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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Precious Blessings in Our Family...

These precious little blessings are my brother's and my sister -in law's gift to our family. Living almost 4 plus hours away we don't get to see each other often. So, I was over the moon excited when August presented an opportunity to take the drive and see Matthew - who had just turned 2 and meet Chelsea and Michael who were just born in June.

Mathew has grown into such a helpful young boy ...here he is helping me open a gift from my brother and his family.

Matthew is also great at opening his own gifts ... 

 When Matthew was born I had searched high and low for a gift that would express our love and how blessed we were to have such a precious blessing in our family, and something that he would be able to treasure for years to come (possibly one day pass it down to his own children). My search ended when I realized that Nathalie from Dolce Dreams created beautiful handmade custom quilts.

When Chelsea and Michael arrived - I knew exactly what their welcome to our family gift would be. And once again reached out to Nathalie, who lovingly handmade two custom quilts. The quilts arrive wrapped in angelic tissue and ribbon, ready to be gifted. Matthew was a great helper in getting the quilts out of the box for the twins.

Chelsea and Michael welcome to our family, love auntie C. and uncle G.

All three blessings enjoying their quilts.

Michael ....



Proud auntie C. with Chelsea


These quilts by Nathalie have now become my signature baby gift. From the selection of the fabric, pattern combination to the care in which they are made- you can see the love that goes into every stitch. If you are looking for a baby gift that will be treasured I suggest visiting Dolce Dreams Boutique and have Nathalie create a custom quilt for your little blessings or see all the other fabulous items in her boutique. The lavender and flaxseed seed pillows are amazing - I have a couple myself and always take one with me when I travel.

 photo a7ceed8b-ce4f-45e6-8e44-5208e41b8eab_zps61970480.jpg
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  1. Oh Celia,
    I have tears in my eyes! Thank you SO much for sharing the opening...and the angels with their quilts!!!! It makes me so immensely happy. And how wonderful to see them ALL together! What a beautiful family you have...too bad you weren't a little closer :(.
    Thank you Celia for making my day! xox Nathalie

  2. Dearest Celia,
    This post is so BUBBLY!
    Congrets to all of you involved; what a blessing for having a twin like this. Michael and Chelsea are adorable. Matthew has grown so much and for you it is quite a distance for keeping up with their fast growing cycles. But this was a moment of bliss for all. You look so beautiful and radiant yourself; makes me feel very proud of you.
    Nathalie did an incredible job on those quilts! I've contacted her already about the Fleur de Lys fabric...
    Hugs to you,

  3. Such cuties!! The quilts are such a special gift idea.


    1. I'm telling you these really a beautiful. a perfect for any new born. Definitely my new baby signature gift ...xo


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