When I sit down to enjoy my afternoon cup of tea, more often than not I seem to reach for a lemon or cinnamon blend of something or other. Without realizing it, this afternoon ritual of taking time for myself with a cup of tea inherently included a form of Aromatherapy ~ various scents can change our mood; making us feel better, more revitalized and relaxed. Lemon ~ is a scent that helps to get one's thoughts in order to be able to concentrate on them. Cinnamon ~ is said to assist in  regaining a little focus in your life. Interesting that these are areas that I continue to find challenging, especially mid-day when fatigue starts to settle in or it has been a day of chaos, noise and busyness.

This started me thinking on ways to increase the use of scents in our home in a natural way. Looking around I realized that I have been using our Lampe Berger lamps more for decor than there actual purpose and that I rarely burn candles anymore - evident by the drawer full of orphaned candles. 

Since enlisting the Lampe Berger lamps back into service, visiting friends have started commenting on how tranquil the air in our home is upon entering. Unlike plug-ins and spray air-fresheners, there are not heavy perfumed smells or chemicals being released into the air.

Lampe Berger ~ To cleanse and fragrance the air in our home we use various scents from Lampe Berger depending on season and the rooms. Paris Chic is a favourite for spring and summer , throughout the main living areas. For the kitchen I love Almond Pear or Orange Cinnamon; when cooking a delicious meal So Neutral is a great option (especially when cooking fish dishes) - removes odors without adding fragrance. To freshen up the air in the bedrooms (most important when it's winter and windows are rarely open) Lavender fields is our choice.

We are fortunate to own a few of the wonderful Lampe Berger lamps, some simple, and  a couple vintage pieces which I found via Mariette's Back to Basics boutique (a fabulous on-line boutique for exquisite gifts from time passed).  The Butterfly (pictured) and Four Seasons in the patterned collection of Lampe  Berger have waiting spots in our home ~ one day they will be added to our little collection.

A little background:The first Lampe Berger lamp was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards.

Going through my "collection" of orphaned candles, and with Mr. G's nose sense (as you know from reading this blog - my sense of smell tends to come and go since my little detour in life). We discovered many had literally lost their scent, while others did not smell anything like what the description of their scent suggested. Having become more aware of the important role scent plays in our day to day life and it's ability to alter our mood, we started searching for candles that would also be healthy and provide a pleasing look. That's when we stumbled across Cire Trudon candles. On an outing to a local boutique that carries Cire Trudon candles we were able to sample various scents and have come up with one that I look forward to writing my letters by.

Cire Trudon ~ I recently discovered the world of Cire Trudon candles and to say I'm beyond excited is an understatement. These candles are known for the quality of their wax, which is made from rice, soy and copra (coconut kernal). It burns cleanly, doesn't drip, lasts a long time, is biodegradable and is particularly well suited to carrying pigment and scent. The glass containers used for the scented candles are hand made in Vinci, Italy.

Trianon is the candle from the collection which is most associated with Marie Antoinette and I will start my venture into the world of Cire Trudon with it. It is going to be my little luxury treat in the new year. Hopefully purchased at their Paris boutique location, but I would be happy to acquire one or two via a local retailer. 

A little backgroundIn 1643 a salesman named Claude Trudon arrived in Paris and became the owner of a store in Rue Saint-Honoré. He was a grocer but also a wax merchant and supplied his customers with candles for lighting their homes and for the parish. Trudon grew and began supplying the French court and the most important churches. The Trudon company supplied Versailles until the very end of the monarchy. As Napoleon’s wax producer during the Empire, the company survived the arrival of domestic lighting and the birth of the "electric revolution" continuing to prosper.It is now the oldest and most prestigious wax manufacturer in the world.

My teacup today, is a fine porcelain china teacup from Teavana ~ a birthday gift from my brother and sister-in-love a couple years ago. The shape of the handle enables better grip of the cup- especially when your hand can be a little weak at times. The blossom tree design is slightly raised and the colour of orange/red with yellow brightens the day on cold winter like days. The lid for the cup helps to keep the warmth of tea a little longer, especially if one drifts off in a relaxing day dream.

I also like the strainer insert ... perfect for loose leaf tea or for holding the teabag placed on the small saucer.

Our snack with afternoon tea is a strawberry and cream flaky with a few cubes of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The tea is original chai from Pukka ~ an organic black tea gently spiced with cinnamon,cardamom and ginger.

What scents do you enjoy in your home?
What do you use to bring these scents into your home?

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  1. This was a fascinating read! Thanks for all the neat info. I love aromatherapy - every since our hospital went to that as a adjuvant therapy, patients have really thrived! It smells so calm now, not sterile and cold!

