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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreaming Of Spring ~ around the world






Wishing everyone a warm and fun week-end!

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  1. What glorious pictures! Let's start packing right now! Can't take one more flake of snow!
    Hope you have a super weekend!

  2. Oh Honey!!!! Beautiful.....I think we are ALL dreaming of Spring!! Warm weather.....bring it and bring it soon!

    I hope your day is blessed!!!!!!!!!
    I hope your deeling well & all your appt's are going well. I saw your email, yes things are getting bogged in the giveaways. Email at my personal email or I'll email you from it & we will catch up!

    Love Ya Friend!

  3. Gorgeous...we aren't covered in snow, but we don't have beauty like this...yet...I'm in for Tuscany!

  4. Hi HHL,

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. The mere word Tuscany reminds me of vacationing in Italy. Perhaps I can convice my wife to give it one more chance.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings and peace.


  5. Gorgeous pics! Of course my fav are of London (being a Londoner).
    Amsterdam looks divine too. Maybe next time Seville, Spain? ;-)

  6. Beautiful pictures. Missing home A lot

  7. I am so dreaming of sunshine and warmth.:) I live in Norway and have decided this cold winter has gone on long enough although to be fair, spring is incredible here when it finally comes.:)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Dearest Celia,

    About your previous post; how well worded. You are a very gifted writer for being able to express you innermost feelings so well. God bless you and for sure, you're probably touching more others than you ever will know. Plus the ripple effect...

    Yeah, dreaming about spring. You make me feel Dutch again, even for being an American for over 17 years but I am mighty proud of the Dutch flower bulbs. That is such a beauty that they've exported all over the world. It lifts up millions of people after exiting a long winter.
    I'm certainly looking forward to our first daffodils, the tulips have been eaten by critters (the bulbs that is; that is gourmet food to some...). One more month and we'll see some change. But your post today is very uplifting and I want to thank you for that!

    Lots of love,


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  10. Oh... what a perfect time to see these glorious photos, I am so very ready for spring, and we haven't even had a tough winter! The fave has to be the tulips, they are beyond luscious.

    May your weekend be splendid,

  11. what a lovely tease for those of us with
    lots of winter left! :)

  12. I can't wait for Spring, it is freezing again here! Have a great weekend xx

  13. New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop!! Hope you can stop by www.HappeningsoftheHarperHousehold.blogspot.com

  14. Paris in Spring is the best! Lets go! What time should I pick you up? xoxo

  15. This really couldn't be a more appropriate post. Hubby and I have just seen some of our plants trying to flower (among the hoof prints and mud!)and are cheered at the thought of Spring arriving. These photographs have reminded me of what we have to look forward to.
    Thank you. You have brought sunshine into a grey day for me.

  16. I cannot wait for spring!!

    I just found your blog through a Saturday blog hop. Have a great weekend!

    Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

  17. Is that gorgeous lady in the last picture you darling? WOW...and your gift is coming!!!! THANK YOU FOR DANCING THE DANCE OF LIFE over on to my post today! What lovely uplifting photos you are sharing. MERCI!!! Anita

  18. this post makes me all dreamy and girlie...lol! and now I wanna go!!! Paris in springtime please!! LOL
    Thanks for great pictures chica!

  19. Beautiful post! I, too, am dreaming of spring. The frigid temps are more than I care to tolerate.
    I was just writing a post on Valentine's Day around the world.. great minds think alike =)
    xoxo, B

  20. These pictures are beautiful .... really make want spring NOW!

  21. Wow, your photos definitely made me dream of Spring. Beautiful.


  22. Hi! I found you on the Relax & Surf Sunday Blog Hop! Come check out my blog and follow me if can! Your photos make me want to travel to Europe again!! I miss it!

    ~The Reynolds Mom~

  23. Beautiful pictures! I'm a new GFC follower from Relax & Surf Sunday.


  24. Oh angel, such beautiful pictures!!!!!
    I understand your dreams.... lol since you've been sorouded by snow :)
    Thank you so much for you comment and your gesture. It was very much and truly appeciated. You're really an angel.
    I hope you're having a blast of a weekend.
    Sending much love your way with my prayers.

  25. So beautiful!I'm dreaming about Spring too :) Have a great new week!

    Kristin xo

  26. Oh I can't wait! I love the tulips. We had nice weekend, but now it's raining for the next few days & cold again. Uck.

    Tell Dolce our 14 yo Yorkie, Fritz went to doggy heaven on Sunday. We'll miss him, but now he can run again.

  27. Good morning from Tokyo!

    What beautiful, inspiring pictures from around the world! I think as we've yet to experience a true winter we're not as in dire need of a break from the weather. But it doesn't stop me from looking forward to the months where the sun warms your shoulders and lights you up from the inside.

    A lovely day to you!



  28. With the storm we have coming, I could use some of that right now :)

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  30. i love all the pictures in this post....with all this snow (and now ice) i would kill to be anywhere where there isnt slush and snow covering the ground!!

  31. I am sooo ready for spring, but even though we are having freezing temps visit us again, I cannot complain to you my dear ~ I hope the storm touches lightly upon you :
    Meanwhile we will all jump right into those photos!


  32. The groundhog saw his shadow so spring should be arriving soon.:-)

  33. Oh, how I wish it were spring now. It always feels like February should be the end of winter. No more! Soon enough :)


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