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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Other Side of Thin ..Part Two

According to an article in Business Weekly by Rebecca Reisner in 2008 Americans spent $40 Billion on diet products and programs. Marketdata  noted in an article posted January 2012, their research found $61 Billion is spent by Americans each year on fad diets and programs.  

At 5' 2 1/2" having been a healthy size 2-4, maintaining a consistent weight between 110 lbs - 117 lbs most of my adult life, it is difficult to grasp that the 145 lbs size 8-10 and still 5' 2 1/2" image staring back at me is actually me!

So, like most people looking to loose weight I have set off in search of the QUICK GREAT FIX! With the help of friends I have been looking into all sorts of "diet options" I've labelled them diet options, as after careful examination that is what they really are promising ... a quick fix. Although most of these diet options will initially deliver on their promise to help you lose weight and/or go down a dress size or two - maintaining the "diet option" long term is next to impossible.  Many have food restrictions that leave out necessary nutrients, which can be harmful to your body causing a whole new series of problems to deal with along with all the weight that returns, once you stop.

I asked myself :

"what was I doing at that time I felt healthy and happy with my weight and self?"  

~ was in the peak of my career
~ ate quality portion size food
~ didn't really snack between meals
~ was very active
~ barely took an Aspirin
~ wore heels
~ had a full social life
~ I was very happy in my skin

"What is my life now?"

~ Helping my body to heal is my career
~ still eat quality food (though portions are not always clear)
~ snack between meals and not always healthy choices
~ am definitely less active
~  5 years older
~ Flats are my go to shoes
~ Medication (pain, mood, etc.)
~ Everything I have gone through in the past 5 years has left me numb and uncertain, overwhelmed and lost most of the time

As I sat in took in what each of these items on both lists represented, I realized that the items on the first list barely reflected the person I am now. What struck me was that both of these lists are reflective of the life I lived and the one I live now. Noting a definite relation between life style and how it affects our bodies, exists.

This realization perhaps explains why "diet options" (if ) they work, the results are short lived. The key is to live life ... something that before came so easily that I never connected it to my body's appearance. Also, I have been so wrapped up in what I am no longer able to do that I'm not looking at what I am able to do.

Yes, there are some things I may not be able to change on my list (of the life I now live) such as taking medication or wearing heels. But I think if I can manage to work on things like being more active, snacking less, look for things that bring me enjoyment outside my comfort zone (home) things will change!

Have you found a new way of eating that has now become a way of life, to maintain your healthy weight?

Is there a "Diet Option" that you have used to help in the short term (i.e used to slim down for a special function) or to jump start your life long eating habits ?

I have recently come across something that I will be trying starting next week, so check back regularly over the next few weeks - where I will share my findings , with first hand experience.

You can read Part One Here

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has been visiting and leaving encouraging comments and special thank you to those who have email me to see where I have been. I promise I will share all in future posts, as I regain strength.

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  1. You,my dear, are going to do fabulously!

  2. LOL. I just wrote about the other side of fat. Go figure.

  3. I feel fortunate in that I have never struggled with my weight but that said, it is definitely harder after 40. I find that if I indulge just a bit too much, I automatically feel my jeans tightening! Crazy.
    I also have a lot of family members and friends who have struggled for years. Worst I've seen is definitely Bernstein. So far, best results I've seen have been via Dr. Brown. A friend recently lost 40+ lbs and has never felt better! Diet is completely catered to the individual, all natural...really just healthy eating/portion control.
    And...I started hot yoga last week. Wow. Amazing.

  4. When I needed a push or jump start, The Atkins Diet did it for me since complex carbs are not my friend. Now, long term, permanent and while losing weight, I cut out all chemicals and processed foods (unless it was absolutely unavoidable). As my doc said, if you can grow it, you can eat it (i.e., fresh veggies), very little fruit (sugar) and NO sugar or sugar products except a little raw unprocessed honey in my tea. She also said no drinks with calories in them and no whites (flour, sugar, potatoes, etc.) and I can eat lean meats in moderation (i.e., right portion sizes). Her main focus was getting me off breads, potatoes, white sugar (which I haven't eaten i years), etc.

