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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heels and a Cup of Tea

Hi everyone, welcome to tea this week. Not only do I have a lovely teacup to share with you , I have a fabulous creative and most talented artist to share with you.

A while back I entered a fabulous giveaway hosted by dear friend Susan founder/writer of Ava Grace's Closet. If you have not yet discovered Susan's corner of BlogLand - let me tell you you are missing some cuteness - Miss Ava is such a darling; great fashion and some fabulous giveaways! Thank you Susan for inspiring with your posts and  sharing with hosting wonderful giveaways.

The giveaway a book ... not just any book a shoe book!! Look how beautiful it was wrapped...

Wonderfully written and illustrated by Clare Grove.  I can't wait to share this book with our Goddaughter and my with my little niece when we visit together next.

image credit My Mummy Loves website
As you can see Clare definitely loves shoes ... and she is a mummy of three so the book title 
Mummy Loves Shoes is brilliant!

Well if the book was not surprise enough to have been the winner ... Susan shared these beautiful cards with me. These are part of the Mummy Loves stationary range THAT IS YET TO BE RELEASED!!

Now for teacup I'm sharing today .... it's she lovely! A beautiful green canvas with golden floral decor.

and the handle ... how gorgeous? in gold with a swirl thumb rest. This teacup is so delicate the light shining in from window captures the gold of the flowers reflection. Loving the single gold stripe around the teacup and the golden pedestal. Do you know who this lovely is by?

Here it is ... stamped on the bottom of the teacup... even the teacup's pedestal looks like a floral bloom.
Dolce and Gabbana sat patiently and quietly during our tea today ...

For all my fashionista readers you can follow Clare on Face Book and get a glimpse into how she brings her books to life ... on a recent FB post she shared an illustration process for her upcoming book Mummy Loves Bags!

Thank you for joining me for tea today!

With Love and Gratitude,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Lovely post about a lovely gift from Susan! Yes, those that do not yet know Ava Grace's Closet are missing out on a special blog!
    How cute Dolce & Gabbana look in that photo...
    Glad I stopped by, got just back from Atlanta from visiting friends and having lunch together. Great afternoon...

  2. Those are definitely a lot of shoes! Very pretty green teacup. Have a great week :)

  3. Celia! How gorgeous these photos are! And i am so, so glad that you love and appreciate this incredible work of art. I will be sharing this post with Clare. I am sure she will be thrilled to see it! xoxo

  4. Hi Celia, Thank you so much for such a wonderful review of my book. It's so brilliant to meet other shoe lovers! Love the names of your gorgeous dogs by the way. Clare xx

  5. Wonderful post, mon ami! A few of my favourite things ~ puppies, high heels, and tea! I will be sure to check out her FB page. xx, B

  6. Hi Celia,
    I apologize for being late to comment on your post. I am trying to get caught up after my blog break. That teacup is soo gorgeous; love the colour! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.



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