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Friday, January 8, 2016

Exploring the City via TTC - a year in review

When I made the decision to start spending more time in the city at the end of 2014, I also promised myself that I would embrace "true" city living. This meant using the car less and actually giving public transit a chance. Well it's been an interesting adventure...

My first TTC adventure took place a little over a year ago,  in  the middle of a snow storm in Toronto, just before Christmas in 2014. I was a little nervous, a little scared with a whole lot of anxiety. But, as luck would have it - everyone I encountered was very pleasant and happy to direct me in the right direction from which train, to which stop. So with tokens in hand I headed to the Bay/Bloor area.

When I ventured out from below ground ... this is what I encountered ....BRRRRR temperatures ... sloshing side walks 

let's just say it didn't take long for me to discover that I could actually maneuver my way underground to various shops and what a discovery of shops below street level... Who knew?

While most of my TTC outings in 2015 were getting comfortable using the Bloor line - it didn't take long for me to start experiencing with the Yonge line, University line, street cars and I even take the 2-3 minute bus ride to get to my local subway station. For the most part the subway often gets me closer to where I'm going than driving and parking would. Once you learn the below street level PATH and where to pop out (I'm still learning its huge) - you can save yourself from the elements on cold, rainy, snowy or hot days. 

Most of my friends still can't believe that I - Ms. High Heeled am taking the TTC, and I'll be honest I sometimes can't believe it myself ... shhhh. When family and friends come to visit from out of city or from the burbs, I always suggest that we leave the cars parked and take the TTC. From the young to the young at heart and everyone in between it's a fun adventure. I highly suggest giving your out of city visitors a TTC experience. 

My outings on the TTC in 2015 have included Harbourfront; City Hall; CN Tower; St. Lawrence Market; The CNE; meeting friends at Shangri La and Windsor Arms for tea, The Ritz for Sunday brunch. These are places I would not have considered TTC - but to my surprise the subway got me closer than parking and I've saved a bundle on valet and parking fees and also been able to enjoy a glass or two of  vino/bubbly - that driving would have prevented. 
Over all my experiences with the TTC have been good. And yes, I have experienced it during rush hour; delays for track clearing or mechanical problems; the occasional rude or inconsiderate passenger and the odd unfriendly and unhelpful TTC attendant. There have been times when I've ran late for an appointment because of delays - but then I remind myself, an accident on the 401, DVP or Gardnier could have delayed me a lot longer and I would be stuck in stop and go traffic. While on the subway I can read, chat with fellow passengers or just use the time to be in the moment.

This year I've taken my commitment to "true" city living up a notch and am investing in monthly passes.
Let the TTC adventures begin!!

Do you take the Metro where you live? Would love to hear about your experiences - share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Umm. No. No metro. No underground. No local transit except Alpha Hubby (smile). Soon we'll be living closer to a real live city (!) and I can't wait!! I may even talk Alpha Hubby into an apartment in the city so we can go enjoy ourselves without having to drive home. Your adventures have been great and I can't wait to see what's in store for you this year!

    1. Oh yes .. a pied-à-terre in the city is the best of both worlds!! I'm so excited for your move ... xo

  2. Good on you Celia!!! I walked everywhere when I lived in Spain as I lived right in the centre. Now I have moved to the Cotswold countryside here in the UK there is no metro as such. When I go into London it's always by car but I am going to start going by train (where I can take out a book and enjoy the journey more ;-) Happy New Year Sweets xx

    1. Happy New Year darling, yes! yes! take the train and enjoy some time getting lost in a book - your imagination will thank you... xo

  3. Dearest Celia,
    When Pieter and I visited for the first time Toronto, we did use the Metro a lot and loved it. The very same we did in London and it was great! Pieter still knew his way around as he went to college there one summer and explored the entire Metro system.
    And of course, Atlanta has a GREAT Metro system with lots of fun shops and restaurants as well. I've been tour guide for most of our relatives and friends!
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I ventured on the metro in London and France when visiting in Spring 2015!! I don't think I would have tried them if I had not started using the metro here in Toronto. There are so many positives for taking the metro. Happy weekend my dear friend..xo


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