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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

5 Thing's I'm Loving Right Now ...

1. Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase - Morning Glamour & MYNC Beauty: Just before Christmas I picked up this amazing pillowcase at MYNC Beauty (my go to place for eyebrow styling). It's not my first try at satin pillowcases - but I had been needing to replace my much "loved" satin pillowcase that I had for a few years. What I didn't like about my past satin pillowcases was that the pillow often popped out of the case in the middle of the night as I turned; ladies the Morning Glamour pillowcase has a stay-put pocket flap which prevents this from happening. Why sleep on a satin pillow case? - well besides all the fun print options and feeling luxurious - the satin pillow case offers many benefits: no waking up with sleep wrinkles, reduces hair frizz, and unlike cotton it doesn't absorb moisture so our (expensive) night creams stay on our face not the pillow. 

2. Gusto TVGusto Canada: I came across this channel during a damp, rainy, autumn day on the sofa and now I'm hooked. It has helped fueled my desire to get back in the kitchen on the regular. The channel has something for everyone, and it's not just about food, it's also about lifestyle - check out their various topics wellness, travel, house & home, entertaining. If you are looking for some inspiration I highly recommend checking out this new channel! On Fibe TV ... you will find it on channel 1619.

3. Chocolat Menier MugNestle FranceI was gifted this adorable mug by a girlfriend almost 15 years ago!! I love drinking my hot chocolate from it. Sometimes I just pour in enough milk and chocolate for a "traditional size" cup of hot chocolate other times I make full use of the generous size. It's size and shape make it perfect for holding with both hands - when you just need a little comforting. 

4. Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - Shoppers Drug Mart: Baby it's cold outside !! Toronto has been experiencing some really harsh freezing temperatures and I'm keeping my skin luxuriously hydrated with this little drug store gem. You don't have to break the bank to keep your skin moisturized throughout the cold weather. I start and end my day with a lathering of this and I can tell you, I have not experienced the flaky dry, itchy feeling on my legs that I tend to experience during this time of year.

5. Makridis Greek Delights (Loukoumi) - Serano Bakery: If you follow High Heeled Life on instagram you will have seen various photos I share of the wonderful treats I enjoy with my afternoon tea, from this local neighbourhood bakery! Well they just upped the YUM factor with these little delights they brought in from Greece!! - and they will be creating them onsite!! HELLO ... can life get any better? I recently picked up the rose ones and it was like a sensory trip to my rose garden at our country home, during the warmth of summer. 

What are you loving right now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Well, right now it is a bliss for taking extra care of your skin and feet and legs tend to become flaky very easily in the fall and winter.
    Back in Europe I've always loved Nivea and I'm so happy that it is available now in North America as well, I used to stock up on it while traveling to Europe.
    Your hot chocolate and holding that large cup of bliss is my favorite here! Couldn't live without chocolate, my only addiction and I don't even try for kicking off.
    Sending you hugs and stay cozy and warm.

  2. I bought several morning glamour pillow cases for Christmas gifts this year! Love them!!


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