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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Picture is worth ....

.....A thousand words
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Blogging has helped me in so many ways... a place to vent out my thoughts, frustartions; a place where just the good parts of the  day are lived ~ without having to be shadowed by dark days; BUT most of all blogging has made it possible to meet and make new friends, while I remain in the safety of my home. Know that I treasure each and every one of you .. your posts, comments and prayers mean the world ..more than you will ever know. Each time I read your blogs .. I learn a little more about life and am able to take a little bit and add it to my creating of a new me/life.

Through the wonderful blogs I visit... I've discovered their is life/fashion after business suits;ball gowns and high end fashion dressing. I'm slowy (ok at a snails pace) learning Smart Casual ..I'm also learning I don't have to give up quality or familiar names to get it.
I even discovered Lily .. my summer dressing became much easier...

You continue to inspire me to dream of better days ahead...

Through your laughs and tears ... I find that I am able to feel emotion, something that in my own life lacks at times.

But the the thing I'm most grateful for ... is that no matter what part of the world you are in ~ your thoughts, words, and prayers ... encourage me to keep the faith, stay strong and believe! For no matter what His name may be (depending on where you live in the world) He has me in the safety of hand. Thank you for helping my spiritual side to stay true and when it gets very hard ...I know I just have to turn to you my friends (sisters and brothers through Him) to kick me (gently) back from falling off and giving up!

This strength also has stirred me to be a more compassionate person and to take the time to send words of prayers for others in need.

Your comments, emails and cards of encouragement and support are appreciated more than words can say ... You believe in me that I can get through this. (even when I can't seem to find my way).. and though at times I may fall and take some time to get up; your words.....

Get me through many dark days. So yes you may be strangers, we may never meet in person,



  1. You inspire us too!

    P.S. I'm so happy you found Lilly! Isn't it wonderful?!


  2. Hi! I'm stopping by from Wandering Wednesday. I'm a new GFC follower.


  3. What a sweet post...and so true. I have the same feelings about all those I have met through blogging, including YOU sweet friend.


    (thanks so much for your sweet comment today)

  4. I can honestly say you're one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. <3

  5. What a beautiful post. It is so true, we all touch each other and inspire each other more than we can imagine. The people I have met through blogging have changed my life, actually blogging has changed my life in countless ways. You, my friend, are an inspiration.
    p.s. At first I thought you meant my Lily!;-)

  6. What a beautiful inspiring post! I have made so many new and wonderful friends thru blogging. I have gained so much inspiration from it too.

    Following you from the Wondering Wednesday Blog Hop! :)


  7. An uplifting and inspiring post. I have enjoyed your posts and am glad I found you. You are a truly an inspiration to us all.......

  8. Oh honey, what a beautiful and well written post. You are one of the most inspiring women I have met in a long time. Blogging has added a whole new dimension to my life and because of it I have met many wonderful and inspiring people in the past year.

    As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  9. i have enjoyed blogging so much as well - LOVE your outlook!

  10. You brought a lump to my throat today. This is a beautifully composed and wonderful post.
    When I gave up work it took a very long time to learn 'smart casual' I was much more used to 'power dressing' and it grieved me to get rid of my expensive and stylish suits which looked stupid when I went out to the supermarket to shop. I felt my identity had been taken away from me...I 'was' the 'way I dressed' and suddenly I was no longer important. I no longer felt I was the same person. It was harder still for my husband when he sold his business and even now I find him staring at his Italian leather shoes longingly. It's not the clothes themselves; it's what they represent.
    We cannot imagine what you have been through emotionally and physically but there are echoes of emotions that we too have experienced and therefore can comprehend the difficulties you have faced. Acclimitising to rapid changes is extremely difficult but you have made some amazing transitions in the short time we have been friends.
    I'm privileged to consider myself one of your friends and if ever there were anything I could do other than try and put a smile on your face you need only ask.
    We (your blogging friends)may be far away but we are only a heartbeat away in thoughts.
    My heartfelt wishes as always.

  11. I couldn't agree more! Love Blends (blog/friends)

  12. how kind of you dear HHL... you are always so thoughtful and inspiring. Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging. You are a blessing...


  13. Lovely & inspiring post! Hi there~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :) We also have an exciting new artist posted who makes one of a kind bracelets I would love for you to check out!!


  14. What an amazing, inspiring post!

    I'm a new follower from Semi Wordless Wednesday. :)

    Take care.

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  16. What an awesome post! You inspire me too!

  17. What a great post!

    I'm your newest blog follower! I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow me too!


  18. I'm a new follower from Mid Week Mingle! I would love a follow back:) It would be awesome if you could also follow me on Networked Blogs & Facebook too! You could also stumble my blog if you like :-)

    Thanks, Misty

  19. What a great post, it is you that inspires me my friend!

  20. What a beautiful and emotional post!!!!!!
    Know that you also make a difference, angel!!!!!!
    Much love to you.

  21. New follower from Traveling Through Thursday! http://www.sahmandusmcwife.blogspot.com

  22. Beautiful, beautiful post xx

    p.s Roger Vivier envy ;-)

  23. This is just a beautiful post! I really feel the same. I never expected to "get so much" out of blogging but I am always just blown away by the goodness of the people I have come into contact with!

    You have a lovely blog here! I look forward to reading more!

  24. What a moving post! I'm so glad you feel this way. Blogging can be a great blessing and I'm glad I met you :)


  25. The important thing is for you to believe in yourself. I hope it makes you feel a little better just letting us in on the frustrations of your life. We cannot do much for you, but we do care.

  26. Such a beautiful post, and so true! You are inspiring to all of us, as your strength, lovely posts, and sweet comments all make a difference in our lives as well :) Hope you are having a nice week :) xoxo, Annemarie

  27. Gorgeous post !
    You do make a difference for me.
    Blogging has helped me get out of my bubble :)

  28. Blogging has come to mean so much to me. Without it, I would never have met the most INCREDIBLE women in the world. My blog is small, but the ladies I've connected with have changed my life in many ways.

    INSPIRING...that's the word. Whether they inspire me in their words, or their stamina, or creativity, or just their outlook, it really does make a huge difference.

    Thanks for being one of those incredible bloggers I love to pieces!

  29. Oh wow these pictures make me dream of spending spring in ANY of these places! Too bad I'll likely be spending spring in Ohio. :)

    I'm your newest follower from Meet and Follow Sunday! I'd love for you to meet and follow my blog back! :)


  30. i'm sorry that you can't wear your
    beautiful high heels, but is suspect
    you are a much more beautiful
    person now.

    grief and suffering hones us and
    refines us as the fire does for silver
    and gold.

    you're getting pretty sparkly!


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