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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Classic Casual and Fast Fashion

Striving to live a simplified version of my (pre-accident) High Heeled Life that better fits who I am now has my closet seeing a mass exit of wardrobe pieces. My life no longer consists of boardroom meetings and client lunches/dinners - so the need for "power" suits has been replaced by a more casual look. Casual however does not mean that I'm running around in yoga pants or sacrificing style.

"Classic Casual" for me is about pieces that offer comfort (for sitting at the computer writing/blogging, speaking engagements - playing with the doggies, running errands and attending medical/therapy appointments) and still make me look and feel, polished and stylish.
These photos of The Duchess of Cambridge are a great example of Classic Casual.

Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes are two additional wonderful examples of Classic Casual.

As with a corporate or office wardrobe it is important to buy well made casual clothing. Unfortunately when it comes to casual clothing many of us (and I've been in this group - and sometimes still find myself here) it is hard to justify spending a little extra on these (casual) items and find ourselves settling for fast mass produced garments that are made from lower quality fabrics, poor fitting but cost less.

I'm not saying you have to break the bank - what I am saying is that before you buy a pair of pants that fit only "ok" - not great - think twice. If the fit is poor, you will not feel comfortable wearing them; chances are you will not get your wear out of them and they will start taking up valuable real estate in your closet. While a pair of pants that may cost a little more fit great and feel great --- they are worth every penny --- as you will actually wear them. Just as with your work wardrobe think longevity, quality, fit - investment.

Fast fashion has become like a drug for us when it comes to clothing - we want the "look" at a fraction of the cost - and fast fashion fills that need. Here is a great video that I received to view, which I think will be of interest to you.  Don't get me wrong I too shop these fast fashion dealers but I shop them for the "TRENDS" ... because the garment will usually last only as long as the trend - a Hollywood minute.
Created by OnlineMBA.com
Would love to hear your thoughts on Fast Fashion and what part it plays in your wardrobe?

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Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...

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  1. I like your casual classic fashion tips, and will think them over next time I shop for clothes. I admire the Duchess of Cambridge's style, as you do.

  2. Dearest Celia,
    Oh, with that classic casual style I'm all with you! That's how I always have build my wardrobe and if you do it smart at Outlets, you get designer clothes for a fraction of the boutique price. Fast Fashion is only aimed at impulsive buyers that have no style of their own. And that the short video emphasized so well on, the enormous amount of trash it produces annually! You phrased it so well; a Hollywood Minute! And yet, so many younger people copy-cat those so-called Hollywood role models time after time. You have to feel comfortable inside your clothes and that's something you must learn to look for and not run after every fashion fad that comes around; you will be left behind in no time and classic casual is timeless!
    Good writing, as usual!
    Hugs to both of you,

  3. The older I get, the more i appreciate a good classic. And will definitely make an investment in one. ie. a superb fitting pair of jeans, a designer handbag, sunglasses or a coat. Oh, and cashmere! But the rest, honestly, I still buy at good quality "fast fashion" retailers. Think Zara. I just find that for the pieces that I really like, that are of the moment and fun...I'm not willing to spend a lot of $$ on.

  4. PS - I just had a moment to watch the video. VERY good. And I definitely learned something.

  5. Like Susan I go also for classic and good quality. Unfortunately many women wear fashion without
    consider how they look in it. Main point is to be up to date. And seriously is it so important to have always the latest shoes, skirt....or mobile? It's also a question of ecological awareness

  6. I agree completely, a more casual approach does not by any means imply yoga pants! I love Kate and Jen's laid back ensembles. Popping by from Friday's Fancies to wish you a wonderful weekend xo

  7. I'm an advocate of casual style! I love to dress casual but I'm glad someone finally talks about how casual can still be POLISHED. I love throwing on a blazer with some jeans.Visiting from the Simply Lulu Style link up :) GREAT POST!


  8. Your examples of a casual chic style were the best! I usually avoid fast fashion, since I hate having to throw away an item after a few wears. You won't believe where I found some of the most durable items I have in my wardrobe, which is a proof that with a good eye one can find good clothes at a reasonable price.

  9. My dear Celia, thank you so much for linking this article in my blog.
    This is food for thought.
    I try to dress in a Classic casual chic style, but I have to admit that I sometimes, when I go to mainland, I buy some pieces in Fast Fashion,
    But as I'm getting older I tend to give more value to quality pieces.
    Hugs and blessings.


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