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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Time in the Country ...Feathery Friends

A couple of weeks ago we took a walk around the property at our country home to survey the winter damage. And came across some feathery friends...

This feathery friend was pleasantly enjoy the sunshine of the day in our stream...

We were amazed that it stayed so long and did not fly away at the sound of our clicking camera and foot steps.

As we continued our walk we would discover perhaps the lingering of our feathery friend....as we surveyed the clean up that will need to be done by the Muskoka chairs.

Did you notice? off to the left of the photo with the chairs.....

Another feathery friend ... but this one was laying on a nest ...

Staying very still ... We did leave it in peace ... it was amazing to experience and capture these photos.

We returned a week or so later ... but the nest was empty. I was concerned something had gotten to them. But,  Mr. G. assured me that they must have hatched and waddled/flew off, as there was no sign of damage to the nest ...

Then looking out the kitchen window - I saw the adult feathery friends sunny themselves by the pond... no sign of the babies. I waited for awhile to see if perhaps they (the babies) were under the mama... no sign...

The mallards swam in the pond happily ....

Later I noticed the Canada geese joined the mallards ... but no sign of babies .... 

Hopefully we'll be able to get in the gardens soon (it's been very soppy, rainy, damp and wet for me to get out there - so far) and I'll share some of whats happening next week.

Have you been able to get in your gardens yet???

Wishing you all a fabulous week-end....

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  1. What a beautiful property you have, Celia! Love your close ups of the mother goose on her nest. Have a wonderful wknd, my friend!

  2. Dearest Celia,
    Too bad that there are no goose babies to be found... One always wonders what might have happened to them. Lovely photos and great that they can find shelter in your big garden.
    Yes, we have been able to get into our garden, even though the wood garden was very wet too. One section was and is impossible to walk. But not enough rain is even worse...
    Enjoy your weekend and sending you love and hugs,

  3. Lovely photos. Love your chairs too. We haven't been able to sit out in our garden yet as the grass is very wet and it's really not warm enough yet. I just hope it's a good summer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. (This may be a repeat; I keep losing them after Publish). We have wild geese who have taken up residence during the year. I love watching them. We have too many rocks so this year Alpha Hubby is building me a large raised bed for my tomatoes, Serrano peppers, flowers, and herbs. I try to do companion gardening as much as possible, too. Just looking at your property is so peaceful even in winter clothing!

  5. We're off and running in our gardens here in Georgia. My second phase is nearing it's end...the columbines and iris. I guess if there were babies you would have seen them by now, how sad. I know you are disappointed. What a lovely area you have. I have always wanted a stream on my property, the wildlife would be so fantastic to encounter!

  6. What a nice place to sit and watch the wildlife. You have a beautiful property.. Love the geese. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  7. Your country property is lovely and it is rather sad not to see any babies with the geese.

  8. Nice photos of your feathery friends! We have a few ducks and Canada geese on our pond too but alas no babies either.

  9. What a beautiful, priveledged sight, right on your doorstep. So lucky!
    Enjoy your spring darling Celia!

  10. How lovely to be able to watch the feathered friends so closely. Spring is a wonderful time for observing birds. We've started work in our garden - but the weeds are growing faster than anything else these days so it's hard to stay on top of things.

  11. So pretty! And I find it so relaxing to look at these photos. Other than yard work {ugh} we haven't been able to really enjoy the backyard. Still too cool and lots of water everywhere. And leaves. Still lots and lots of leaves.

  12. beautiful pictures! Don't you just love spring?

  13. Ohhhh...... they look so cute, such pretty pictures!!!
    My dear, thank you so much for dropping by and making me feel that I matter and you are there for me. It means a lot!
    Tons of love and blessings your way.


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