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Friday, April 8, 2011

What happened to the breasts?

Our kitchen is back under renovations here at the HHL household, which means dining out and take-out menus have been the options. Sunday on our way home after a nice country drive, Mr. G. suggested KFC ... well its not my first (2nd, 3rd, 4th ...etc) choice but sure why not.

I surveyed the menu options and decided the 10 piece bucket would be plenty (10 pc was the smallest option) and budget friendliest. I asked the gal behind the counter, what it consisted of  "1 whole bird +2pcs", she cheerfully informed me. "Can I get an extra breast" I asked  ... she looked at me as if I had asked for a new designer hand bag - "there are no breasts in a 10 pc" she finally managed to respond, you get  "2 legs ,2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 ribs + 2 pcs. usually another thigh and rib" ~

 Ummmm... when did chicken's stop having breasts, I'm thinking ... and then wondering if I was having an ABI (brain injury) moment, had I forgotten chicken's had no breasts???  another friendly gal approaches indicating its going to be a 20 minute wait for chicken ... to this the customer behind me (bless her heart .. saved the day)... "A whole chicken has 2 breasts , just like us... and if we have to wait 20 minutes I think we should get the breasts and not be charged the extra $2" .. I agreed (thankful that I was not confusing roosters and chickens), so did the customer behind her ... just as the 3 of us started up a conversation about breasts - or in the case of KFC the lack of .. . Mr. G enters, concerned that I had been in there so long. Upon hearing the discussion going on  and seeing that I was Ok and in good company, he said nothing and quickly took to watching the Flat screen TV, which was off to the side.

Of course we had to wait for the manager to approve the breasts... so the discussion on a the parts of a chicken continued.There may have also been mention of chicken popcorn and that coming from Roosters but I can't quite recall (I may have started that discussion ..LOL) ...

In the end all 3 of us were given 2 breasts in our 10 pc buckets ... but seriously this is very confusing. KFC people if you are reading this please when you say a WHOLE Chicken ... remember they have 2 breasts.

The picture on the left shows a whole chicken cut in 10 pieces.

a. Legs
c. Wings
d. Rib part of back portion
e. Tail end of back portion
f. Breasts

Do you eat KFC ?

Do you order white meat, dark meat or a combination?

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  1. Good Morning Friend!!

    First things first: I got your email...at about midnight as I was scrolling on my phone. Lawdy once again, I am overwhelemed with emails!!! (I hate when the IMP ones slip through cracks, like yours!) And you're welcome. Also, did I read/hear/dream that your bday was coming up?

    Next, I AM LOL...... I always thought when you get a box, you get breasts!! CRAZY.... even moreso that the people that work there don't know.

    I can't really go to Churchs/Popeyes/KFC cause I will eat the crust off of every piece, HAHA!

    Have a great day sweetie,

  2. Dearest Celia,

    Well, we never eat that kind of food, it is fried and both of us cannot have it... But one wonders about certain people that can't think for themselves anymore! If they couldn't toch a screan for orders they absolutely had no clue what they're doing. Most of them will get an F in biology anyway.
    Hope your kitchen is coming along well and you soon can have your own meals. We have been on the road a lot as consultants and than you're not your own boss when it comes to food.

    Lots of love,


  3. hahaha, this cracks me up! i prefer dark meat when getting chicken, but don't often go to kfc. in richmond we have ukrop's fried chicken (ukrop's is a local grocery store..they've now been bought out by the martin's chain, but still have the ukrop's chicken) and i prefer that!

  4. I never eat KFC but I often drive past the one in town and omg it smells sooooooo good! I know it tastes like garbage tho lol

  5. Hysterical. I would have loved to be in on this conversation. I think it's awesome that you are educating KFC staff about the anatomy of a chicken. (Visiting from the Friday Follow -- have a great day!)

  6. Too funny...I never would have thought that a bucket would not include the whole bird...too funny. We go to Popeye's and Bo'Jangles for our thrills because we like it spicey and I only order white meat so I make sure I'm getting the breatests...as DH calls them...lol Following along this Friday! Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta


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