    I feel wonderful (chemicals in foods affect your mental and physical). I am losing weight. I do have to add in exercise (armchair aerobics anyone?) and drink plenty of water. But I can live with this. The more I eat this way, I don't crave anything anymore (I was a MAJOR MAJOR CHOCOLATE ADDICT along with hot crusty french bread). I can add in a few bites later down the line after I've lost my weight (i.e., bread with soup or a bite or two of dessert) but I shouldn't crave or really want them.

    1. Armchair aerobics ..LOL... Where do we sign up? ..lol... one of the gals on my therapy team, also suggested little fruit due to sugar content. With hubby being Italian it's difficult to avoid pasta, bread, and sweets .. but I'm certainly going to give it my best try to limit these items.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement... hugs, C. (HHL)

  5. I do agree that DIETS are only a temporary solution and that long term changes in life style will ultimately dictate level of success. I feel that a health body is .. well exercised, well fed.. In other words BALANCING calories vs output. Some of us just ARE NOT active by nature while some folks can't wait to get to the gym. Many people aren't physically able to do what they used to .. so that is what it is and the best alternative would be a "modified" exercise program. Food quality is also important. We should make each bite count, filling our bodies with nutrient dense foods rather than foods that will do nothing for us. An athlete, pregnancy, becoming ill, or simply aging.. will require a little re-vamp of our dietary intake as nutritional needs change.

    Baby steps and you have lots of support out there :) Such a great post and I will hopefully have a nutrition post up at some point.



    1. Leslie ... your continuous support and words of encouragement. I'm doing restorative yoga and the Yogi is really good at modifying poses (which is great for me and others in the class. My friend from Vermont was just here a week ago and she kept saying "food should always be savored, eat only what what truly brings you pleasure" ...she is from France originally and she has been a great inspiration. She is back at the end of the month and we will be working on some plans. xo Hugs, C. (HHL)

  6. As I have aged and my health started on the downhill slope, I have had to change my eating habits. Because I have hypertension, and high cholesterol I have changed my eating habits. I have been following a low sodium diet and also counting calories, choosing fruits and vegetables over sweets and no longer eating snacks in between meals. I won't say that it has been easy but it has gotten better and easier for me to let the "goodies" go. It is a lifetime diet and one I will be on the rest of my life. I am your height and weighed exactly what you did in my earlier years up to the age of 50. Because a person's metabolism changes as they age, I found myself battling the same 20 pounds (and a few more) over and over despite exercising and walking daily. At 60, it is a "have to" case with no exceptions. Goes to show you never know what waits for you down the road!

  7. I'm working on my menopause middle right now! I would just like to get back to my pre menopause size. Hugs

    1. Hang in there ... Sounds like many of us are in the same row boat ... thanks for visiting...xo HHL

  8. Oh, the weight is not easy! I have been to thin all of my life, but I just turned 40 and things are different now. But I have to admit I'm eating too much chocklad now and also sweets in the week. Before it was only on Saturdays. I really plan on getting back to that habit. And the rule of never take more than one piece of cake. And exercise a little bit more. And drinking more water. And then I will be fine. I think...! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend! xx

    1. My dear friend ... it was great to see you had stopped by for a visit ... I think moderation and more activity is going to be key ... We are strong women , we'll do it! Right? xo Happy week-end my friend..HHL

  9. Dearest Celia,

    Great post again and yes, such a major change in lifestyle, in your case due to a severe accident does change everything. You are an intelligent young woman and understand the needs but still, the fight against the pain, the nasty side affects of certain medications is a tough one. Let's hope you will find the balance between all that and manage to get a bit back from your previous 'super-woman' image. And don't forget one thing, which woman can remain super-woman for a long time. We have to let go, one way or another. Become more mild in judging ourselves and learning to accept certain changes.
    A tight hug to you and lots of love. I too got energized again from a short cruise to the Bahamas. Did lots of reading and also looking into my life style.

    1. Dearest Mariette; you are absolutely correct it is all about lifestyle and I'm working hard on that one... having spent a week recently with my friend from Vermont (she came up with her husband ...thanks to Mr. G.) - she is originally from France ... and we are working on something that may help me...she is up again at end of month and her and I will figure out a plan. xo HHL

  10. It's been a while since I've been here to visit Celia, so I've been getting caught up on many of your posts, each one more inspiring than the next. But you're 'The Other Side of Thin' series has really touched me. I find myself in the same predicament only I have no excuse. I've had no accident, no medications - nothing - just plain old 'mo willpower.' You have inspired me to take a look, a good long look at ME. I'll be 50 in July and my new mantra is 50 and fit. Thank you.

