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Thursday, November 25, 2010

DolcePaws Friday

I got to go and visit my friend Groomer Dave!!!!
How do you like my new hair cut?

Mommy says I may have too many toys. And I must learn to
clean up after myself. I don't think she realizes I'm a HairyBaby...

Daddy what do I smell? Are you having a peanut butter sandwhich?
HairyBabies can have peanut butter..honest...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and their HairyBabies in BlogLand!!!


  1. Stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Cute doggie sweater. I just crocheted one for my cockapoo and am working on a much larger one for my black lab!

  3. When Dolce learns how to clean up her toys, let me know how you did it. I keep telling the girls they need to learn to clean up after themselves, but they just don't listen.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, dear friend. Are you out shopping today?

  5. So cute. My little guy needs a trim so bad. I am having a tough time finding a convenient groomer. I don't like to drop him off and leave him there for a long time... it's too stressful for him, (and me)! xo

  6. OH my dear friend, these pics of Dolce are so cute,and what an adorable little face that hairybaby has! I love the little shirt too...how cute is that!

    Thank you for coming by and leaving your kind message about out Thanksgiving day. It was a wonderful day with the people we love, the only people missing were my husbands parents, they were at his sister's house this year but over all we had a wonderful time as you could see.

    Oh and tell Dolce; Emmie and Pearl would rather have spent time in the company of a dog as opposed to those wild little boys:)
    Hugs my dear friend!

  7. OH DEAR, YOU ARE WAYYYYYY CUTE LITTLE ONE! And to you dear friend, you are so kind and precious. You make blogland so beautiful with your attitude and joy. Have a lovely weekend and your visits are so welcomed! Anita

  8. To me, Dolce is cute in both before and after photos. Thanks for showing us.

  9. pretty boy dolce groomingNovember 26, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    could dolce use a few (dozen) cat toys?
    free for the taking, ain't like they'd be missed around here.

  10. Love the trim Dolce! Cute turkey! But really, what is it with you furbabies leaving your toys scattered all over the place... My furbabies do that too. I guess since you are just so darn adorable it is okay.

    ~ Tracy


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