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Monday, August 5, 2013

Detox for the Mind and Body - Part 1 of 5 - Dry Skin Brushing

When most people hear or see the word DETOX, images of Cleanses and foods which help the body's filtration system start to emerge in their mind's eye. But internal detoxing is only part of the process to ridding the toxins from one's system.

Not many people think of skin when they hear the word detox, yet skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination. The skin is responsible for 1/4 of the body's daily detoxification process. It is estimated that about 1 lb of waste and dead skin cells are eliminated from the body each day via skin.
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One of the best ways to help in the detoxification process is with daily dry skin brushing for about 5 minutes. I first started using the dry skin brushing technique shortly after my accident. Since I was not very active this was a great way to stimulate blood and help with circulation.  Dry skin brushing stimulates sweat glands and increases blood circulation to underlying organs and tissues a vital part of an intestinal cleansing program.

Starting with the feet (be sure to brush both sides of the feet and legs) working your way up the body. Make sure to always brush towards the heart and over the breast. Brush the stomach in a gentle clockwise circular motion - this follows the natural flow of your intestine. Raise each arm in turn, brushing from the hand to the arm pit (both sides of arms). Lastly brush from the buttocks up the back to the neck ( a long handled skin brush makes this area much easier to do).

Some Fabulous Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Shed Dead Skin Cells ~ which can help improve skin texture and cell renewal.
Stimulates Lymph Canals ~ greatly aids the lymphatic drainage of the entire body by encouraging the body to discharge metabolic wastes.
Increases Circulation ~ by increasing the flow of blood it helps tighten the skin, which also reduces the appearance of cellulite.
Helps Distribute Fat Deposits ~  this distribution helps improved muscle tone
Rejuvenates the Nervous System ~ the brushing helps stimulate nerve endings in the skin.
Keeps Pores Clear ~ by eliminating clogged pores your skin is able to better absorb nutrients. And also helps to prevent skin irritations (acne/breakouts).

Is dry skin brushing part of your daily body care routine?

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  1. A pound a day eh! So I will do it for 100 days straight :-)
    My daughter who is a qualified spa therapist swears by it. Must get me a brush :-)
    Hope you are well and happy this rainy Sunday

  2. Dearest Celia,
    That pound-a-day waste consists mostly of sweat. Not active sweating but we do evaporate moisture through our skin as it is open through the pores. One reason for drinking lots of water!
    No, I don't don the dry brushing, only using a loofah for my legs and arms in the shower. Such a daily ritual would sound like pure luxury!

  3. I have never heard of dry skin brushing, but am totally willing to give this a try. Just found a great brush on Amazon. Thanks for the article.

  4. You must had read my mind Celia. I just started dry brushing last week. I bought a nice hard body brush and try and do it every morning before jumping in the shower. I didn't know how long to actually do it for so your post has really helped. I also did not know about some of the benefits you wrote about, so really timely for me.
    Thank you so much Celia for your lovely mention in your newsletter; so kind of you and so very appreciated xx

  5. I had someone recommend it to me years ago but I had no idea about all those benefits! Now I will be faithful! I have an excellent soft brush for the face and a more stiff one for the rest. I can't wait to start! You always have the most amazing information that I can always use!!

  6. Very interesting, I'd never heard of that. Makes sense though. I always learn from your posts, Celia.

  7. I never knew this was important. Thanks for this! I will try it!

  8. Thank you for the reminder Celia! I do, but never knew that I should be starting with my feet...great advice!
    Xo, Nathalie

  9. It's not! I have never known this was so important!

  10. I've never tried it, but it sounds like it could be quite soothing as well. I'll have to give it a try.

    Thanks. Happy Sharefest. Have a lovely weekend.


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