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Friday, January 15, 2016

Let's Eat: Toni Bulloni Restaurant

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Recently Mr. G and I had the opportunity to experience this quaint Italian restaurant located on Cumberland street in Toronto. With a name like Toni Bullion you automatically expect to walk into a colourful, inviting environment and we were not disappointed. It was like walking into nona's house. 

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When you step through the door you are greeted with a bar, on this particular evening the people occupying the bar stools all seemed to know each other and were not strangers to the bartender. Think Cheers with an Italian vibe. A few steps and you are on a raised level at the back which hosts the dining area. 

The evenings specials are written on a chalk board old school style.


Mr. G. started with the Caesar salad, and I went for the carrot ginger soup.
We shared the fried calamari and both agreed it was a tad chewy.

Though the soup was suppose to be carrot and ginger, I tasted no ginger. 
But I will say it was delicious carrot soup. Thick and creamy!!

The warm bread was amazing ...

The olive oil seemed weak, lacked flavoured ...

For the mains Mr. G went for a veal dish with mushrooms and grilled vegetables; and I tried the gnocchi with mushrooms. The portions were quite generous, but both dishes were a little over powered in flavour by the mushrooms. Still, it was nicely plated and we did enjoyed our meals.

The staff were extremely friendly and attentive and the evening entertainer Shayne Stolz was beyond wonderful. He kept us entertained with classics from Frank Sinatra; Michael Bublé; and Louis Armstrong just to name a few; while eating and sipping wine. Shayne has the voice of an angel, and his passion for music comes through in his singing. If you have the opportunity to go and hear this young man I know you will be impressed.

The menu stays true to its Italian roots. And as we sat enjoying our meal people trickled in and by the time we left the place was full. Everyone appeared to be enjoying their food, the entertainment and tables of strangers were carrying on conversations. It was a fun, lively place to experience. And we look forward to trying it again.

Take a virtual tour of the restaurant - click here

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    That sounds like an overall great experience. The fact that you dine at a table with table linens is already a joy in itself! Each restaurant you have to try out certain dishes in order to know what to order and maybe for asking some alterations to it.
    The singer looks like a fine entertainer indeed, coming from an Italian family as well.
    Happy for your discovery! We know a good local Italian restaurant as well but the problem is that it most often is too high in sodium for both of us. They can take special orders but most of the time, the side dishes are being prepared in bigger volumes so they are not the low sodium ones.
    I often wonder WHY things have to be that high in sodium? One can always add to it and there are so many people that live on a diet and others that would be better off 'starting' a low sodium diet as well.
    Oh, I would have missed the ginger taste as I LOVE that. That's a bit disappointing as your tastebuds were all pre-set for receiving their special treat...
    Hugs and happy weekend to both of you.

  2. Yum! Although there are no genuine Italian restaurants nearby (the nearest is over 45 minutes away and more fast food than slow cook), I have amazing genuine Italian cookbooks to lean on (smile). Mom had some wonderful ones and I just added to her pile. When we move, we'll be near a big city and I can't wait! I mean - a table with real linen and silver! It's been too long since I've appreciated that with the exception of my own table.


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