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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Seasonal Reflecting, Shifting, Refocusing and Giveaway

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At the change of seasons I like to sit down with my Satisfaction Blossom and Vision/Inspiration Board. I have been using these two tools for years - they help me to get a snapshot of what areas of my life I'm feeling great about, what areas could use some TLC and a little refreshing on the action steps I need to taking to achieve my goals for the year.
When we were working on the design of the Resilientista Planner I knew these two tools had to be incorporated into it. There are 4 Satisfaction Blossom pages with space for noting action steps and setting intentions for that season. By spreading your action steps and intentions throughout the year - makes it less overwhelming to work towards your yearly goals/dreams. 
This year with my Resilientista Planner - adding action steps for my goals/dreams into my calendar has become a lot simpler; as I keep a photo of my 2016 vision/inspiration board (top left photo image) in the My Dreams For This Year section - along with additional inspirational words, images that I add throughout the year.  
Setting action steps and intentions that align with my goals/dreams, each month in my planner, makes it super easy to ensure they get added to the weeks ahead. The key to achieving your goals is planning and knowing even small steps add up.

Whether you review your goals/dreams - weekly, monthly, or mid year,

4 questions to ask yourself:

What am I able to check off as achieved? 

Am I taking action steps to achieve my goals? 

Do remaining goals/dreams still resonate with me? 

Are there new goals/dreams that I want to set? 

Now to help you get started on adding more self care on the daily, setting action steps to create the life you want, staying organized and having fun too! 
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(filled with inspiration and motivation for practicing self care on the daily, creating your best life and staying organized too!)

High Heeled Life - are you living yours? mug 
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Do you take time throughout the year to reflect on your goals/dreams?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I already use my planner as a part of my bullet journal to remind me to do self care but having the whole version already printed out for me would be fantastic! Plus, I've always wanted to try Nina's tea. Thank you for having such an amazing give-away!

  3. I do spend time thinking about goals, dreams, desires, and resolutions throughout the year. It has helped having the planner and my dream board with pictures posted on it. I also have a journal just for jotting down dream ideas and long term goals!

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Oh yes, this year the vision is getting a lot more clear and goals are reachable and thus more joy to daily life!
    While we biked together, we were going over the past year with so many bumps in the road... Glad we made it and did exit without any scratches!
    But the joy is so much greater when you're back in charge yourself, feeling like you're on top of it and in command. The painters will be coming back after July 4th and that too is a great feeling. Tomorrow the entire garage will be back in order, renovated by placing things different. Our cat-babies will get used to it and they get a brand new addition as well for reaching their favorite bolstered kitty sill in the window; 3 steps with carpet on top...
    Little achievements that lead us to our goals.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Wonderful post! And great tips for planning and achieving your goals!


  6. Amazing as always darling :) Keep up the great work!!! Although my life is run by my phone, I think this planner would go a long way to getting me better organized and focussed on my goals :)

  7. I downloaded your planner via the email subscribers link. I would love to win a paper copy and the other goodies. I have been looking for a planner that goes Sunday to Saturday-thank y ou!


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