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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Fury Special Guest Post ....

Woof, Woof, everyone!! It's been pawsitively too long since I posted on Mommy's blog... Where have I been pawing and wagging my tail, you ask? 

Well ... daddy was helping me with my own doggie blog, but he has been too busy coordinating the contractors to finish our country home and now there are contractors starting on our city home. So until he catches up , I'll be pawing over here with Mommy.

Daddy helped me participate in a doggie swap .. not actual furbabies were swapped - we sent each other preezies... The Doggie Swap was hosted by Sprinkles and my swap partners were Addie, Hailey and Lucie over at Raising Addie.

Of course the swap happened right as the Canadian postal strike was going on. So it was July when all was finally sorted out. Look at the HUGE box that arrived with my name on it!!!!

Hmmmm.... woof, woof, what's all this???

Look a photo of my new furry friends!!!

I smell something real good.....

I really want that treat ... hurry up with the camera already!!!

MMMMM... That was face licking yummy!!!

Look at all these goodies .. its like my Barthday or Christmas all over...
I think there is one more thing in here...

HA! .. I could smell one more goodie ... better take this fast ... Mommy knows how I like to chew these little balls.

I don't think she saw it... safe on my lounger ... now to go to work on this...

Ball??? What ball, Mommy??? 
Busted!!! ...


  1. So cute - what a great idea for your fur babies!
    Today is bath day for mine!

  2. Oh my goodness....how stinkin' cute! Too bad I missed the swap.

    Love the photo of Dolce in the box....adorable. xo, A

  3. I love this! What a great idea! And I can tell how excited Dolce was to get a surprise in the mail!

  4. Your doggy is adorible! I need to do some post from my little man!
    Also, thanks for guest blogging for me!
    If your little man ever once to guest blog for me holler at me! Would love to have him :)


  5. I love that wrapping paper on the box, so cute! And the box is just the right size for Dolce.

    You sure gots lots of goodies there, Dolce. It's like Christmas in July!

    Thanks for participating. I hope you enjoyed the swap as much as I have.

  6. Dearest Dolce,

    Wow, you got quite a parcel with surprises. How cute you are on all those photos, especially the last one.

    Lots of love to your Daddy and your sweet Mommy!


  7. like a kid in candy store!!!!!
    (a furry LITTLE kid, but like a kid,)

  8. Cute cute! This is such a cute and fun gift too.
    A lot of people are remodeling now.
    Hope it is all going like you want. Thanks so much for saying hi :)

  9. I love the Doggie swap. Great idea.

    Too cute in the photo in the gift box. You could enter a comp with that photo.

    Have a great weekend


  10. I LOVE those Zuke's mini-treats! I love that picture of you in the box and the final picture is absolutely adorable!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. !!! How adorable! Such a cute idea.. Wishing your family a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  12. Super cute. Who wouldn't get so excited about a gift box like that, that they'd want to sit right in the middle of it?! :)

  13. ````Sooo Beautiful...I'd love to cuddle her up :)

  14. I looooove Dolce, I'm ready to adopt her! I bet Dolce loves the postman now!

  15. All the photos are cute, but that last one stole my heart....just look at that face!!!! Adorable.

    Happy weekend hugs,

  16. SWEET AS PIE!!! Oh Celia, your little fur ball is so darling and I just want to also say THANK YOU for your kind words. Many thanks for all the visits and I hope that I can always make my readers walk away with an idea, hope, and love.

    May you enjoy this day today!!! Anita

  17. Oh bless him he is so cute.. I don't know if you like mac or have an iphone .. but there is a great app or photos where you share them called instagram.. I am an addict and have so many photos of my dog on there ..and I am not alone xx

  18. What a cutie - this makes me miss having a pup in the house. Love the shot of him in the box - too cute!

  19. What a cutie! Looks like she enjoyed her gifts :)

  20. I missed little Dolce!!!! He is SO adorable, and must bring so much joy to your world. We have our Golden, but my boys want a "petit" friend for her like Dolce...we'll see, it is so tempting!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  21. Oh. MY. How absolutely ADORABLE. Wow wow!! :)

    Happy weekend to you!!


  22. That couldn't have been any cuter!!!!!!! Isn't amazing how much we love our little pooch's
    I kid you not I just got my dog coco a pillow . oh boy! ha!
    I just left a post on my blog about what I have decided on a name etc. THANK YOU fir your support!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  23. Your adorable dog sure likes the doggy sized box. Cute.

  24. So beautiful! SO happy I stumbled across your blog and found such a lovely site to follow =]
    and i love your dog!!!

  25. One of your blog posts inspired me, so on my blog post today I put a link to this blog and mentioned you.
    Maybe some of my readers will come over here and say hi.
    I enjoy your blog, obviously!

  26. what a cute little pup you have!! love the idea of a doggie swap!


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