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Friday, December 7, 2012

High Heeled Life Wardrobe Essentials

Now that you have determined your style, edited your current wardrobe  it's time to look at the basic essentials.  The Basic Wardrobe is generally built around two main colours, able to stand on their own and mix well with each other.

Wardrobe Basics
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It's important  to note that Basic Wardrobe Essentials will differ from style to style and those of individual lifestyle needs (a single 20 something has different wardrobe needs from a stay at home mom or a 60 something retiree). Regardless of your style, Basics should be appropriate for work and easily transition from day to an evening out, or an afternoon with the girls.

The Basics I have used here are reflective of the needs for my lifestyle ~ need for comfort while attending medical and rehab appointments; writing and for the occasional outing with friends or hubby. A stay at home mom or someone working in an office environment could easily adapt some if not all of these Basic Wardrobe Essentials.

~ 1 black jacket
~ 1 tweed or lighter coloured jacket
~ 1 trench coat
~ 1 light coloured cashmere sweater - great over a t-shirt or your little black dress
~ 1 grey or light coloured pant
~ 1 black pant
~ 1 black pair of leggings
~ 1 well-cut pair of jeans
~ 1 neutral colour pant
~ 1 black turtle neck
~ 1 black skirt
~ 1 navy  skirt
~ 1 neutral skirt
~ 1 (LBD) little black dress
~ 1 wrap dress
~ 4-5 white shirts (or shirt, blouse combination)
~ 3 white T-shirts (include a long sleeve one)
~ 3-4 cashmere sweaters (dark, light, - grey is perfect with a pair of jeans)
Basic Wardrobe pieces are the backbone of your wardrobe, so go for quality not quantity. Once you have established your Basic pieces, you can then add a FEW pieces that give an outfit a little extra personality. A red blouse would be a great addition to the above Basics (pants and skirts). Remember additions should create various options from your Basics.

Accessory Essentials by fallingoffahighheeledlife 
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Accessories are a fun and often inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit. Below are some Accessory Essentials that go well with the above Basic Wardrobe Essentials.

~1 pair black pumps
~ 1 pair neutral pumps
~ 1 pair of flat shoes
~ 1 pair of rain boots
~ 1 umbrella - make it fun so it brightens a gloomy rainy day
~ 1 black leather handbag
~ 1 pair of black leather gloves
~ 1 reversible black/brown leather belt
~ a strand of pearls - not just for special outings, wear with a T-shirt and jeans
~ 1 set of crystal or diamond stud earrings
~ 1 set of pearl earrings
~  a watch that can take you from office to social outings

Depending on the weather where you live, for cold winters like here in Ontario, you may like to add a heavy coat and boots for cold snow days to your wardrobe Basics. 

What are the two main colours 
of your Basic Wardrobe?
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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Basic wardrobe essentials are a must have for everyone; young or old(er)... From there you build on your wardrobe and add accessories. My main colors are black and beige...
    Love your posts about style!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Great list for wardrobe essentials
    and I noticed that mostly are in black... rightly so as black looks good with anything and with any other color not to mention it makes you look skinnier.

  3. Hi darling Celia! What a perfect list! I agree, once you have these great basics, the world is your oyster and you can create combinations from there! One of the rules I use when choosing clothing is that it MUST be comfortable. I know myself and if it is something that needs to be tugged at or is scratchy, I'll never wear it. I ADORE soft supple fabrics against my skin and I know I'll always look forward to slipping into pieces like that. And I know I must LOVE a piece to buy it. Not sort of. Not kinda. But true love. Otherwise, I'll always choose the pieces that I do love over the one I kinda sorta do. Wonderful, post, sweet. Have a wonderful week ... may it be merry and bright! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  4. Definitely black and grey! My wardrobe is full of the two.
    This is a wonderful post and I completely agree with your basic and accessory choices. Happy to say (I think) I have these pretty much covered minus needing new rainboots and neutral heels.

  5. Perfect,Celia!


  6. I agree! ..these are an absolute must. The trendy items are lots of fun and I never spend much on them. I usually spend a little more on the basics .. especially a good pair of heels that won't hurt my feet after a day at the office.


  7. Helpful list! Great recommendations.
    Thanks for your nice comment and visit. Happy Holidays!

  8. i wish i had seen this 25 years ago, before
    i wasted so much time and money on
    clothes i don't need or wear.

    oh well, now i will go back to your editing
    post, which is kind of what my post was
    about today. :)

  9. oh i love all these essentials!!
    especially the blazers, scarf and shoes!! can NEVER have enough :)

    happy friday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  10. What a great list and selection. There are many items here in my wardrobe too (my basic neutrals are mainly beige and grey with some black and brown. I do like the camel wrap dress - I would find that a very useful piece to have in my wardrobe!

  11. what a GREAT list!! so helpful!!
    P.S. check out my latest giveaway - last day to enter!!
    http://thesadlows.blogspot.com/2012/11/crochet-infinity-scarf-giveaway.html XOXO

  12. Great post!
    I have great basics in black, khaki and grey, but also a ton of great color options. As long as you have the basics covered every piece you add makes dozens of new outfits. ;)

  13. Perfect..and I could sure use your help with coordinating and colors

  14. Wonderful post Celia. I am currently revamping my wardrobe and your post really helped me put together a list of things I need. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Little Pink Rain Boots


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