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Monday, July 13, 2015

My Paris Find - The Start of My Love Affair with Lipault ... & What I Wore

It all started on our FIRST day in Paris!! Ms. E and I were strolling around our neighbourhood in the Marais to familiarize ourselves with the area. When we stumbled across the newly opened Lipault boutique... looked innocent enough from the outside.

image via
But one step inside and your eyes dance from piece to piece in a symphony of colours.  And as much as the friendly sales man encouraged me to touch the luggage, open it, experience it ... I tried hard to resist - but one innocent touch and I knew as my fingers delicately ran over the exterior I had to learn more... and I knew it was going to be trouble!!!

This is a great video that explains Lipault ...
Once you see this you'll understand...

Still ...

I did manage to walk away empty handed that first visit! And even resisted going in for a second look when walking by the shop - everyday. It was literally steps from our flat - impossible to ignore. But I was doing good. 
UNTIL this showed up in the flat...

Ms. E. had decided she "needed" new luggage and treated herself to a three piece ensemble.

Colour: Blue Duck - Twill Nylon 210D

Foldable 2 Wheeled Luggage 28"(ext. dimension 28 X 19 X 10") ; Week-end Bag 10" 
(ext. dimension 10 X 9 X 19"); Wash Bag 9" (ext. dimension 9 X 5 X 12")

Ms. E.'s trio looked fabulous and comparing to my regular black luggage 
a lot lighter and colourful!! Not to mention how impressed I was to see how much she was able to pack into it. I had been thinking about replacing my current luggage as it was starting to show signs of the the travel I have been blessed to do and the zipper had begun to stick and it was a guessing game if it would close. Before leaving for Paris Mr. G. had suggested I get a new suit case - but I just didn't find one that I either liked or was willing to spend the money on.

The next time I walked by Lipault ... I decided to go in "just for a second look". I was intoxicated by the colours immediately, once again. And this time without hesitation I touched, zipped and unzipped, raised the pull handle and strolled around the boutique alternating between 2 wheels and 4 wheels. This was our last day in Paris ... and it was now or never. Mind you the decision was quite easy after all it had been love at first sight. So YES!!! I was going to move away from safe black, structured and heavy to adventurous-fashionable red, pliable and colorful.

With my decision made I was disappointed to not see a foldable one in High Heeled Life red ...
When I expressed this to the super helpful and friendly salesman (he was so patient and no pressure as I spent 30 minutes trying to decide between 2 wheels - foldable and 4 wheels non-foldable) - he smiled and motioned to the folded package behind me.


And YES!!! I got my very own Foldable 2 Wheeled Luggage 28" in Ruby Twill Nylon 210D
Lipault luggage comes with a 3 year warranty and a matching combination lock and luggage tag.

I have always had hard sided luggage and was concerned about the soft sides. But once packed I can tell you - it was fine. The soft sides allow you to pack more! and as I'm sure you can relate extra packing space is always welcomed for fitting in your purchases.

Lipault is not just luggage  .... IT'S FASHION!!!

it really is an accessory every fashion conscious gal needs to explore!! 

Saying good-bye to Paris in style!

And so my love affair with Lipault begins, I can't wait to expand my Lipault luggage set ... 
on my wish list:

Lipault Originale Plume cabin Lugguage 
4 wheels 55cm ruby
dimensions 14" x 9" x 21" (38 x 24 x 55 cm) 

Lipault Lady Plume Week-end Bag 
 ruby 2-wheels 
dimensions: 20"x 10" x 12"  (53 x 26 x 31 cm)

I'll be sure to share my thoughts on my wish list items as they are added and my 
Lipault luggage ensemble  expands.

To find a retailer near you or more info visit Lipault's website or Facebook page
email customer service at info.france@lipault.com

UPDATE TO POST: Thanks Marsha for your question:

The light colour and the fabric were my original concern and hesitation - this was after all an investment being made overseas, so pretty much permanent. I'm happy to report the luggage piece and all contents traveled well.

As you can see from photo above there were a couple of black scuff marks - that took my breath when I first noticed them. But they were just surface marks and something that all luggage get over time. I was extremely pleased when I used a little warm water and mild hand soap on a soft cloth and as you can see from above photos it cleaned up beautifully. I'm sure over time I will just let the marks pile up as symbolic of my blessings of travel. But for now I will clean up as required after traveling.

What I wore: white jeans - Blue Spice; black tank shirt - Gap; blue shirt - Ralph Lauren; sunglasses - Gucci; luggage - Lipault in ruby.

Have you experienced Lipault luggage? 
What do you look for in your travel accessories?

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  1. Celia, I see what you see! This merchandise is beautiful isn't it? And, I couldn't resist because it's a great price point and fabulous-looking. Today, I might go for the orange or the pink because I'm tired of black. However, I could lose my courage on this one. You didn't say how it behaved after the trip home? And, on a really great note, it looks large enough to hold all my things ! This is huge ! And, it rolls, it's virtually indestructable and is lightweight. Great post, my friend.

    1. Hi Marsha, great question - and I have updated post and added a before and after photo above. The piece and its contents traveled well ..only a few black scuff marks from the baggage carts/carousels ... but as you will note from photos above was easily resolved with mild soap , warm water and a soft cloth. Thank you again for your question and visit. xo

  2. Dearest Celia,
    Over the years, luggage has become more convenient and a LOT lighter for toting around.
    Your selection was a very wise one, even though I would have opted for the 4-wheel spinners as I'm hooked to them.
    You are absolutely right about the soft ones winning from the hard ones. At present we both have hard spinners but for carry on, Pieter has a soft one and the advantage is the outside pockets you can use and get into. So that's for sure one thing I would look for in the future. Weight is the most important factor too now bag allowance has been scaled down so much!
    Congrats and happy for you that you found this. Love the color.

  3. Celia I love your new luggage and am going to check out the site! The red is perfect!!
    Have you read Murder in the Marais? Emily Eerdman recommend it for summer reading. It is part of a Cara Black series!

    The Arts by Karena
    Stems Soiree

    1. Karena, do share if you get one of their pieces - it really is function and fashion in one. Thank you so much for the book suggestion I will be sure to check it out. Marais was absolutely amazing area to stay in. I felt like I was home. wishing you a fabulous day mon ami.

  4. I've not of this brand before. I adore colour so this looks like it would suit me perfectly. all those colours!

  5. Alpha Hubby and I have been blessed to be able to feed our leather fetish! We discovered a Texas leather store in an outlet mall that also had a local store we were able to visit while on vacation. Between the delish leather scent and amazing leather items made locally (and I also have red but it is darker), we werre able to purchase all the pieces I needed to finish out my "set. Now I just need to travel more!

  6. I had never heard of Lipailt luggage or the brand in general but wow did you get a deal. The color of the luggage will go with everything for sure. Thanks for sharing your find and last few days in Paris.
    Rachel xo
    Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up is now LIVE, link up here

    Garay Treasures

  7. I have never heard of the brand but sounds like you got some wonderful luggage! I bought a set of red suitcases a few years ago and love how easy it is to find amongst all the black luggage at the airport.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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