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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair, Teeth, and Skin ~ Looking Great!

Healthy Hair ~ 
Shell fish such as lobster,oysters,clams and mussels are a low-fat source of protein (hair growth) and contain pantothenic acid , a B vitamin that helps hair to look shinier.

Whiter Teeth ~
Among the many antioxidant benefits this wonderful berry offers for skin,
it also contains a natural astringent that can aid in removing discoloration from teeth.
Catherine Zeta-Jones has often claimed in articles, that strawberries help keep her pearlies white.

Hydrated Skin ~
Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, an antioxdant that aids in keeping skin fresh,smooth and clear.

These are 3 of my all time favourite foods and to learn that they are also helping to keep me looking good, what more can a gal ask for? ...

What foods do you eat to help keep you looking great?


  1. I am completely with you in enjoying these foods. Yum, and healthy too.
    Today at Whole Foods I bought my husband and I assorted nuts in the shell, a super tasty and healthy snack. And may I mention Dove dark chocolate too, which I read in Prevention magazine is recommended!

  2. I had no idea that strawberries help your teeth stay white!! and I love sweet potatoes...thanks for the post!

  3. All three are favorite foods of mine to enjoy. So glad Im helping my skin hair and teeth. Blessings

  4. I eat a variety of foods though I love broccoli. Not really to help me look great but they taste good :).



  5. The new tooth whitening strategy didn't work - the strawberry pips got stuck in my bridge :(

    I eat blueberries (daily) and Brazil nuts (in moderation) as part of my healthy diet. I trained to be a nutritionist at one point so I am into all this stuff big time. I bore Hubby to death about what is in his food. he looks good on it though so he shouldn't complain!
    Yo can't go wrong with any brightly coloured vegetables or fruit so well done. Keep it up!

  6. Strawberries and whitening.... hmm had no idea. Interesting post

  7. Salmon for collagen (skin & connective tissue.

  8. I eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. No meat or seafood. I did not know strawberries helped keep your teeth white. It is strawberry season down here so I will have to get some and add more to my diet!


  9. i didn't know about strawberries and whiter teeth cool

  10. Dearest Celia,

    We both (Pieter and I) are a strong believer in Avocado as an improvement for your skin. We eat one half avocado almost daily at breakfast time. Just scooping it out. Costco has the best so we always buy when we get there.
    Cranberries do have some super power as well, they're very good for your teeth and for your urinary tract. In general we splurge on veggies and fruits. Fish instead of meat or even vegetarian meals.

    This was a very interesting post!



  11. The lobster is a yes. But the strawberry's and Sweet potatoes have to go. Any other suggestions? I don't like the taste of those.


  12. shell fish will kill me. But I do love sweet potatoes and strawberries!

    Stopped by from Saturday Stalk.

  13. As if I need anymore reason to get strawberries! What a wonderful side effect to a delicious food!


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