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Monday, November 26, 2012

What's Your Style? Q&A - Wardrobe Series

For some people figuring out their Style is no great challenge, for others like me ~ I need the process to be quick and simple to follow. Below is a quick 5 question Quiz I found at Dummies.com that really made it easy for me.  I rearranged the layout to make it even more simple to get to your Style results.

Be sure to answer each question as it applies to you at this moment in life. When I did the quiz I had to remind myself of this ... as the perfect every day shoe in my mind is a gorgeous heel! But the reality this moment in my life is that a flat really is the perfect every day shoe that I must choose wear, because of my right ankle and pelvic pain.

Now tally up your answers into groups by letters. What letter did you choose most?
Below is a definition of your Style, based on your responses above.

original quiz layout ~ edits: High Heeled Life

 Pre-life detour my Style was Fashionista and definitely during the past years of recovery it has been Suburanite for the simple ease of it. My current/shifting into Style (mostly Es) Classic, I can live with that. 

How did you do? What is your STYLE?
were you surprised?

Join me next time to as we start the closet declutter process.

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  1. this was so much fun! i am a little scatter
    shot with fashion, but now i know that
    most of me is classic. . . with a long
    flowing dress thrown in there every now
    and then. :)

  2. Dearest Celia,
    A bit complicated with the limited questions but as it turned out I am a Classic, Preppy Suburbanite NOW...
    Fun post.
    Hugs to you,

  3. This was difficult....it says I'm 1/2 prep and 1/2 classic. I don't see myself as prep at all though....it's too frumpy. Hmmm...

  4. I'm a D all the way! A "D" stuck in suburbia...Oh well..I'm grateful for my life :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. I am an "E" .. but I don't own lots of scarves. I have a few that I wear, however (I'm claustrophobic.. I know it's crazy/but true) and I don't like too much around my face or neck area. I don't like tight turtle necks either Lol!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'm way behind on my blog because of the holiday!


  6. Ha ha. I was Bohemian - Not sure how accurate that is but it was a fun little quiz!! xo

  7. No surprise for me! I was ALL D's. LOL!
    Closet purging?? I cannot wait to watch this. Throw out nothing. I am coming. ;) :o

  8. Hi! Looks like my style is B.
    Stopping by to say Hi!
    & Happy Holidays!


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