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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doggie Autumn Walk ~ DolcePaws Fridays

The rain finally stopped... so my sister Stella and
I got to play outside lots this week!
FurBabies at play when they think no one is watching
(pictures taken from inside~ excuse the bluring)

 We even got to play in our 
 our outside house!!
We chased each other around...and played tagged.
It was easy for me to hide .. I fit under
Mommy's garden wagon!
I wonder if she knows Daddy left it in here??
Stella I don't think you should go in there... besides I can't
 jump in there to tagg you.. no fair!!

No rain coat or boots for my walk today!!

Daddy whats's that...Can I play too?

I'm a BIG BOY! Daddy ...

Hmm... Maybe I don't want to play that's dirty...
I don't want to get my Juicy Couture sweat shirt dirty.

Ah this is better .. relaxing by the stream...with the sun..

Look how blue the sky is ..That's a hawk,
we have to be careful!!

Its a beautiful Fall day!!

Oh!Oh! .. the path still looks
wet from all the rain.
This was a great walk!!

But my paws got really dirty ... so Fall means sweaters & 

Hope You enjoy my walks this week!!

Paws & Licks until next Friday!!


  1. I am so glad you got Dolce's post up before I am away from my computer for the weekend! I do enjoy that little dog's antics. Now, I'm wondering if I could get some of those cute little shoes on my dachshunds. Very stylish and practical. Have a great weekend!


  2. Dolce, you are the sweetest, funniest, cutest pooch I have ever seen !!! Great shoes by the way, I didn't know dog shoes existed and nos I badly want some for my puggie:-)
    xxx much love to you xx happy w-e !

  3. LOL at the shoes! How adorable is that? :D

  4. Love your little polo and running shoes!

  5. He is so, so, so, so, SOOooo darling! I love his little outfits : ) What a sweet pup! Have a wonderful weekend, friend. Love to you.

  6. They are such a delight, aren't they? I miss my beautiful, gorgeous Lab, Scrabble. he now lives with my Ex's family.

  7. i love the photo of your little one peeking into the wheelbarrow. so cute!

  8. Hi there!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Loved the photos. Adorable, especially in the sweater and booties! Too cute.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  9. He is killing me with those shoes! Too cute!

  10. Love Dolce's shoes!! I'm suprised they stayed on!

  11. how do you ever get those darling
    shoes on those sweet little paws?

    he is so adorable.

  12. Those shoes are adorable! What do the other dogs in the hood think about them? LOL

    My brother has the funniest facebook page for his dog - Angel Bear. She needs to write a book!

  13. Those shoes are adorable! What do the other dogs in the hood think about them? LOL

    My brother has the funniest facebook page for his dog - Angel Bear. She needs to write a book!

  14. love the coats and shoes! thanks for popping by Acting Balanced

  15. How fun....life through the eyes of a precious pets! Love the last outfit!

  16. Hi Dolce,
    Molly has had her stitches out and is moving better albeit on three legs :)
    I have tagged your mum in a fashion post over at mine I hope that she enjoys doing it xx

  17. teeeehheeeeee! Look at those little shoes...oh my, cuteness abounds here! I didn't know you had a yellow lab in your life! My favorite! How are you dearest? Enjoy the rain...we keep getting dumped on as well! Anita

  18. dear HHL,

    i had to come back over here to say,
    "exactly!" about your wise comment
    concerning the mother from "doubt."

    you were the only one to think of that.


  19. I'M DYING OVER HERE!!!!!!!!
    Those shoes are K I L L I N G ME!!!!!
    Love it!

  20. cutest little dog, ever! those doggie paws are adorable. and that foot bridge? I want to be there. I'm here from LBS. Glad I stopped by.

  21. Stella and Dolce you look too cute playing on and in the wagon! Love the outfits darling Dolce!

    ~ Tracy


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