  11. Yes, I've just started juicing for breakfast and dinner and it has worked wonders. I am using Jason Vales books and motivation via his Facebook page. All my cravings have disappeared and I am really controlling what I am eating without really thinking too much about it. Check out his books on Amazon. I'm also reading the book 'Crazy Sexy Diet´ by Dean Ornish who cured herself of cancer principally by juicing, and the book Clean by Alejandro Junger which I think would be really worth reading for you as it is is about eliminating toxins (including those from medicines) from our bodies.
    Sending you lots of hugs xx

    1. Oh my sweet friend... You have so been in my thoughts... I've finally got the name of the person at the post office who "may" be able to help track down your thoughtful package. Will keep you posted. Juicing is come up a lot when I have spoken to people about the challenge I'm facing. I will look into the suggestions you have offered... merci! xo C. (HHL)

  12. Dearest Celia,
    this is a great post! For me, it's a lifestyle. I feel much better when I eat healthy and my skin looks better as well. However, it's not to say that I don't splurge now and again. Last summer, I wrote about Kimberly Snyder's book http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/ and although I don't follow her plan completely, I feel much better when I incorporate her smoothie in the morning and eat less animal protein. My goal now is to exercise and get fit. I don't like to sweat, I don't like sweaty machines at the gym and I spend far more time at the spa and cafe. The other day, I noticed that "things" aren't as firm as they once were so that has motivated me and I am researching ellipticals. I can incorporate a routine of 30 minutes a day even when I'm in school. I feel there are no excuses that way.
    Perhaps we should begin this journey to get healthy together? I am motivated to make this change.
    Wishing you a beautiful week! xoxo, B

    1. B. so happy you stopped by.. hope your studies are going well. Since the accident I have a hard time in places where a lot of activity is going on- especially gyms ... between activity and the music and the general chattering of the people I end up in overwhelming overload. The Mr. is suggesting a treadmill for home ... to get me walking more... wishing you a fabulous week. xo HHL

  13. I found you through Never Growing Old and loved reading your post. I swear this is about me. I never had to worry about my weight until about 7 years ago. All of a sudden, my weight jumped 25 pounds. Why? Most likely due to added stress--adopted my step-grandson who is behaviorly challenged---lost my job--got a new job that added more stress--moved--meds for depression and anxiety--less active---menopause. And there is more, but I won't add to the list. I don't have a diet plan other than no snacking at night (yeah, right!), and I know I need to exercise, but can't do it at home and don't have the money to join a gym. darn--I'm making up excuses---! Well, I wish you luck in your journey. TFS~

    1. Lori .. thank you so much for stopping by..Life has a funny way of happening when we are busy making plans ... like myself it sounds like you are also discovering that and carrying a full plate of life's delights. I will be by to visit your corner of Blogland soon... xo HHL

  14. Hello dear Celia,
    Thank you for your visit. I have been wondering how you're doing. As you know, I too have had a major life change although not as serious as your own, only different.
    I am just five feet and have always been petite until, in the prime of life, I aquired MD which changed everything. No heels for me either and it took some getting used to. I was always high energy and could work circles around everyone else. Not so any more!
    I have found eating smaller portions, drinking LOTS of water, exercise, and no snacking at night have certainly helped me with my weight control. Of course menopause has played a big part in making weight control management more difficult but if I can fit into my size 7, I'm happy!
    The most important thing for me is to have a thankful heart and I do. I thank God every day for His blessings in my life and I realize that things can always be worse! I just came from the cemetery where my best friend is laid to rest and she never got to see her sons marry or her grandchildren. Whereas, I have! So, I take one day at a time and fit as much joy into it as I can get. I also have the best husband which makes that easy for me. God bless you, my friend, and I hope you can find a plan which works for you. Have a lovely Victoria Day weekend.


