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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Paris Find - Le Comptoir des Orchidées

Long time readers of HHL know that along with Peonies and Lilies I j'adore Orchids. Imagine my delight when walking out from our flat, and a quick right hand turn had me directly in front of an absolute charming orchid shop - Le Comptoir des Orchidées.
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I was in Paris during Mother's Day (May 31st-2015) hence the potted roses.

The orchids had captured my attention ... but the sign beside the candles in the window peaked my curiosity - Mariette Antoinette candles!!! I'm fascinated with Marie Antoinette and her passion for life (both luxurious -Versailles and simplistic - her Petit Trianon) . Orchids, candles and reference to Versailles - was the perfect combination to take me from admiring from the outside to stepping in.

Once inside my senses quickly went into action:
my eyes taking in the beautiful selection of Orchids. Each one as equally gorgeous as the previous...

Image Courtesy
While my eyes were busy taking in the loveliness of the orchids my nostrils were busy taking in the beautiful fragrance that had welcomed me through the door... from the coveted Château de Versailles candles.

image courtesy
and this little feathery friend awaken my ears with its chatter... but oh so adorable!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Charles the Orchideiste and owner of the shop and learned he provides home maintenance, treatment and renewal services for orchids; along with landscaping design for terraces. Charles happened to be working on a design for a client and gave me a little peek ... It was absolutely divine!!! Unfortunately for me I do not have an apartment in Paris ... but if I did it would have a large terrace and I would have Charles landscape it - a girl can dream!!!

In my conversation with Charles, I also discovered that Le Comptoir des Orchidées is 1 of ONLY 3 shops that has been granted the prestigious honour to carry the Château de Versailles candles outside of Versailles. How serendipitous for me, that this shop was literally steps from the building where our flat was.  

Those of you who follow HHL on Instagram or Facebook 
may recall this little teaser "what could be in the bag"

Well it was my very own Château de Versailles candle. 

I chose the Marie-Antoinette

This candle is directly inspired by the world of Château de Versailles . The scented candle is handmade in the purest tradition of French candle-makers. Its spicy rose scent pays tribute to a queen in love with flowers. Cinnamon, lemon, cumin, and cloves mingle with hints of vanilla and sandalwood that are reminiscent of the fragrant ointments Queen Marie-Antoinette was fond of.  The glass bowl is made by master glass workers. The 320 gram (which I purchased) will burn for 70 hours - the 1,500 one 280 hours.

I was so excited to purchase my candle and taking note of tips for caring for my orchids at home, that I forgot to ask Charles if he also sold the candle bell snuffer. A glass dome not only protects the candle (and gives it a luxurious look) it also helps preserve its delicate fragrance. I now have the glass bell snuffer from Château de Versailles on my wish list!! in the mean time I'm making sure to place a cover over the glass candle holder after each use.

On my Wish list ...

image courtesy
If you love orchids and enjoy luxurious candles I highly recommend adding Le Comptoir des Orchidées to your must visit While In Paris shops list. Charles is a real gentleman and is happy to share tips on choosing and maintaining your orchids. If you do visit please tell him Celia from Toronto, Canada says  "Bonjour mon ami".

To learn more about Le Comptoir des Orchidées you can visit the website here; or follow their Facebook page here; or Twitter here

You are the curator of your life so make it luxurious,

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  1. Dear Celia, you have found the most wonderful shops on your trip to Paris!
    This candles sounds so scentfully glorious!! Thank you for sharing so many of your experiences with us!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Candles are my passion. I have certain scents I love filling my house with. These with their cover, will look wonderful in my home and I can't wait to find one of them I love. Thank you for once again inspiring me toward beauty and elegance in my home!!

  3. Dearest Celia,
    Well, if you are a romantic person, how could you live without candles. And not the cheap ones with artificial fragrances that make you exit the store faster than you'd entered! This is such a dream and it only adds to the home ambiance.
    You were indeed very lucky to be there in the right place!

  4. Okay beyond jealous and that candle sounds divine! I mean really never wanting to leave the room amazing! Glad you are having such a wonderful and magical trip!

  5. Beautiful photos. The orchids are breathtaking.


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