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Monday, June 17, 2013

After The Winter & Rain in a Garden and Life ...

Sometimes life can happen when we are busy making plans, leaving us totally depleted of energy, drive, ambition, security/stability, even sometimes good health. 

As I was walking through our gardens today I was reminded of the lessons in strength we can learn from nature. Take the Peony Garden ~ it grows back stronger and stronger each year - despite being knocked down to nothing each winter.

Much like the peony, after we experience a life changing event (be it big or small;  it's a change). We need to nurture our self. Remember it's ok to withdraw inwards ... just don't stay there. Start poking your head outside.

Eventually your winter will start to become a memory and you will start to gain legs and stand upright. Just like the Peony garden in spring.

Like the Peony Garden ... we have many facets to our life, which make us whole. We are child, sibling, parent, student, employer, employee, spouse/partner, teacher, friend, etc. Sometimes even when only one facet has been hurt/affected by the change that occurred in our life, we instinctively keep all other facets closed tight.  

But if we can manage to find at least one facet of our self that we can nurture and allow to flourish...
 Then BOOM! before we know it like a garden of Peony after a rain fall ~ our life is in full bloom! Each facet  stronger than before.

It's as if you take all the rain and drink a long thirst quenching "I've had enough and I'm going to THRIVE"... and shed away all the winter darkness.

and shine my many brilliant colours ...
 And of course once you are happy and thriving you are able to bring happiness to others.
People cannot help but smile back if you smile at them...

Life is never going to be the same after something that has caused you pain and some times even love. But the beauty is that just like the Peony Garden, after the winter of life - You have the power to rise and CREATE the life you want.

Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...

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  1. Pretty peonies, I love it when they are in bloom.

  2. Pretty series and lovely peonies!

  3. Your photos of the peonies are beautiful especially the last pink one! Ours are finally in full bloom and a deep rich red. An interesting post with many true words about life and the peony garden!

  4. This is a beautiful inspiring and heart felt post. How well you illustrated how to be joyful in life with such beauty. Peonies are gorgeous flowers. I love them.

  5. Oooo, I need cuttings of your dark pink one! I only have two types of white and while exceptionally scented and beautiful, they need a dark pink sister! You have a beautiful peony garden and now, I must emulate immediately! You always inspire me. And yes, I am inspired to live life more fully than ever before, every time you write a post.

  6. Beautiful reminders, Celia. It is hard sometimes to find that one place to nurture when you feel so hurt/sad, but it's great advice! I'll never look at peonies quite the same again ... and I already loved them! Yours are beautiful, and it's a special treat to see them since ours are already gone for the season. Thank you!

  7. Dearest Celia,
    What a lovely posting and I do envy you for that gorgeous and healthy peony garden!!! Wow, your climate and soil must be just right.
    Lots of hugs to you dear friend and hope you feel like a budding peony yourself.

  8. Is there anything prettier than the perfect pink peony?? My very favorites.

  9. You found some great analogies to life in your peony garden. A lovely, thoughtful post accompanied by gorgeous peony blossoms. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Well written and photographed...beautiful post~

  11. Dearest Celia ... you have created such a beautiful post, the analogies you made were spot on and so true. Thank you for sharing not only your words of wisdom but your beautiful peonies, which are breathtaking with the raindrops on their delicate petals! Sending hugs, sweet! xoxo ~S

    PS LOVE the way the shoe illustration looks on your personal notes!

    SANDY M Illustration

  12. Today is my first visit - i found you on Mosaic Monday and was intrigued by your title - High Heeled Life. Mine is a Flip Flop Life.

    I LOVE your words. I am going through a change, not unpleasant, retirement, but it is a change nonetheless and I must give it time to fit.

    thanks for sharing your beautiful words.

  13. Thank you for the beautiful reminder, Celia. Your peonies are beautiful! Each year I await the arrival of my peonies and love them for filling vases in our home.
    Wishing you a wonderful week, mon ami! xoxo, B

  14. What an amazing plant. Love your attitude!

  15. That is so nice to read this morning Celia, and so very true. Nice reminder for me; who has only recently calmed down from renovation hell. :) Hope you have a lovely week.

  16. What a beautiful post. I love how you wove your thoughts around planting and nourishing. So true and inspiring.

  17. Your peonies are beautiful. I like the pale pink one best. It truly amazes me all the varieties of peonies available today, and how pretty they truly are.

  18. Dearest Celia!
    You has the peony garden it grows back stronger each year despite knocked to nothing each winter your have a beautiful post.
    hope you have a wonderful lovely week.

  19. What lovely sentiments! Thank you for sharing it! I'm a bit fragile right now - and yes hiding a bit too - so I look forward to the day I'll be able to poke my head through the clouds and bloom again :)


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