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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seriously ....How Cute ?

Dolce, is our 4 legged, hairy baby and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that he is part of our life. This little 7 lb Yorkie bundle brings us so much joy and happiness. This past week, to say I have been under the weather - would be an understatement. But this little guy stayed close by with limitless licks, cuddles, and total unconditional love. Even when I was not able to take him outside for his walks ... he adapted and waited for Daddy to let him out. Then it was back curled up with Mommy.

While our Dolce has the run of the house and is always with Mommy (a Mommy's boy he is) our Stella gives us so much unconditional love and is equally sensitive to how we are feeling. When I have been recoverying from past surgeries - she would be so quiet and watched carefully as I would make my way back and forth to the bathroom. She loves being indoors even though she is a 45 lb Yellow Lab ~ and you will find her hanging out in her house ~ even when we leave the crate door open.

Stella is 7 years old and has been with Mr. G since she was a pup. She is Daddy's girl through and through (he can play with her rough ..as I have to be careful with my arm, balance etc.) But, she keeps me company in the mornings after her morning outing ...sitting at my feet at the breakfast table, thats our time together.

For those of us who do not have children (especially not by our choice) these little and big bundles manage to capture our hearts and take away some of the emptiness. Filling our day with a reason for being ~ often it is thoughts of them and how much they need that helps me get through the dark days that creep in for me, out of nowhere.

Love to hear how your little Furbaby has changed/added to your life?


  1. Even for those of us who are fortunate to have human babies, I can't imagine life without my furbabies. My schnauzer is a little finicky, she can take or leave being around anybody, but my Jack Russell mix is definitely mama's girl! She's my little shadow, and follows me everywhere!
    Dolce is just sooo adorable; I just want to squeeze him!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been well... I ADORE both of your delightful angels...we have a Golden that is the biggest pampered princess ever, that has brought so much joy and unconditional love to our home. She is the daughter I didn't have, and a daddy's girl too! Our sons were terrified of dogs (bad experience once) so we knew we had to get a lover...and now they love dogs so much. We are tempted to get another, I am really thinking about a Yorkie...How do Dolce and Stella get along?
    Feel better soon my friend! I am sure all of the licks and love will help :)

  3. well, mine is not nearly as cute as yours,
    but he never lets me out of his sight,
    especially after all the kids leave.

    how was brazil?

    sorry you've been under the weather!

  4. Your babies are adorable!! I have a loyal feline best friend. She is with me constantly and we talk to eachother all day. When I'm working at home on the desk she is the best paperweight but she is truly the smartest kitty I have ever had! In her younger days (she is 14 now) I used to throw a wadded up candy wrapper off the bed and she would fetch it again and again. I love her so much. Oh my, we parents can go on can't we? LOL :) xoxo

  5. your poochies are very sweet!
    i have one child & two furbabies and i'd hate to be without any of them. my kitties add such color & amusement to my world.

  6. So cute! new follower from the monday mingle. http://sweetbabytutus.blogspot.com

  7. I always say that the word dog is god spelled backwards. Our furry friends love unconditionally just as God does... as much as we try humans don't always have the capacity to love the way dogs do.
    I had a summer where I really didn't feel good... I was having a lot of nerve pain and Buddy just would not leave my side... they sense things. They truly become family members. xo

  8. My Chihuahua is 6 lbs and was my first baby. She is 6 years old now and I can't believe how fast time has gone. She's such a little sweetie, and she has been so good with our kids - we're lucky!

    Just signed up as a follower from the mid-week mingle!


  9. Love the knit outfit! He have Jack and Lilly (white labs but jack is 100 lbs). I love them even though Lilly has eater the arms off my chairs.

  10. arent dogs the best pets?? We also have a lab. She's 11, and also enjoys staying inside! Curled up in front of the fireplace to be exact.

  11. Sorry you have been ill. I hope it's nothing serious and you'll be better real quick. Isn't it amazing how our fur babies can sense how we're feeling?! Our Miss Daisy (a soft coated wheaten) is 4 and we can't imagine life without her. Your fur babies are beautiful.


  12. Just today I was overwhelmed with feeling so lucky to have Lily. Without her I would be a hot mess and my heart would be in a constant state of broken---but she melts my heart. She has healed me. I am so grateful to her. I can NEVER thank her enough for what she has done for me. Truly, she is my hero and my heart.

  13. Hello my sweet friend. I am sorry to hear your feeling bad. I will be praying for complete health and healing. (((hugs))) Little D is so precious and I could so Stella and Khaki would so enjoy playi g together. She is a smaller girl too. 60 lbs.

    Here's to a good night rest and that you will wake up totally renewed and refreshed feeling 100% !

    XO D

  14. I am so sorry you have been feeling bad. It looks like you have a delightful pack of caretakers though :-) My dogs are my best comfort when I am sick. They are priceless:-))
    Hope you feel well soon:-))
    Hugs to you,

  15. Celia,
    I don't know where you get such cute clothes for Dolce, but I want that little outfit for my Cleo! She loves to dress up too! I can't begin to describe the joy that I get each day from my precious little ones. They are like real babies to me.
    I hope you get feeling better soon. Your body is probably exhausted from your travels. Get some rest.
    Love to you,

  16. Dolce & Stella are just beautiful! So glad they are in your life.

    While recovering from my illness. my little rescue dog, found at the pound, lay at the foot of my bed for hours, content just to be with me. Glancing down & seeing him there, wanting to be with the damaged me,was such a comfort. Later, when I was able to walk shakily, he stayed by my side, watching as I carefully navigated my house,never getting underfoot.
    Now I am better & able to take walks with him--he is my conscience--I HAVE to take him for a walk, even if I don't feel like walking. And I ALWAYS feel better after my walk.
    He was a rescue dog all right. He helped rescued me from the depths of despair. Thank you,'Jack', little blessing in a fur suit!

