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Friday, September 6, 2013

Week-end Inspiration ~ Think Like a Child

We were all small once and that child remains inside us just waiting for us to remember, no matter how many years pass we are still someone's child. 
Now go out and play!!!

When was the last time you smiled, laughed and played for NO REASON?

Wishing you a High Heeled Life week-end
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  1. Dearest Celia,
    LOVE the first photo where is shown how mesmerized and studious a child can be! We ought to be like that more often...
    Hugs and happy weekend to you both!

  2. Dear Celia, This is a wonderful post! A reminder to become more free, happy and filled with joy!
    I just got together with a girlfriend and this is how we spent our time together...reminiscing about good times and memories we had forgotten! Laughing out Loud!!

    2013 Artist Series

  3. So, so true Celia. Children just know how to live in the moment and not think about what's coming next. How do we adults lose those wonderful skills as we get older? :-(
    Have a lovely weekend Sweets x

  4. Amen to this!
    If I could just capture a TINY bit of Ava's excitement over everything...every day would be happier. xo

  5. Alpha Hubby reminds me that when we married, I only promised him one thing - laughter. He'd had so much sadness and drama in his life and was in dire need of it. He had to re-learn to play and my favorite memory of him with son was when he climbed into kiddie swimming pool (in his blue jeans) to sit down and play. Thrilled my son to no end and grabbed my heart forever.


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