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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Netherlands in Pictures

What better way to celebrate Mr. G's birthday than with a last minute trip to Amsterdam! He got a trip and was able to cross Amsterdam trip, off his bucket list. Here are some things we learned about the Netherlands in pictures.

We arrived on his actual birthday day ... and over an English breakfast, which is most popular here - he open a birthday card which our most thoughtful friends from Vermont, had mailed ahead of time to our home (for me to give to him upon our arrival in Amsterdam - his bday).

We stayed at the Barbizon Palace hotel  
across from Central Station. And it was a pleasure to stay at during our time in  exploring Amsterdam. Great staff, close to everything, good size rooms - and very clean.

The Canals....
A day trip to Keukenhof Gardens ... words cannot describe the beauty of this place... 
4.5 million bulb-flowers in 100 varieties... you can see more photos here.

Flower Markets ..... 
there were not as many as I had expected, but the ones we saw were amazing!

Food .... amazing... and from all corners of the world can be found here...

and a little wine too....

Amsterdam is most liberal and tolerant ... as a tour through the Red District and some of the museums shows

Ladies you don't get to see this everyday in Amsterdam ... this tourist may have been celebrating a little too much during the soccer games and decided to jump in the canal. He was smart enough to remove his clothing before jumping in ..lol

Bikes ... everywhere ... there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam....

RAIN!!! .... constantly ... we had 2 days of sunshine...

No matter where in the world you go ... there is always a little bit of home,
to comfort you on damp rainy days. 

Despite the rain the people are all so friendly, no matter where you go. We look forward to visiting again in the future.

If we were questioning our trip to Europe (Italy and Portugal) later this year, our keys had lots to say...
What are the chances of being given these 2 countries out of 25???

What are your travel plans for the summer?

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  1. oh my, rain or no rain it looks like a wonderful birthday trip. happy birthday to Mr. G. Nice you got to spend it together making a memory!

  2. Dearest Celia,
    MAYBE; just maybe you were staying in the same room where we stayed on August 10, 1994. At that time it still was called Golden Tulip Barbizon Palace. We ended up there after our plane in Dehli broke down. We had an upgrade to business class (on our Royal Wing cards!) and got to fly on Air Canada to London and from there to Amsterdam and ended up at this hotel for the night. Next day on Delta to Atlanta.
    Funny our Dutch/Canadian connection of fate...
    But it is a very luxurious hotel with great dining and great breakfast.
    So glad you got to visit; regardless of the rain as it does rain a LOT in this 'kikkerland/frog-land' as it is also called. That's why plants thrive so well over there as the climate is just perfect for them.
    Oh yes, Amsterdam is very tolerant.
    You look great in this picture; so glad you both enjoyed the country. Living there for good is of course a different story... it is rather crowded!
    Our summer travel plans will probably go no further than Miami by car...
    Hugs to you both,

  3. what good pictures and the naked guy wasn't too proud since he had his pride covered with his hands LOL

    what a good thing to do , work on the bucket list I have been doing that also,there is places here in the USA I wanna go visit still, like New York city shopping at various store like Tinzel Trading Company and the Button Shop and Louis Vuitton store of course

  4. Celia, I really enjoyed this post. What a great trip! You look great,too. So glad you had this opportunity and the next trip sounds fantastic as well.

  5. What a wonderful tour Celia! Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy all the wonderful memories of your trip.

  6. These are SO fun!! Looks like you had a blast and you're looking relaxed and gorgeous.
    I cannot get over the naked man. Sorry. I just can't! hilarious!! xoxo

    Leaving for Fla next month for a month. I need sunshine!!!

  7. What a wonderful birthday gift to you hubby and you look lovely! It's great to start marking things off of your bucket list.
    The naked guy is too funny, and no one seemed to notice!
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend, mon ami! xoxo, B

  8. There are a lot of WOW moments in this post, Celia!


    And I love The Netherlands. Charming canals, cottages, wonderful people.

    THEN THAT NAKED MAN! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun to be had at every level, I suppose!

    No travel plans here, but rather, we are taking a writing course in about two weeks, lasting for about six weeks. We are thrilled.

    I wish you a magnificent summer my friend, and it is so good to see you! Anita


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