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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Box of Teacups and Friendship

It is amazing how our Angels sometimes deliver their messages. Though I do write about my accident, I do like to keep things positive here. So when life is a bit of a 45 , I tend to retract and take a little break, rather than write about the aches, pains, and challenges of the moment. During my recent break, I was questioning whether my writing makes a difference to others.

As I'm going through this break and questioning I receive a package from a dear blog friend...who let's me know that my posts on tea - and taking the time to actually enjoy a cup of tea, have encouraged her to do that for herself. This made my day! But , she also wanted to pass along some teacups that she had ~ which she felt I would enjoy. To say that I was humbled by this gesture, would be an understatement.

When this HUGE box arrived ... I was speechless!

Inside you could see how much thoughtfulness and care each item had been packed with.

These are some of the teacups and goodies (lots of fragrance samples to try and strawberry chocolate tea) that I will certainly treasure these teacups of friendship. Each time I use one, I will be reminded that I did make a difference, and that I must continue.

Well, if one box was not enough ... a second box arrived a few days later.
With more lovelies and tea... over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you the beauty of these teacups.

My Dear friend N. you inspire me more than you will know, to give back to others and to keep the faith ~ HE really does have a plan for us all. To enjoying a cup of tea together, in heart and spirit. Hugs, C.

If you have not yet discovered The LBD Diaries blog I highly suggest you do. You will discover a blog author whose writing is inspiring, reminding us that no matter what twists and turns life takes us, we are still women.To always have faith and believe that God is right by our side, and when you are ready he will bring into your life more joy,love and happiness than we can imagine. She writes about her journey to getting back into her LBDs ~ and her Alpha Hubby who is truly her soul mate.You can read a little more about this witty, and special woman HERE. Pop on over and say hello, you will be happy you did.

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  1. Celia, You are one person who truly deserves lovely friends like this. The tea set is fabulous. As for Pooh - you touched both myself and Hubby with that. Pooh is his favourite book and character although I think he is more of an Eeyore!
    I hope you are feeling much better now.
    Sending you our love and best wishes

  2. Celia, you do make an impact!
    What a dear lovely friend you have.

  3. What a blessing Celia! Obviously you have touched us all...and are a wonderful part of our blog worlds! How wonderful that you have been encouraged in such a lovely way!

  4. What a sweet surprise, Celia. So happy for you. Yes! Your writing makes a BIG difference. Self-doubt is an enemy who tries to sneak in and steal our joy. You keep doing what you do and you will continue to see the fruits of your sweet spirit by the outpouring of love from your readers. You make a difference. Your experience matters and people need to hear your story.
    Much love to you,

  5. I would be sad indeed if you stopped writing, not because you inspire me (although you do) but because I count you as a friend.
    I have laughed with you, cried with you and wanted to hug you.

    I don't mind the posts where you pour out your hurt, worries or pain - I feel privileged to be a confident to you during a very hard time.

  6. What a wonderful gift to recieve but it is thr thought and time which makes it even more wonderful! You have inspired someone so much, as well as a lot of others. Cherish this feeling :-)

    Missy xoxo

  7. What a thoughtful thing to do! Blogging is an outlet to share feelings, good or bad and don't forget that people have the choice to read and comment. I've always enjoyed what you have to share Celia, I may not always comment but always a peek to make sure you are alright.
    You do inspire your blogging friends, quite possibly in a different way for each of us.
    Enjoy your new teacups, tea, and be well.

  8. Dearest Celia,

    Who in the world would NOT love to send you a gift?! You are so deserving of such a gift and we all know that nobody better than you will turn this into a blissful blog post with great photos. Thus becoming a gift that keeps on giving... So many others will get inspired by you. THANKS for doing what you do and you express yourself always so well.
    Hugs to you and welcome to fall,

  9. I'm so happy for you, Celia! What a kind act by a compassionate, caring, generous lady!
    Hugs and kudos to both of you, and to all, good health!

  10. that's so wonderful! what a surprise and so very thoughtful.

    c. -your posts are thoughtful and that means the world. you sharing your challenges also mean the world. don't question that. we all have our challenges, some more than others. you have had your share and still face your share while you make your way in this new 'world' of yours. not for anything, but perhaps your writing amd this blog are meant to help 'you' along your way, and those you touch on the path are a bonus.

    keep hanging in there

  11. What a sweet gesture! It is hard finding the time to blog sometimes, but it's nice to remember that we do touch people occasionally :) I love tea also! :)

  12. OK, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and a heart full of love for your thoughtfulness. THAT is why I felt I had to listen to the cups that said, "We belong to Celia, send us!" because you are an amazing woman! I will eventually get the rest there because they're still talking to me (smile). Pooh is my fave character and Alpha Hubby's and my fave quote is: “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

  13. Celia.. this is so sweet and you DO touch the lives of others! That Pooh comment at the top is perfect and I friendships are so important. Cheers! Enjoy that cup of tea today!

  14. my goodness - what a lovely gesture - and a lovely box of beautiful tea cups! Enough for a different one every day of the week I would think. Amazing the connections we make through blogging. Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

  15. Hello dear Celia,
    What a touching and heart-warming post! You do inspire others, my friend, including me! I am so happy that your blogging friend sent you those special cups and I love how God impresses upon others, to bless us! Thank you for sharing your goodies and I hope you are having a wonderful day. Happy Autumn!


  16. Hello Celia,
    What a kind friend! She has sent you such fine things and along with that her love and good wishes! The tea cups are beautiful, and just look at all that tea! I look forward to you sharing your gifts!
    I hope that your difficult time is passing and that you are in less pain now. It is good to take a break :)

  17. Dearest Celia...
    Your prayers and queries have been answered, written in the tea leaves of a teatime friend... You certainly do make a difference... as you can see... What a lovely heart warming gift... to warm the soul with ... Sincerely blessings and love, Dear Lady.. Hope that you are well...Bright Blessings..xoxoxox


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