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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do You Believe In Angels?

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Old English engel, ultimately via ecclesiastical Latin from Greek angelos 'messenger'; superseded in Middle English by forms from Old French angele.

An Angel is a pure spirit created by God to help us along the life plan we have set for ourselves pertaining to the lessons we are meant to learn in this life and on a soul level. 

When we are born we are given no less that two Guardian Angels, as our angelic protectors. They are assigned to be with us our entire life and offer their loving and divine help, guidance and support according to the purpose of our life plan. Sometimes this is done, by inspiring a thought to spur us into action, in other situations it may be to lend us super-human strength (as in the example of a mother lifting a car to free her small trapped child). Guardian angels tend to be souls who once walked the earth in human form.

Archangels are larger in energy and more powerful than our Guardian Angels.Archangel's are capable of anything, though certain Archangels have chosen to specialize. Depending on the question, concern, celebration or decision you face, there is an Archangel who loves to help in that exact way. Each Archangel also has an aura color; this color represents the frequency that the archangel vibrates in – much like our own aura colors. Every frequency of spirit, angelic, earth and human energy has a unique color or combination of colors.

Our Guardian  Angels and the Archangels are always around us — supporting, guiding and caring for us at all times. 

How do you know when they are near?

Have you ever felt ...
~a sudden change in the atmosphere and energy of a room or area? Perhaps, a rush of energy down your spine, then spread throughout your body?
~ a room or area suddenly filled with a beautiful fragrance or sweet perfume?
~ an overwhelming feeling of love, appreciation or joy come over you?
~ a gentle breeze from nowhere or a sensation of touch on your cheek or top of head? 
~ an abundance of "coincidences" start emerging in your life, and solutions to troubling situations seemingly occur ~ sometimes in the most unexpected ways?
~ a sensation of something gently brushing against you or enfolding you. Or perhaps a sense hands touching you on your shoulders or clasping your hand, during a frightening event?

If you responded YES to any of the above, you have certainly been blessed not only with feeling the angelic love, but having the awareness of angelic energy around you. 

Every human has the ability to communicate with the angels. A very long time ago in human history it was completely natural for humans to talk to and listen to heaven. Our chakras were completely open, as was our confidence and willingness.  Almost every major religion has entities that are equal to or very similar in description to angels, as we have come to know them.  Angels are here to help us in all aspects of our lives, limited only by our own human imaginations and beliefs. 
In the autumn of 2011 I shared my personal encounter with Heaven and  Angels,  in a series called Once Upon a Time you can read about it  ~ Here and Here and Here.

Remember all you need to do to get the attention of your angels is whisper their name(s) in your heart. And be willing to hear them respond.

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Oh, I definitely believe in Angels! Abba's song 'I believe in angels...' was one of my favorites because of it. So many instances that we cannot explain otherwise. This week, while chatting with stepdaughter Liz, I had read briefly an article in Forbes and put its URL in our chat. Liz was so surprised that I did send her JUST that; a topic she was dealing with now in her recently earned mega project. Guess it was her Canadian angel-Mama that tipped my brain for looking that up. We call it telepathy but on our own, there is no logic, no reason for certain situations. Good that you post your excellent story about your own encounter with Angels and Heaven. Let's hope many will get to read this.
    Hugs to you both,

  2. Forgot to mention that the word 'Engel' is Dutch... No big surprise as Dutch is closely related to English!

  3. I absolutely believe in angels...
    I've never really "felt" an angel's presence but there are times I just know... So many near accidents and incidents that could have and maybe should have ended up tragically and were somehow miraculously avoided...

    During tumultuous days when I was trying to muster the energy, courage and strength to ask for a divorce I was walking the long hallway to physical therapy (after shoulder surgery) and the song Someone to Watch Over me came on... Such a strange song to have in a gym... it was my wedding song... but I knew in that very instant it was my grandmother... I knew that this was a sign that I had to do it... she was giving me her approval, she was watching over me...

  4. Thank you for sharing. I definitely believe in angels! Visiting from SITS!

  5. Yes, as in the angel that appeared to my daughter to comfort her the night before her son was taken home. Yes, I believe.

  6. I absolutely believe in angels. I have seen and felt them more times then I could remember.
    I always know when my Mum is nearby-a white feather just appears from nowhere. I always believe the white feather fell from an angels wings ;-)
    Have a lovely week Sweets xx

  7. I believe, I totally DO! All the times that something profound came into my life via a conversation, a helpful person, a kind word....angels are sometimes disguised as people or even creatures that are the most unlikely candidates for being a messenger....what a lovely post my dear and THANK YOU for visiting; I think I am now understanding about Bloglovin' and the other changes....one day at a time, right? We'll all see tomorrow what happens in Blogland! HUGS! Anita

  8. This is beautiful! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  9. A lovely post Celia to help explain angels, and yes, I too believe in them. A favourite book of mine is called 'An Angel in my House' by Tobias Palmer.
    Hope you have a nice Canada Day weekend.

  10. Dearest Celia,
    Happy Canada day to all of you!

  11. Dearest Celia,
    Oh yes, we all live through such instances where you have NO explanation, other than knowing it was from above!
    Sending you hugs and blessings and may our angels watch over us on heavy duty.


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