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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Day in the Gardens

There is nothing better for mind , spirit and body than a spring day in the Garden.... of course unless it's a day in the garden with friends willing to roll up their sleeves and help get things in order for a wonderful garden season.

This year even getting in the garden has been a bit challenging, which often leaves me frustrated. Mr. G's outdoor spring list for the property is already enormous, that I feel guilty asking for him to do more. Especially when it's things that I should be doing without a problem. So, I put it out to the Universe and next thing I know, our friends from Vermont came to visit ~ and one of the first things they said was "Ok guys, what needs to be done? We are here to work, we've brought our gardening clothes".

After enjoying their company... our guests reminded us that they wanted to help and started tackling project after project ... While the English green thumb hubby gave Mr. G a hand with the chainsaw; moving some brush, trimming trees. My sweet Parisian friend (his wife) made it her mission to get unsightly weeds under control.

All I can say is "thank  you" first to our dear friends English Hubby and French Wife ... for being the wonderful friends (extended family) you are. We truly treasure you and our friendship, and are most appreciative of your hands on attitude! and Second for remembering to ask for help ... our Angels really do listen, when we ask HIM for something and they are most happy to set about putting things in motion.

So, lets take a stroll.....

Our little Magnolia tree made the week as it dazzled us with its colorful soft lilac blooms ...

Our Angel Garden is the first of the gardens to bring to life the colors that only Mother Nature can produce!

Of course our tulips offer up a bit of sunshine too!!

Butterflies take flight in search of a spot in which to bask in the warmth of the day's sun....

Even a robin is not scared off  by our noisy human presence ... it continues on about its day.

Our little Gabbana is delighted that she has found a flower that is not told to leave alone...

As all gardeners know, to enjoy one's gardens there is a labour of love that must first be done...
Here our Butterfly Garden is starting to come alive ... giving us various shades of green. But not all that is green should be in the garden...and boy do the weeds seem to find their perfect home alongside the flower plants.  The photo above is our Butterfly Garden BEFORE ......

Our Parisian friend and nature loving friend discovered the dandelion/weed "thingy"... 
no weed had a chance ...

And here is the Butterfly Garden breathing happily with no pesky weeds and a good turning of soil.

and a day in the garden would not be complete with out lots of water and fresh fruits to keep one going..
(merci mon ami... it was perfect ).

This is how we get around our property and haul things to and from the gardens...

This little Fairy ... is the inspiration for a new garden we are creating this year...

I'm so happy you joined us for a day in the garden!

Do you garden? 
What have you found works best to keep the weeds away ?

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  1. Beautiful garden and what a sweet pup!

  2. what wonderful friends, beautiful yard....and....is that a yorkie?

  3. Your friends sound amazing. I'm afraid I don't have much of a green thumb but I'd be happy to sit at the adorable little blue table and sip tea and keep you company! xo

  4. I can't wait until I can garden again .. a proper garden, not just window boxes on balconies ! :) besitos, C

  5. That's great that you have a friend to get down and dirty with you in the garden. It all looks beautiful!

  6. Unfortunately, there really isn't much you can do to keep the unwanted weeds out except by weekly weeding. We did use a granular powder once in between the flowering plants. It was supposed to keep the weeds at bay but I didn't see that it did much good. I can't remember the name of it though. Mulching in between helps as much as anything plus it holds the moisture in after you water.

  7. We've been using sea minerals (which you can get by the ton in crude form) to pH balance the dirt and it also seems to get rid of the weeds! Our grass this year is far less weedy and produced better hay bales. My rose garden looks amazing, more roses than I've ever had before (after one dosing of sea minerals last fall. I am going to put it on my veggie garden, too. Hubby uses it as fertilizer and it is pretty amazing stuff.

  8. oh and p.s. - LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden!

  9. Evidently, we were on the same page yesterday! Except I was "using" my parent's garden...they are far better gardeners than I could ever be.
    Yours is lovely. You know I'm coming up there this coming month whether you want me to or not! And I'm stealing your tulips. ;)

  10. Dearest Celia,

    Oh, gardens are a joy but a heap of work too! I've been pulling weeds yesterday, it is good to get outdoors but there is not much blog-reading to get done while out there. But the rewards are many fold. Love your magnolia, strange to see it again after almost four months since it bloomed here. Our blossoms got frozen because they were too early. No photos this year.
    Wishing you lots of joy with the garden, the Angel Garden is coming along really well. Gabbana is enjoying her fist spring to the fullest, one can tell.
    Love to all of you and especially a big hug for Monday...

  11. Such kind friends!! Your property is just stunning! Your pup is adorable and I love the butterflies and all your flowers.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!


  12. I am so jealous! Your yard/garden and tea areas are all so special! This year due to allergies I've made this year our building year - gardening will wait for next year.
    The only thing I have growing right now is mint & green onion (also a little rosemary).
    I wish that we could do everything, instead with my book and projects I am left wishing...
    Have a beautiful spring & summer!

  13. Hello Celia
    You have good friends to pitch in as they did. I keep on top of the weeds by being vigilant every morning - stop and pluck a few, but then we have a small property.
    I like your theme gardens and would enjoy photos of the butterfly garden later this summer.

  14. Looks great!love the tiffany blue table and chairs

  15. i agree whole heartily.
    i am heading to maine and plan on spending my summer in the dirt
    and the sea.
    i can't wait!

    great gardening....and i agree -
    the blue-turquoise table and chairs are darling.


  16. Your gardens are stunning..what a great magical escape.

  17. Your gardens are just beautiful Celia! hey are so healing, and just lovely to spend time in...but they can be so much work, can't they? Especially at this time of year....I still have not finished my "tasks' out there...a step at a time! So happy your weather is lovely for you.


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