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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunshine, BBQ and Great Memories

To my American friends Happy 4th July !!!
can't wait to read how you all are celebrating!!!

To my fellow Canadian friends, what fabulous weather we had!!! I hope you had a great Canada Day with family and friends. We were blessed to share this day with family and friends at the HHL country home. Friends gathered around for a BBQ of hamburgers, hot dogs , potato-macaroni - cesar salads and of curse corn on the cob. No , celebration is complete without a selection of beverages including a vodka punch (which I will be sharing the recipe on a later post), wine, beer and ice tea and pink lemonade.

Oh and of course the most important ... dessert!! .... cupcakes, a Canada day cake, and lots of home-goodies courtesy of my friend Jen, and Angel P's mother.

Where are the photos, you ask?

Well, I was a bit busy being hostess (and since my brain , can only handle so much processing now) ...  as we went along I kept forgetting to take pictures of everything. Though Suburban Princess was one of our wonderful guests and thoughtfully came to the rescue snapping some photos. I'm hoping she will share them with you soon ... so pop on over to her blog over the next few days to see the photos.

I did however take some photos of the guest thank you goodies,
Mr. G and I handed our guests as they departed the party.

Since we are making this annual event at the HHL country home,
we ordered some custom ribbon from
When I had placed the order I had just requested the wording

C&G EH! BBQ 2011
of course Suburban Princess with her creativity, attention to detail and great customer service, noted that since it was a Canada Day celebration, perhaps we would consider adding a maple leaf. Yes, that's brilliant thinking (wish I would have thought it ...I guess that what makes her the professional)!!

In honour of the day Mr. G and I selected chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil
with the design of the Canadian loonie (dollar coin). We wrapped the coin in white tule
and secured it with red wrapping ribbon.
To this we attached our custom ribbon... creating a goodie for our guests!!

These were a hit with our guests, not only for the chocolate...
 they all loved the personal touch with the custom ribbon. Make your next family and friend gathering a little more special with a little custom ribbon, from Royal Ribbons ..
Our guests will have something to remember this day long after the chocolate has been eaten.


  1. I love how you used the ribbon! Thanks for the order! I will be getting the photos organized soon! I just havnt been home much since Friday :o/

  2. How cute are these ribbons! This is such a great idea and I hope to use some of them real soon.

  3. How fun to send home party favors, it makes me think of birthday parties when I was a little kid!

  4. Fun Fun FUN! Creative, entertaining, enjoyable! Fun.

  5. Dearest Celia,

    What a lovely 'thank-you-favors' you created for your guests! Love that white tule with the red and the gold. You got great taste.

    Lots of love,


  6. The pretty custom ribbon is a lovely idea for your annual Canada Day festivities and your BBQ menu sounds delicious!!
    How wonderful for the weather to cooperate. It was terribly hot here, especially while standing in an arena during my daughter's horseback riding lessons. After, we went to lunch and spent the rest of the day at a theme park.. what were we thinking? Luckily it cooled to a pleasant temperature while we viewed several amazing firework displays.

    I will be sure to stop by Suburban Princess to view your photos.
    xoxo, B


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