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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New You ~ Building the foundation

If your reflection in the mirror no longer fits the life you are living or want to live then it’s time for a change. How does one go about creating a “New You”? This perhaps is the million dollar question and certainly if you were to ask 10 people you would receive 10 unique responses. Now, I am not an expert on this subject nor do I claim to have all the answers. I have however, spent the past 4 years (October 28th) after re-learning to eat, speak, walk, and think; trying to figure out who the person staring back at me in the mirror is.

By sharing with you the baby steps I have taken forward and at times the giant steps I take backwards I hope that you realize you are not alone and that with faith, belief, courage, determination, hard work and support be it from Virtual friends here in Blog Land or from friends you seeing daily… you too can start on the path to “New You”!

Spiritual,Mental, Emotional Fitness:

It does not matter what your religious background is, so long as you have your Spiritual self, belief and faith. The power of being able to stay positive is extremely important, as the energy you create around you is what will embrace you (by the people and things that come into your life). Ever stop to think - its the person who is always down, complaining that just doesn't seem to get a break; while the person who faces life's challenges with the glass is half full attitude seems to come out of even the most horific circumstances.

The one thing I strongly suggest before embarking on any life changing is that you seek the services of a psychologist. As often there are underlying issues that until dealt with no matter what you do or try it will only be a temporary band-aide. I know what you are thinking, but trust me I felt the same way in the beginning and went through various "Shrekos" (and even a quack or two) before I found someone that I felt comfortable speaking with.

Support, whether virtual or via a close friend or family member you need someone who will help keep you motivated, and will cheer your accomplishments.

Once, you have the above in place you can get on with the Re-invention:

Physical Fitness:

Post Accident ~ 96 lbs, extremely weak, non active

Post Accident (just weeks prior to) 4 year mark ~ 135 lbs, low energy, low-active,

GOAL: ~ 115 lbs., become more active by January 31st, 2011


Yoga (Modified to accomodate limitations in right elbow and back etc.) 1x per week
Gym - physio program with aide of personal trainer 1x per week
Reflexology ~ to help with pain management 1x per week
Walking 1-3x daily (10-15 minutes ea.time)

To maintain Spritual, Mental and Emotional
Reiki 1x per week
Meditation - structured 1x per week
Meditation non-structured ~ daily

Do You have a fitness goal? What is your Plan to achieve it?

Next Tuesday Healthy Eating Habits...


  1. Wow.. it seems you've been through a lot and it's taught you wisdom. It looks like a great plan, darling. I love yoga and I exercise religiously 4 times a week (quite hard: zumba twice, weight training, yoga) and then walk and try to eat as healthy as possible. A work in progress though. Congrats on your plan.

  2. The plan sounds good! I do yoga twice a week. What kind of yoga is yours? I do hatha and kundalini. Apparently kundalini yoga is eight times more effective than (hatha) yoga and the teacher herself experienced a miracle from doing kundalini - I don't know exactly, as I didn't want to seem nosy, but she mentioned that something halved in size (so a tumour or something?) within a few months and she is now healthy again. There is a lot of meditation included in kundalini, too, and there are some beautiful songs to "chant" to. Maybe you should look into it?

  3. Ha, being POSITIVE! This, my friend, is why were great friends:)

    We really decide how the day will go by our attitude. Why is it so hard to be people to just risk being happy? grrr

    I love your attitude. Keep looking up and pressing forward!

    His Love & Mine,
    Daph xo

  4. WOW, you still continue to surprise me with your will and your plan just show how brave you are, angel.

    Are you a Reiki practitioner?
    I am a level 2 and I used to pratict every day, but now I've been doing it randomly so that's why I don't feel I yet ready to do level 3 and master.
    I also have done yoga three times a week during some time, but the teacher has left from the island and we now are just on ourselves.
    Which doesn't help because I have no knowledge to do it alone.

    That's the spirit!!! Keep going forward has you have been done.

    Much love my angel

  5. What a great plan. It's so important not to be hard on yourself because of the limitations on your life. Being on the other side of menopause has taught me this. But you know, the best exercise of all is a positive spirit. And you seem to have that aces!!

  6. Great post - you couldn't be more right about being positive. It's amazing how negativity can drag you down.

  7. I try to do a yoga/tai chi/pilates class at least 3 times a week. I always feel so calm and balanced after yoga....I think it works wonders for the mind and the spirit. And there's nothing like a walk to clear one's mind and get the blood flowing. Kudos to you for creating a "plan" to work towards your goals. Too many people take a nilly-willy approach and don't understand why they aren't seeing results and that's such a shame. I know that with your positive attitude and determination, you will achieve your goals - surpass them even - in your quest to live the best Life possible. You rock, girl!!!

  8. i love love love yoga - i'm glad that you've set out a written plan for yourself, that always helps me to hold myself accountable!

  9. Ive lost 10 kilos but I want to lose another 6 so I have to up the anti again. Exercise every day with 4 gym visits a week instead of 3. I hope it works. Fiona

  10. those are excellent goals, and i have
    similar ones.

    today my sister in law told me that there
    is this blog she loves, in which the woman
    is retelling the story of her terrible accident
    and recovery and a mysterious stranger
    who she helps and who helps her.

    i said, "high heeled life!" what a small
    world that we both love your blog!

  11. wow you have come so far from what I can see. Don't even look at the physical shaoe you were in pre-accident, you made it out alive and kicking so this is who you are right now my friend. Never look back, you are just as beautiful as ever!
    PS thank you for stopping bey and the nice compliments!

  12. i indeed have a goal weight in mind - but i can't stop eatting pasta and cupcakes - fooey! - but i'll get ther by the summer - I HOPE!!!

    PS … ~Join In on the Tiptoe Butterfly Necklace Give-Away Here~

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  13. needed the chin up reminder, thanks a mil, keep on owning it girl!


  14. Hi, I am a new follower...found you on LBS...

    Thanks for your inspiring story! Life's challenges definitely dictate who we become.

    Great goal setting plan in your post! (BTW...I FORCED myself to attend my exercise class this morning.) It always pays off when you ut yourself first every now and then Happy blogging...


  15. Such great advice and your point about remaining positive and how optimistic, upbeat people seem to get the breaks is very true. Thanks for sharing this. You are inspiring. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your time in stopping by the blog recently. Your comments are a treat to read. :)

  16. As always girl, you inspire me. Your spirit and your will always remind me that no matter what life throws at us, we can overcome it.
    You know that life has been challenging lately for us but we've made it out the other side it would appear.

    As far as fitness goals are concerned, I'm happy to report that things are going really well. My energy has skyrocketed, my strength and flexibility has improved immensely and my attitude is better than ever.

    Weight training with my Bowflex and Powerblocks 3 days a week, cardio on the gazelle 3 days a week, walking a lot at lunchtime (although all I've done the past 2 weeks has been go out for lunch ... yikes!). I'm going to make it a priority to get back to yoga a couple of times a week and I'm going to start belly dancing lessons in January.

    I should be in swimsuit condition by June!

    Keep up that wonderful attitude my friend. Miss you lots and can't wait to you again.


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