  17. Sending you thoughts of healing & cheer. So sorry you've been feeling 'under the weather'. I so enjoy reading your blog.--I only know the "new" you through your reading blog, I didn't know you 'before'--and I think you & your writing are amazing!

  18. You know I am a huge Dolce fan.. my poor Molly had another accident NYE and lost all her front teeth and some jaw bone.. we think she ran into a JCB in the dark... stressful beginning to 2011 :) xx She is fine now btw xx

  19. As is probably obvious from my blog, I love all animals. I especially love my furbabies! They all live indoor and are all very special to me. Animals can certainly teach humans a trick or two about love. My furbabies are very sensitive to my moods/emotions and will react accordingly. They all bring me immense joy and comfort me when I am down or ill. There is something just so calming about having a dog or two lying at your feet and cats curled up on your lap or next to you. Needless to say, this week they have been sticking even closer to me than they usually do.

    I pray you feel better soon. You may be still suffering from your travel adventures.


  20. Soooo cute!! Grew up with dogs before I got married 26 years ago. Husband FINALLY lost the battle when 10 yr. old insisted we get a dog.
    OMG we adopted in Sept. and HE IS THE LOVE of our life....how did I survive so long without him.

    You are so lucky to have Dolce and Stella!

  21. It is amazing how pets have so much love to share. That is why I do not want another. It's just too hard and so much grieve when we lost them. They love you, respect you and do not talk back.

  22. Dolce is seriously too cute. The little outfit just puts a huge smile on my face and I am not one to dress up my pooch but AWH I just might need to.

  23. I absolutely adore your dogs. I have pestered and pestered Hubby for a dog but as he rightly says it'll stop us travelling.(He used to have a golden Labrador when I first met him who was just the greatest dog - he took on all of Hubby's personality and was quite funny) I just know that a furry friend would be so rewarding though. For the moment I'll have to keep dog-sitting and looking at wonderful photos of yours.
    Hope Dolce keeps looking after you and lifting your spirits and I really, really hope you start to feel better soon. I'd send you all a cyber lick (thinking about animals here) but that just sounds dreadful so maybe I'll just send you a cyber hug instead.;)

  24. Awh, too cute, too cute, too cute. We have two now, but have had a total of four (only three at a time). Our oldest was Honey, a female Golden Retriever who was very much a mother at heart. She was a bit over 10 years old last year when she passed away and we miss her terribly. Then we have Boon who is a full size, short haired male Yorkie who loves to get all the attention of the world. We also have Gibson, a pitch black mix almost chihuaha-like that our son saved from inpending death just weeks after he was born. Our beagle, Shiloh, passed away at only 9 months old several years ago.

    My husband and I never had dogs growing up but our daughter, the animal lover, made it clear she'd have it no other way from the time she spoke her first syllable. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Feel better.

  25. VERY Cute!!

    Stopping by via the Thursday Hops to say hello.
    Have a great day and stop by if you can!

  26. Okay seriously!? That first picture is too cute. GG had a onesie like this for her first Christmas complete with her monogram on the booty! I love it!

    Your furbabies are presh!

  27. Awe too cute! I don't have kids yet but my pups are my babies! They fill my life with so much joy and love! Little sweethearts they are ;) Great blog! xo

  28. Hey ... we're a dog family- a BIG dog family ... like 100 pound dog(s) family- they help me sleep better knowing they're in the house with my three little ones ;-) Stopping by from Thursdays Friends Cafe blog hop and following you now- hope you stop by my place soon ;-)

  29. I'm a big time dog lover . . . both of your dogs are totally cute! We are currently gearing up to look for a new furbaby to love. I can't wait :)

    Thank you for following my blog, LaBelladiva . . . I follow your blog as well!

    Hope you feel better soon . . . Gina

  30. Very, very cute! I am sorry to know that you have not been feeling well these last days - I hope you are on the mend.
    Sending you hugs and healing thoughts,

  31. How cute are they?!
    Mine are cuddled with me on the couch right now. My family always comments how happy we are that thery're part of our family.
    xoxo, B

  32. I don't have any animal right now but I missed it . I know how much they change our life

  33. those little jammies on dolce are just so cute!!

  34. I've just these photos to my daughter and she melted! Both Stella and Dolce are beautiful. Amy loved Dolce in her coat! We have 4 collies, 3 of which are working dogs (I'm a sheep farmer) and they are all loved equally.

    I'll be publishing some photos of them on my blog tomorrow.

    Found you via blog hopping - and so glad I did. You've made my daughter's weekend!

    CJ xx

  35. have only had cats as an adult but would love to share in the joys of a dog.
    newest follower from weekend blog hop.
    love for you to visit back



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