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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dolce Goes to the Land of Sunshine ~ DolcePaws Friday

STELLA: Dolce, I had a great time at grandma S's!
I played with M, A, J and
went for long walks. Bella was very playful ~
she's ok for a small doggie.
How was your visit with
auntie M and uncle M?

DOLCE:  At the airport they thought I was a doggie!
I heard them say I would need to stay in my
bag and under the seat...

Auntie M. had a great big bed for me ...

Mommy was so tired from travelling,
I thought I better stay close to
keep an eye on her....

When Mommy woke up, we went for a tour of the community.
They have everything, golf course, game and fitness rooms,
lots of entertaiing areas and places to walk, restaurants
and 2 pools!! But I was not allowed to go in... I don't get it!

One was a regular pool...

The other one was paradise..

It was very hot and the sun was really bright
Daddy bought me some sunglasses ... who knew
they had sun glasses my size!!

Florida is Furbaby friendly ..
I couldn't believe my eyes

I had to take a closer look...
to make sure I was reading was right...
They have Furbaby water fountains!!

Then ... I saw this sign...

Can you BELIEVE IT... they have a Furbaby nite out!!
This is our kinda town... I saw little Furbabies like me
and big Furbabies like you. We got to go everywhere!!!

I was ready for my PJs, when we got back to auntie M's.
Auntie M treated me to new PJs ... they are so comfy!

STELLA : Sounds like a really nice place... I heard
Mommy and Daddy saying if they drive down I can go too!!
The airplane would make me go in cargo, so its a drive if I come along.

DOLCE: They have strange doggies there ..

I had lots of fun... I tried to lay on the towels so Auntie M,
couldn't do laundry, and we would get to stay.

But no luck! I left auntie M and uncle M and gift.
I hope they find it...

Auntie and uncle M came home on the same plane as us!

When we got to their house... 
grandma V , uncle O and auntie M were their to surprise us!
Everyone was so tired ~ we didn't even take pictures...

As we drove home, I turned and Woofed bye to everyone...

I can't wait to go to Florida again!!


  1. Okay, this is too cute for words! Wow, they certainly are dog-friendly in Florida. Great amenities for our four-legged friends. Our neighbors just got a puppy that looks like Dolce - suc a cutie. :)

  2. The sunglasses kill me. And him with his passport---tooo cute.
    Happy weekend to you and Dolce!xoxo

  3. My darling HHL friend, YOUR DOGS ARE BEYOND CUTE HERE...I am smiling from ear to ear and loving every step especially those darling little sun glasses! TEEEEEHEHEEEEEEE! Talk about joy and sweetness...you offer so much to us. I thank YOU for the kindness that exudes from you. MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!!


  4. That doggie water fountain is awesome!

  5. And when you drive you can take a potty break in Georgia!

  6. Hey, Dolce, come visit our part of Florida next time. I know Miss Daisy would love to show you around.


  7. The sunglasses are just so cool!!! And how cute he is in the bag! Have a fabulous weekend!!! :)

    Kristin xx

  8. You and your Doice are something else. Cute post.

  9. Amazing that you get such cute pictures of Dolce! Love the sunglasses & her looking at the water fountain! Looks like all of y'all had a great time!

  10. HAHAHA That is the cutest thing ever!!! I love her! Love your fantastic story and trip! Oh i want to go to Florida!!!
    Thank you so much for your visits.
    Life is very busy here. Thank you for your sweet comments :)
    Big hugs and great week end :)

  11. Dolce you are too sweet, what a great trip you took your parents on! Your really rock your hoodie!
    Hugs to you,

  12. How cute is little Dolce?!!! That dog is precious and Coco is jealous of how she poses for the camera and how cute she looks in her little sunglasses! Coco must now wear sunglasses:) Seriously, that dog is adorable and I just don't know how you get her to pose like that. This post makes me smile sooooo much!!!

  13. Dolce is adorable! LOVE the sunglasses--are they kidlet sunglasses or furbaby glasses? Thanks!

  14. Hi Carole ... they are furbaby sunglasses ...

    we have tried the kiddie sunglasses with no success they came off easily..

    these furbaby ones .. have a strap that goes over their head and another under the chin... .. xo

  15. Loved seeing and hearing about your trip down here Dolce! Love your sun glasses and pj's! I hope you remembered to put sunscreen on your cute little nose!

    ~ Tracy

  16. pretty boy dolce groomingOctober 25, 2010 at 3:01 PM

    I wanna be dolce!!!!

  17. ADORABLE!! Looks like Dolce was diggin the sunglasses! If I saw Dolce at the airport hanging out of the travel bag I would gush and fall all over him. xo

  18. Dog's nite out! How sweet is that. And the sunglasses and PJs are great!


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