  2. Dearest Celia,
    First off; thanks dear friend for the shout out for my on line boutique! I've been enjoying the Lampe Berger so much and yes, it does change your entire home. For cooking odors or for freshening the bathroom, bedroom, whatever purpose but it is the best fragrance one can get. Funny that both of us mention an old quality French candle brand at the same day. Mine is Point À La Ligne, called the rolls royce of candles. Love their scent. Also love the Côte Bastide candles. And sure the one you mention must be heaven too.
    Such candles and a cup of hot tea make me always feel wealthy. The best joy there is in a day! Oh and the way you served yours here... mouthwatering!
    Hugs to you,

  3. I, too, love the cinnamon, lemon, etc teas, although with my allergies I can't tolerate florals. Glad yo are using a natural scent, not eh pug ins etc. They actually contain phthalates which are cancer causing and are banned in every major country but the US...pure chemical air pollution, according to my allergist. Scented candles have them as well. Love your Tevana infuser mug! Wonderful and informative post. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. I love aromatherapy! I especially enjoyed scented body lotions. Have a wonderful week, Celia!

  5. what a beautiful ritual and post. Thank you.

  6. Dear Celian

    What a wonderful post, so interesting. The Cire Trudon candles are so delightful, always a stop for me when in the St Germain area, now I will think of you when I visit.
    It is time forus to enjoy another cup of tea. Hope all is well with you.

    Talk soon and wishing you and Mr G and marvelous Christmas Season.

  7. I am seeing Cire Trudon everywhere and I went to order a candle and couldn't believe the cost! Well.. I will probably break down and buy one sooner or later as they sound incredible (thank you for the extra info!)..

    I use a lot of aromatherapy at home and in my office. Love it!


  8. These are such pretty ways to enhance your home with scent. Thanks for sharing and happy Monday!

  9. This is a very interesting post. I enjoy many scents like vanilla and spices in fall and winter when I burn candles the most. The candle you show is beautiful. I also love your china mug. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Pamela

  10. You have so many lovely things! It was neat to see what you picked up from Mariette's story...gorgeous.
    And yes, I am a scent girl normally and I like to use candles. With Ava around, this has become a tad challenging lately. But soon enough!

  11. Celia I love different scents at different times. Cinnamon, vanilla, chai, a blend of black or green tea w orange.

    Candles always. I an burning them all of the time especially now!

    2012 Artists Series,
    Art by Karena

  12. I think a home should smell -- of aromas from the kitchen -- of lampe berger and candles and potpourri! I've burned lampe berger for a long time now and mostly do the lavender but in the winter, their pain d'espices (sp?) is a favorite around the holidays as are balsam and fir scented candles. The rest of the time I like the fresh scent of lavender and burn mostly that.

    And you NEED to buy GOOD candles -- they cost more but they do have scent -- those cheap candles IMO are only for the flickering light they provide for they have no scent!

    I like Trapp Candles (a local company) -- I can smell ONE small votive all over the house. They have a nice lavender, there is a spicy No. 2 and their orange vanilla is nice as well.

  13. How lovely - the Lamp Bergers are beautiful. Scent in the home is so very important - I'll have to look these up! I LOVE Teavana - haven't been to one since we last visited Atlanta...sigh...must make a day trip! The history behind the Cire Trudon candles is very interesting! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  14. This is an interesting post, Celia. I love both candles and scents. Lemon, cinnamon, rose, lilac, etc, and as much as I like vanilla, it tends to give me a headache. Hubby has always teased me that the police should hire me to sniff out drugs because I've got such a strong sense of smell. Ha!
    Your cup is very cute and the lamps look beautiful thank you for coming to my tea and have a splendid day.

    Christmas blessings,

  15. Very cool. Love that the lamps aren't releasing anything harmful into the air. I've thrown cinnamon sticks and orange peel with some water on the stove and simmered. Smells so good! Christmas is in the air! xo

  16. Such a beautiful post! I also adore scented candles - my choice of scent changes, but I never say no to rose or neroli, they are my all time favourites. :)

  17. I found your blog through the link up :) It's really interesting to think of taking tea as aromatherapy since scent is such a big component. That's really helpful to me so thank you. I love the Teavana cup with the slightly raised pattern!

    All the best :)

  18. Love your idea of the different scents! The lamp is so lovely and will look into this more. Thanks for sharing your mug so very pretty! Thanks, Pam

  19. I have five scentsies - wildly popular here at the moment.

    In the winter time I used a combo of cinnamon's, berry's, vanilla and other various warm scents.
    In spring its more floral, mint and light refreshing smells.

    Your tea looks wonderful! From the cup to the bread and cheese!
    I'm sorry I haven't been on more the past few weeks and I can't thank you enough for your kind words.
    In return I wish you, Mr G and your fur babies enough...

  20. LOVE this post - great background information and accompanying images. I need to get a teacup with a strainer like the one you have - love it.

    I'm stopping by from Katherine's Corner blog hop.

    Happy Favorite Things Thursday!


  21. the lamp bergers are beautiful. Oh my that teacup with the strainer inside is brilliant I love it!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely post at the hop xo

  22. P.S. I am a big fan of aromatherapy ::-)


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