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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week-end Inspiration ~ The Power of Thought

Are your thoughts taking you closer to the life you want?
What one positive thought can you start thinking today, that will help you create the life you want?

Wishing you a High Heeled Life week-end,

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Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...


  1. Dearest Celia,
    At least this entire week has been very POSITIVE + SUNNY! That will get us into the right direction after all those shattered previous thoughts... We're on the right track.

  2. I do like these positive messages - a great way to start the weekend and the new season ahead. We need to have postive, cheerful thoughts particularly as the bright days of summer are coming to an end!

  3. This is so true Celia. The power of belief, positive thought is so rewarding. I also am a believer in ritual to support the thought, just the simple lighting of a candle to affirm the thought. There are no outer boundaries, just inner ones, within oneself. We are all capable of escaping, we just need to believe we can.

    As usual, an inspiring thought to start the weekend.
    Thanks you dear one.

  4. The Hicks made wonderful income from their books, expounding on this theory! I just always remember to be responsible with my thoughts, because the Law of Thermodynamics says energy is not destroyed, it is only transformed (I just forgot if it is the 2nd law or the 1st), LOL.

  5. The first step is always in your mind isn't it? Hope you're well! xo

  6. I love this post! It is so true, too. And not only what we think but what we say consistently. What is in you will come out which is why it is so vital to guard your thoughts by watching what you see, hear and say. I love that first picture and what you say - so freeing!


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