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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tea Rooms Series ~ Tintagels in Erin

Since purchasing our country home a couple years ago, Mr. G and I have not really been out exploring what the area and surrounding small towns have to offer. So, we headed out on a crisp Sunday to find a place to enjoy a light lunch. Our drive took us to Erin, where we decided to give Tintagels tea room a try. I had actually been here a couple summers ago with a friend.

It is a charming little place with cozy sitting...

There are some wonderful antique pieces which are used for displaying tea items for sale...

Look at all the lovelies here....

Mr. G. had the French onion soup with a side Cesar salad... 

Look at all that goggie, yummy cheese ..... 

Moi, I enjoyed a broccoli cheese quiche ... the salad looks good but the dressing was not something I was use it. No worries, I did not go hungry ....

To help fill that still empty spot in my tummy ... a scone would do the job!!!

and yes a lovely warm cuppa of tea!! This was such a darling little cup, it was quite thin and I loved the texture and that handle... the delicate floral a definite tribute to spring...

It was tres delicious!!! Warm .... with devon cream and homemade strawberry jam.... HEAVEN!!!

We discovered that small towns (at least this own) rolls up it's doors by 4 pm - so we were not able to fully explore the little shops ... next time.


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  1. Sounds lovely! Wish I could come visit :)


  2. It looked wonderful. I love tea-rooms and wish there were more in our area. Deb

  3. Looks like a wonderful place! Can't think of a better place for lunch or tea than a tea room! Our closest is an hour away. Small towns do disappear. Ours is quiet at about 5...it's when we go to Costco...nobody there!

    Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I am taking the next 2 weeks off my son & DIL will be hear from Utah, and who knows what we'll be doing! I'll be posting Tuesday Cuppa Tea for May 22nd.

  4. This looks like a lovely place to enjoy lunch and yours looked wonderful. I am a lover of scones but never have tried them with cream and jam together. Glad you had a lovely lunch!

  5. Oh.my.word! Everything looks delish, but the scone got my mouth watering :-)

    Remember me? I've been AOL, but I'm back. I just did a post...a long one :-)

    I'm going now to catch up on all your other posts. I've missed you.

    Big hugs,

  6. I think I gained a pound looking at the photos :)
    I look forward to this sort of food again, someday .. besitos to you and G.

  7. Hi Celia,
    Oh, I love a tea room! This one looks cozy and I love all the china displayed about. I would have had the quiche too as I don't care for onion soup. Your little teacup was adorable! Little towns are so quaint and are fast disappearing unfortunately. Thank you for taking us with you on your outing. Have a beautiful first day of May.


  8. Hmm, I'll have to try Tintagels. Our circle of friends group is always looking for more tea rooms to visit.

  9. what a lovely afternoon in the country.
    my mouth was watering for that devon
    cream and strawberry jam!

  10. Now that's My kind of outing.That's what I love to do any day any time-just call.

  11. Oh my, the food looked wonderful....I love to eat in tea rooms...so quaint and the food is usually very good and of course the tea!!

  12. oh the scone with devon cream...and mr. g's soup. YUM!

  13. Dearest Celia,

    The entire post looks so European... with the china, the furniture. The French paper doily used on the plate, that is so typical. Glad you enjoyed it and the food would certainly carry you through the rest of the day. Too bad that there was no time left for exploring more but there will be always a 'next' time!
    Love to you,


  14. everything looks so YUM!!!

  15. I've never been to Erin! Small towns are so quaint...I find you feel so relaxed after a day spent away from the city.
    I want a scone right.now.

  16. what a cute place! and the food looks awesome. I'm drooling over both your choices!

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  18. Celia , It looks like a PERFECT afternoon! I am dying for french onion soup now! I hope one day you & I can meet up at a place like this and have tea together!
    Have a pretty day my friend!

  19. This is so delightful ... What a perfect way to spend the day ... I'd love a few scone bites ... ha ha Thanks for sharing...HUGS

  20. I absolutely adore French onion soup made right and his looks just right! It's been so long, sooooooo long (feel sorry for me yet??). I want to come live in your area. I want to live near tea shops. I know, I know. It's good to want things. *sigh*

    Because of your influence, I am turning a corner of my new bedroom into a tea corner. Oh, he'll call it a reading corner but I am using my Irish linen tablecloth & napkins and having my tea there every morning, looking out the windows. I have many different tea cups to try. I can't wait!!


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