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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week~End Stroll No. 1

There is nothing better after a long week ~ of work, taking care of little ones, attending medical appointments, attending classes or any other responsibilities and activities which seem to sip up your time during the week~ than taking a few minutes for yourself . Week-end Stroll will bring you not only recaps of posts on HHL you may have missed during the week, but will also provide some links to other blogs or places on the web which may be of interest to readers of HHL. 
So get the kettle on, steep a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of vino or bubbly or whatever beverage helps you to whined down and let some "ME" time begin (You deserve it!).

image via Glamour.com
January is the perfect month to tackle your wardrobe closet. If you have been holding off because you haven't quite figured out your style or are in-between-sizes take a click over to these post and get inspired to open that closet door. What's Your Style?Editing (decluterring) Your Wardrobe ,High Heeled Life Wardrobe Essentials,  High heeled Life Wardrobe Organization . Came across this fabulous article on the Glamour website which you may find very helpful~ Wardrobe Essentials: Inside Michelle Goad, CEO & Founder of PS DEPT's Closet

The cold, gloomy dark days of winter have many of us buried under our blankets,wishing we could stay there till April. Looking for suggestions on beating the winter blues ~ tune in to Huff Post Live for a segment on beating the winter blues, where yours truly was honoured to take part in Click Here.

The week-end (especially - when it's cold and not so inviting to be outdoors) is the perfect time to get in the kitchen with hubby, the children, friends or just on your own and do that thing that our mothers and grandmothers so lovingly did ~ Cook and Bake. Here are some fabulous inspirations from friends in BlogLand:

Fabulously French ~ Croque Madame Muffins
Paris Pastry ~ Chocolate Lava cake with Salted Caramel
Pink Martinis and Pearls ~ Be Still My Meringue Heart
Champagne & Macarons ~ Thick and Creamy Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

How will you be enjoying this week-end?


  1. hi celia!

    great post! i completely renovated my closet on wednesday.
    FOUR giant trashbags full of clothes and shoes to the needy.

    a load off my shoulders, so to speak. :)

  2. Excuse me, but did you say chocolate lava cake? I'm in!

  3. Not doing closets, going to little grandson's B'day party tomorrow for awhile, and as it's so beautiful in Houston, we are gardening...getting ready for Spring.

  4. Dearest Celia,
    That was an EXCELLENT interview with HUFF POST! Congratulations, you are such an excellent spokes person on beating the winter blues! Now I even more admire you.
    We had a good trip back and forth to Atlanta, very smooth and a great meeting with my new doctor. Back on February 22nd early morning for a CT and other exams. So till than, let's stay positive and like you do; fight the winter blues!
    Glad that we did send you some medicine via parcel post too; it work at least for me! Hope you soon get it and enjoy it together.
    HUGS to you dear friend and thanks again for all your love and encouraging words.

  5. Celia,
    Outstanding piece on Huffington. You have been through a lot, and I am so impressed with how you have shared your journey.

  6. Work work work for me! I can't remember the last time I had some time to myself...I'm quite frighten of the thought of it TBH!

  7. I love this post! I have been working on organizing my closet a bit at a time this week. It all started with an antique wall fixture for scarves....I hung it to display all of the beautiful scarves that my husband buys me on his work around the world. I can now see them--hence, wear them...and one thing led to another...oh my...my shoe collection is like that of Imelda Marcos! Beautiful shoes that I hardly wear because I have been really naughty and piled them in baskets on top of each other...now in their own cozy bins, but of course I had to clean out half the closet racks to store the shoes, all pretty and everything...when I opened up some garment bags I found beautiful velvet jackets--long and short that I had forgotten about. I used to be a fancy dressed pastor lady! lol.
    Well Celia, thank you for always inspiring me with your great posts! Hope you are feeling better...find a place in a sunny window and curl up like a cat.

  8. Oh baby. I'm all about the weekend! I'm going to take a hot bath and I'm marinating steak for Husbands birthday dinner. YUM

  9. Off to read these links Celia! I like the take on editing the closet and beating winter blues. My closet gets an update twice a year. I coordinate by color and keep my shoes in clear boxes. I'd like to re-do the structure of my closet at some point. It's so expensive .. I've been putting it off.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



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