    1. Hi Sandi ... you are certainly correct God gives us what we need and everything we journey through is part of learning and growing. This journey in weight, is opening my eyes to how weight affects one's day to day activities. Add this to everything else and I know HE has a plan for me ... as always your sweet words of support and encouragement always brighten my day. Thank you. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  15. Celia,
    I am right there with you, and I have not been through what you have...I think "age" has such a huge impact...hormones...all that blah blah boring stuff (in addition to what you also have on your plate). I have been trying so many things, none that I will rave about really...they do say coconut oil is supposed to boost the metabolism and help any thyroid problems...I just starting taking that (in supplement form)...juicing to cleanse the liver...apple cider vinegar to detox and for the metabolism...chlorophyllins...
    I will be keeping an eye on your suggestions here!

    1. Nathalie, there really is a large amount of things out there claiming to be the right way to a more fit body. I never knew so much existed!! and some of out it doesn't even make sense (health wise). Hmm... I've started drinking coconut milk recently (the nutritionist that worked on my therapy team a couple years ago introduced me to coconut water ...so I thought why not try the milk) ... it's actually good and not dairy ...so for me it's a good alternative; I'll check into the oil .. thank my friend. Hope all is well. We had a warm Victoria Day! xo C. (HHL)

  16. My secret to my diet is walking or running everyday! I thought i was eating well until i had the diabetes diet! Super healthy and i understand food better.
    I hope you are doing good. Take care of yourself.

  17. I arrived in Buenos Aires, maybe 5 lbs overweight, from those last weeks of eating from restaurants because everything was packed :)
    When we arrived, I was no longer driving a car, sitting around the house watching TV and Pup needed walking, not just being let out in the yard.
    I dropped, in 2 months, over 10 lbs.
    And I kept it off, I walk everywhere, I eat very little. I do not eat red meat. And some days I am a maniac with eating every sweet thing that comes my way, but then, I burn it off walking.
    I worry that when we moved back to a house in the US where you have to drive a car to get anywhere, that the weight will creep up, so I am making sure that I do the same exact things there that I do here.
    Eat much less, 3 meals a day and all the food groups just makes you fat .. and I will walk as much as possible and sit on my butt as little as possible :)

  18. Thank you for the sweet wishes! I hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo, B

  19. Hello Celia
    Weight watchers on-line worked once for me but it's a mind set that has to be achieved first. I try to eat whole foods that have not been processed and lots of fruit and vegetables. My weight problem comes from a slow metabolism and snacking at times. I agree with several of the comments that menopause is a nasty culprit for weight gain. Personally, I'm weak when it comes to sweets in the house so I don't buy anything and try to eat my baked goods in moderation.
    I think of you often and hope that the things in your life will become more orderly.

  20. I love this post and couldn't agree more! It's important to be healthy...not to look like a skeleton.

    Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  21. Just found your blog tonight. Really relate to the "always a size " " all my life and now I'm " "!!!! I found MASTERING THE ZONE by Barry Sears, PH.D. and have put my life back together. I eat only organic...see web site "Forks over Knives", I chose to stop eating meat...see Netflix documentary "Food Matters" VERY little dairy-a little organic 2% in my tea. I daily juice veggies with a little fruit and keep everything low-glycemic...just eating that way is enough to cause you to drop the pounds! Fruit, veggies, and beans just like my Grandmother ate at the turn of the century when woman were really tiny! My daughter is a nurse and she sees alot of stuff I never want to happen to me because I can't make good food choices OR, can't pass up. She has followed the Zone for twenty years it seems and she is 5"10" size 6 age 36 and solid muscle and shapely. She said just tonight that woman are getting so big they are becomming the norm and woman her size are starting to be considered "skinny". She eats like a horse for stamina but low-glycemic allows her to get very good nutrition without unneccesary calories. When I was in high school I was considered "skinny" at 5'7" and 114 lbs. I was healthy and never sick. I was raised by my Grandparents...lol I'm raising my Grandson who has Aspberger's(autism) and he HAS to eat healthy so we're all on the ZONE. Check with your Library and see if they have any of the ZONE books. He (Dr. Sears) has a wonderful book on THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION ZONE which I am very much interested in since it is the root cause of all our sicknesses just about. See everyone later-got to get to bed. Thanks for this subject discussion. We're onto something, lol!


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