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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Little Black Dress ~ Which would you pick?

It was 1926 when Coco Chanel unveiled her little black dress in the pages of American Vogue. It was a simple, straight, calf-length black dress. Vogue referred to the LBD as the "Chanel Ford" - referencing Ford's success with the Model T. And went on to say the LBD would become "a sort of uniform for all women of taste".

Who can forget Audrey Hepburn's character Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany. The year was 1960  and the LBD designed by Hubert de Givenchy for the film, had women every where donning the elegant black dress for both evening and day wear.

As we step into 2013 and the LBD remains a staple piece in a woman's wardrobe.

A LBD with a jacket and pumps can get you through a day at the office. For the evening accessorize with pearls or other accessories to your liking, remove the jacket add some heels and you easily transition from day to evening. You can also dress down a LBD with ballet flats, simple accessory and a scarf for a quick trip to the market or lunch with the girls.

During our Girls Get-away to the city Ms. L mentioned that she needed to work on the basics for her wardrobe and that she did not have a LBD.

Hmm.... no LBD in her wardrobe? and she has a few social events coming up.

As we all know the basics are the foundation to any wardrobe. These are the investment pieces that should last least a decade (if not a life time);  are timeless in design; set the tone of your personal style; and make getting dressed a simple task.

Below are the results of the search for Ms. L's LBD. Here is some info to consider when looking at the dresses:

Dress #1 ~ Prada
Requirements - shorten hem

Dress #2 ~ Prada
Requirements - add bra slips, shorten hem a little and shorten at shoulders

Dress #3 ~
Requirements - shorten hem

Dress #4 ~ Dolce and Gabbana
Requirements - none

Dress #5 ~ an off the rack
Requirements - open sleeves a little to fit at arms (alternatively go up a size and then take dress in as needed for proper fit)

Now that you have scrolled through Ms. L's choices ~ which dress do you feel she should pick as her LBD ... and why?

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  1. #4 is my favorite. I like #2 as well, but I feel #4 is the most flattering. I'll be interested in which one she selected.

  2. Dress 4 is my choice as well. The style is very flattering to her, much more so than the others and the bonus is that she doesn't have to do anything to it! This post is reminding me that I need a new little black dress...

  3. They are all very pretty but number 2 is absolutely perfect! Asides from the hem adjustment, it looks like it fits her like a glove and a sleeveless LBD should be in everyones wardrobe!!

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Great; I feel like I'm back at my 'BASICS'...
    Not being blessed with a 5'11" (178cm) body we have to pay attention to our best features. It is all about STYLE; PROPORTION & FIT. The Dolce & Gabbana is by far the winner. It brings out her perfect proportions; being broad shoulders, a well defined waist. The fluid drape of the bottom part only enhances her pretty legs. Just cut for her! Also despite this dress being sleeveless, it does cover the armholes far better and it is in a smooth line, tapering down to the waist from the shoulder down. Seldom do sleeveless dresses work flattering, if not worn by a model.
    The others do emphasize too much her somewhat shorter torso by focusing too much on her bust. Prada even makes your Friend Ms. L look a bit frumpy. Look at the different length of torso between the Dolce & Gabbana and the last one...
    But for sure you have made the right choice. One thing I must mention though, the first three are being modeled without shoes and that does affect the total silhouette.
    You certainly have had a great time together!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Celia,
    While they are all beautiful, I would go for dress #2, Prada. The open V neckline elongates her torso. I do think it needs hemmed a little bit, because she has pretty legs. She can dress this up or down and wear it with different jackets. Love it!

  6. Definitely Dress 4 - it really flatters her figure and it's a classic well cut style which is so versatile. Happy New Year to you!

  7. Hello there! My pick would be Dress #4. It looks awesome on her and she doesn't have to do a thing to it. Plus, it's just so versatile!

  8. Dress #4 ~ Dolce and Gabbana. It fits perfectly and is the right length. It looks like it was made for her. #2 is too dressy to be dressed down very easily but is one she should also consider adding for dressier occasions. The rest are NOT for her body style. I've seen similar ones to #3 by Stella McCartney and have to say that I've yet to see it look good on anyone other than the tall model thin person.

    Which one did she go home with?

  9. I would say number four is my first choice as it's the most flattering .. as is. I also like the second dress .. with alterations as needed :)

    We ALL need one!

  10. #4 of course...tho even that one could be taken up a little bit.

  11. #4 for me please!!!! xo

  12. Breakfast at Tiffany's is the best! Love its simple lines, elegant without going over board and yet its still something more than just a simple black dress!
    Love the elegance of it!
    (all her clothes in the movie)

  13. For sure number 4. It looks the best on you! Have a great weekend!

  14. If it's in her budget, I would go with #4. The fit is perfection...very flattering. And it's timeless. No alterations is always a plus. Happy Friday my friend! xo

  15. Happy Friday, mon ami! This is a great post. I am planning a series on foundation pieces to the wardrobe soon. Everyone needs a LBD and Breakfast at Tiffany's style is always a classic. From the photos, I feel # 2 looks to be the most flattering (with the recommended alterations). I love the beaded neckline and it accentuates her waist. She's a very pretty lady.
    I hope (I'm certain you are) having a fun girl's weekend!
    Bon weekend! xoxo, B

  16. She looks lovely in all of them, but Dress 2 is my favorite - beautiful, flattering neckline that looks a little different.

  17. No. 4. She looks awesome and it fits her perfectly.

  18. Great post and number four is the winner!:-)

  19. #4 would be my pick. It is perfect just as it is style-wise and fitting. Which one did she get?


  20. Dress 4 is very flattering and I can think of many ways to change it up for day or evening!

    2013 Artists Series

  21. Hi Celia,
    New on your blog which I enjoy very much.
    I vote for dress #2. It is a lovely one and a versatile one. With a short jacket it can easily be turned into an elegant day dress.
    All the best,
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  22. #4 without question, it's so flattering and very versatile with accessories. Also it will transition well through the seasons.

    Also thank you for the well wishes on my blog :)

  23. #4, its just perfect. Its fits, makes her look ageless and shine, can be worn with or without accessories, and can go from daytime to evening to whatever...


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