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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Wore to Write ...

One of the great things about writing is that you can do it in the of your home comfort and I may or may not have done it from the comfort of my bed in jammies on occasion.

But on this day I decided it was time to start dressing beyond my jammies and sweats - even if I was not planning on going anywhere: So this is what I wore ~ Elie Tahari jeans, Banana Republic grey sweater; for accessories I chose my orange Hermes bangle, Ralph Lauren black leather belt, a necklace with black leather rope and metal pendant ( a gift from Angel P's mother) and black leather strap Lucien Piccard watch.

And when I was ready for a break it was easy to head out the door I just added my a black leather Town Shoes booties  (a gift to me during the 2013 boxing week sale). and of course my heavy winter coat as it's has been extremely cold here.

If you work from home what is your go to clothing choices to be comfortable but still ready to head out?

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  1. Hi sweet friend! You're looking cute. It's rare that I have a pajama day, but today is one :-) Loving it. Believe it or not, we had some snow and ice...yes, here in the Florida Panhandle. Craziness! Soooooo...I'm home and in my pjs :-)

  2. Good Evening Celia, I am just popping over after reading Mariette's post about you. Congratulations on being published, you must be thrilled to pieces. You really do have a very nice style.... elegant, but casual. I am retired now, so my clothes tend to be casual, I do wear a lot of trousers and jeans, but I have to tell you, there is nothing like a pyjama day.... I love those days.
    Best Wishes

  3. So jealous of your Hermes bangle! Whenever I write from home I usually do it in my pajamas.. but that's usually because it's after midnight! :)
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  4. When I have to head out, I have to dress head to toe! I've been working on at least putting on mascara! Lip gloss is a must due to dry lips but mascara waits until I'm going out of the house or Alpha Hubby is coming home. I'm trying to get it together in the mornings before heading off to my office - I'm wondering when I had time when I worked outside the house (smile).

  5. Dearest Celia,
    Jeans with something comfy is my most worn item. I was thinking about that the other day, since we no longer do consulting work and attend conferences, a lot of things seem to be more often than not 'screaming' inside the closet for being taken out... But life has changed since and we all are going for comfort first. Yes, when it is really a miserable rainy day or very cold, I don't mind wearing my long comfy morning robe all day. It feels so warm and protective and depending on what the task for the day is, when working from my PC; that's perfect. With one of our kitties on my lap... you're all set.
    You look great and I love your boots; my favorite height too. Lovely accessories too.

  6. Cool and edgy vibe for the writer from home!
    Seems like I live in black leggings and a big tee when I'm home, or dressed to the nines for my evenings at our little restaurant! I never can just pop out to go somewhere from home ... it's all 40 miles away and takes most of a day to make it worthwhile!

  7. I know, I know...it's just SO hard to work from home and get dressed isn't it? About 2pm I can say I've finished my work and head out, but often I'm still in pj's. Cannot seem to conquer this unless I have an appointment, so I'm proud of you!!

  8. Ragged old sweats! Even when I come home I change back into them right away so I can curl my legs up under me. My jeans must be too tight for me, I could never sit in them all day.

  9. Dearest Celia,
    You always look fabulous, even if for staying at home writing!!
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits.

    Love and blessings your way

  10. Love the orange bracelet ♥

    CLK Fashions


  11. oooh, love those booties! {and I always enjoy a gift from me to me}
    My go to always seems to be my J. Brand's. They're as comfortable as leggings but are a jean so i don't feel as casual.


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