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Monday, October 25, 2010

NEW YOU ~ Healthy Eating Part 1

I chose fitness (physical & emotional) as a kick start to my re-invention ~ to read first post click here.

Unfortunately fitness alone will not get me to where I would like to be, enter nutrition plan. To keep me focused on my goal I have enlisted the help of a Nutritionist. First we reviewed a list I had kept on my food intake for over a 3 -4 day period. The nutritionist utilized this information to determine my eating habits and required adjustments. Oh … you want to know the results!! ~ smiling~

Based on what I ate it was determined, that I needed to increase my protein and fiber intake and decrease my carb and fat intake. Part of the challenge is my ability to use the stove independently. I have been relying on no-stove required meals = carbs and fatty foods (mainly for lunch) for both ease and maintaining some independence. The meds also are not helping with the weight challenge.

Nutritionist is currently working on a meal plan tailored to my needs, yet using foods I like; I can’t wait to get started. In the meantime here are some tips that I found useful:

- Start the day with water and lemon, w/ ginger (optional) . Water and lemon will get your system moving and ready for the day. Remember to drink water throughout the day.

- Gradually modify your eating habits. This will help you transition to healthier eating, but also reduce the cravings of the not so healthy foods = you are more likely to completely transition without giving up.

- Eat more vegetables and fruits. I really need to work o this.

- Eat your food as close to its natural state as possible. The less ingredients the better ... i.e yogurt: milk ingredients,bacterial,culture ~ if your yogurt has more than these try looking for something else.

- Reduce the amount of processed food you eat. Home cooked is best.
- It is important to know what a portion size is. You may be eating the right healthy foods but your portions may be doing all your hard efforts a disservice.

So what exactly is a portion? Hopefully the image below will help you to streamline your eating.

Remember eating properly is a lifestyle choice not a DIET!!!

What are your eating habits like?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be healthy and fit?


  1. not been too mindful of my diet of late... not been eating healthy..:( thanks for this post.. a good reminder!! Have a good night dearest HHL...

    i'm off to work now.. strange isn't it.


  2. My eating habits have slowly declined. I need to print this and read it daily. I already opened the Halloween candy... not good. xo

  3. I hide my super bad eating habits with portion control, which keeps me from being overweight, but deep down I know I'm not doing my body any favors. I've recently started my husband on a "fight cancer" diet, which is basically just really healthy eating...he keeps asking me if I'll do it too...here goes nothing! I shudder at the thought, but feel it will help him, and well...me too!
    Thanks for the post. It's nice to know someone else is out there trying something new to improve their

  4. My WW plan is not feeling like a diet. It is feeling like a change of life style. Just writing down what I eats made a difference. Prior to WW I was not eating enough veg by half and I certainly wasn't drinking water. I am learning to make better choices and to take smaller portions. So far so good, I am down 15 lbs. in 5 weeks.

  5. My eating habits have been quite good for the past year (and I've lost 15 lb). However, they're easily derailed; I've only just this week gotten myself back on track after Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend!

    I love the tip about water, lemon & ginger in the morning. Do you take it as a hot tea? Can I make a bottle and have a certain amount (1/2 cup) each morning)?

    Good luck with the new regime!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing...this goes with my "No Excuses" season God has me in...now I need to go drink my water!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Hi Everyone...

    Ruth ~ I see you are back on the night evening shift .. do the best you can.

    Debby~ I have found knowing what a portion really is , is making a huge difference.

    GMP ~ it would be great if you shared some of those recipes; everyone needs to eat healthy (myself included)

    Janette ~ we will all keep encouraging each other .. and become healthy ...

    LBR ~ Congrats on achieving 15 - that is my goal ... veggies and fruits was my weakness too! trying to increase them. I add ReHydrate by Physica ~ ita Homeopathic medicine.. it helps the cells obsorb more water.

    Sandy ~Yes, you can take it as a warm tea. I usually have it room temperature. To ensure you are getting the most out it .. making it each morning is the way to go. However you could make it a bottle in the morning and drink it through out the day. 15 seems to the magic number I too need to go down 15 ... Congrats on achieving your goal!

  8. I'm glad you posted the portion size chart. It's hard to remember what amount of food we should eat!

  9. I SO need a nutrition make over

  10. Portion size is so important as most of us over eat.. without realising. Protein is the key as it keeps you full for longer too, plus it keeps your hair healthy .. So many friend on diets or who have lost a ton of weight fast seem to also loose their hair..great advice. I do eat reasonably healthily I cook everything from scratch.. but I drink too much xx

  11. this is exactly what i have been doing,
    and it works. i feel better, look better,
    and sleep better.

    good luck with your nutrition plan and
    thanks for the lemon, ginger water idea.
    that's a new one for me.

    i'm going to see about your angels now.


  12. Great advice! I often boil up a pot of eggs to have on hand when I need some extra protein :O)


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