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Friday, November 23, 2012

Surviving the Sales & Invites to Great Savings...

Well, it's that time of the year again ~ how prepared are you?

Oh how I long for the days when I could be in mall or in the city shopping without any consideration for how busy it would be or noisy. But that is part of change, so even though I try my best to get all my holiday shopping by the end of November (during non - peak shopping times - like Mondays and Tuesdays), there always seems to be a few over looked items ~ that have me stepping into the "danger zone" of holiday shopping mania.

Over the past couple of years we have come up with some strategies to help me during these times, in an effort to avoid a melt down like three year old~ when she discovers Santa's beard is not real - and thus the man himself is an impostor.

The List: This has become a most important tool for me to navigate holiday gift shopping. On my list I have the names of people we are buying for, along with 3-4 gift options for each person. It's important to remember that popular items are limited this time of year, so having a back-up choice or two, helps keep the blood pressure and the build up of anxiety at bay.

Budget: Before setting out list in hand, a budget comfort zone is discussed and agreed with hubby. No surprises come the new year when the statements start to arrive. By creating a reconciliation sheet with the budget comfort zone as the opening balance and deducting purchase amounts at the end of each shopping outing, I know how much has been spent and how much remains available before making additional purchases.

Stay Focused: Avoid falling under the spell cast by the sight of the word SALE. and buying just to buy. If it wasn't on your list - it doesn't need to find its way into your shopping bags.

On Line Shopping: At first I was hesitant to purchase items on-line. But as this time of year becomes more and more commercialized and instead of people being human while out shopping, many seem to become possessed an behave more like wild bulls. Aside from not being trampled, it is much faster to do price comparison - a couple clicks of the keys and voila you know which place has the best price.

A draw back of on-line shopping is you need to consider delivery times. Most sites though are quite good at letting you know the cut off date for guaranteed delivery.

Below are some on-line shops which I have had wonderful experiences with and found some out-of-this-world deals on designer brands.So as any good friend ~ I'm sharing with you and Invite to shop, and discover your own super deals!!

For my fellow Canadian friends and readers these shops do ship to Canada!!

Happy Shopping ...

CLICK HERE for Your Invite to Shop Gilt Groupe

CLICK HERE for your Invite to shop... Beyond the Rack..

CLICK HERE for Your Invite to Shop Rue La La

CLICK HERE for your Invite to Shop Zulily

Team Favorites: Kids' Apparel up to 65% off at Zulily

From college teams to professional sports—and basketball to football and beyond—this collection allows little ones to show some support for the family's favorite team. And with lovable brands like Happy Kids and more, it’s a win-win situation!

Where do you find great on-line deals? 
Do Share.....

Happy American Thanksgiving...


  1. I am so bad at shopping on black Friday!!! Haaaaaa Great article mon amie and thank you for your visit. I had so much fun and i hope to do it again. XO
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I've never done that kind of shopping where you stand in line before a store opens.
    Small local shops are nice (chef stores, stationery stores, etc.). Christianbook.com has a good selection for online books.

  3. This is such a great idea for a post. I'm actually skipping black Friday. I'd rather pay more and shop in peace! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Very useful post! One of my favorite places to shop, either in person or on line is LastCall by Neiman Marcus. They are super.
    Hugs to you and I hit the mattress again after a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our best friends home. My back is still causing me problems but I try to stay warm and rest.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Hi Celia,
    Black Friday seems a big stressy event for Shopping. We don't have it here but other possibilities for Sales. Thank you for the helpful tips. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Hi Celia
    I'm becoming more of an on-line shopper these days as I don't do BF or Boxing Day. I do like Lands End for some clothes.

  7. How I do wish we had something like Black Friday here..! It seems like a fashionista's day of the year! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend. Much love Xx

  8. I too plan shopping when it is quieter, sadly today I had to go to the mall for an urgent necessity! It was far from pleasurable.

    Hugs Elle x

  9. As a fellow canadian, :) I'm curious to know if shipping and duty charges were crazy? That's my big dilemma.

    I once purchased a pair of boots via Asos and the duty was crazy. Like half the price of the boots.

    I do shop Gap, BR and Old Navy on line...always...


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