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Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting Back To Regular ...

...posting with a few changes.

Hello dear friends and readers of High Heeled Life, summer ~ its hot, humid, dry, carefree days are almost a distance memory and the brilliant warm reds, oranges, browns and yellows of autumn beckon new adventures and changes. The first half of 2012 has been a myriad of emotions, ups and downs on my road to creating Me and my Life. 

One of the biggest changes came when I had to face the reality - that I am not able to return to a corporate career. Something that various rehab therapists had elude to for some time. But  I was in denial until the neuropsychologist put it in black and white. As I read the report it was like a ton of bricks ~ "not able to return to full time or part-time work. Part-time volunteering within a structured environment "may be" suitable". It's amazing how seeing something in writing really makes it REAL. 

So, after a few weeks of drawn out depression, tantrums, and crying - I picked myself up and decided, if volunteering is going to be it then I'm going to be the best volunteer I can be!

Blog writing Direction: 
Blogging is a medium through which I can volunteer my time ~ via writing. 

When I started in 2010 it was to help with my speech therapy. Over time it became about sharing my journey. Over the past month or so I have been going back and rereading my posts. I wanted to get a feeling about what I was blogging about and determined if it's a path I wanted to continue. As you may have noticed with some of the recent posts and the look of the blog itself things are changing. 

With help from friends and their wonderful patience and guidance, the direction I hope to take my blog writing in is about Life and Transition. Through my story, journey and experiences I hope to inspire others to not give up their dreams; to live in and enjoy each moment; that no matter the reason for the detour which sent their life into transition ~ WE are the architect and writer of how WE LIVE our life!

Whats New?:

TABS~ Hopefully the changes within the tabs will make it easier to locate your topic of reading choice and to find information concerning High Heeled Life on this blog.

Meet Celia - background on me with photo

Life After Trauma & Brain Injury? - A bit about Brain Injury and where links will be found for posts I write related Trauma and Brain injury.

Afternoon Tea - the therapeutic value I have discovered and where links to posts I write relating to tea and sharing some of my teacups will be found.

Series Posts - From time to time I will write a series of posts on a particular topic, all links to posts in each series will be easily found here.

BlogLand Friends, Shops & Reads -  These are My Personal Recommendations for: blogs I find inspiring, informative and read often. Shops owned by blog friends, I shop from or plan to shop from - that I feel offer products to to help create a High Heeled Life. Reads books I've purchased and read, published by blogging friends, these books either bring inspiration, motivation, enlightenment, laughter or thought provocation from reading.

Book Reviews - Books that have been sent to me for reviewing. I have read and share my opinion on it's topic and writing. 

Contact, Advertise & Press - Information on how to contact me. Opportunities for advertising on High Heeled Life. Press links to stories or feature posts written about High Heeled Life.

EDITORIAL~ at this time there is no editorial calendar plan for posts, but I will do my best to write about regular topics at the same time during the week. Topics will include Life & Style; Next Life Chapter; Fitness; Holistic Healing; Travel; Body, Mind and Spirit; and Life as it happens.

Thank you to everyone who has visited (commented) during my sporadic posting and blog presence these past couple of months. There are a few more things to complete this week ... and then it's back to regular posting..

I hope you will enjoy the new changes and that you will always find a piece of inspiration when you visit. 


  1. Not only is your blog an inspiration, but you are an inspiration!

    I look forward to the new blog changes :)


  2. Looking forward to seeing all these changes! You really are an inspiration! xoxo

  3. Nice to have you back, Celia! You have been missed during the summer months. Looking forward to seeing the inspirational posts you will share with all of us. Hugs to you and ....


  4. Celia, I can't tell you how much my heart sings to hear you are back! You have been missed over the summer. You are an inspiration and I look forward to sharing many cups of tea with you!

  5. Dearest Celia,

    Yes, seeing things in writing works as a written 'death penalty'... We are not willing to give up the 'old and happy, healthy, active ME' but when it becomes the obvious we MUST accept it. Life goes on and most importantly, we're still active players in that life. So we do our soul searching and contribute as best as we can. You at least are a tremendous inspiration to so many others. This past Friday, Pieter had a speaker at his Rotary lunch meeting about a person from the Georgia Brain Injury Support Group. The speaker sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2008 and understands the challenges associated with such injuries. Pieter related better to this than the average person. We have a Philippine friend that got paralyzed from a broken neck and she got back to normal again through therapy etc. Very much like you did and we admire you greatly for this. On Blogger there is a Japanese Australian lady that got run over by a motor bike in December of 2011 and she's going the long road to recovery, just like you. I will always support her and give her my love. People should never walk out of their lives... with patience and perseverance things will change for the better.
    Tight hugs to you girl and also to Mr. G + fur babies,

  6. Taking time to re-look at the past and plan ahead for the future is one of the best ways to pick you're self up.
    I love your moving forward plan and am glad to be on this journey with you.

  7. Celia I have just subscribed as I have not been blogging as often I keep missing posts so this way they will be emailed to me .. I love reading blogs more than magazines .. real people, real life.. real fashion.. just beats it all xx

  8. Celia, you've obviously been busy planning your new direction -- and I wish for you God's richest blessings as you move forward. We all have to make the best of our reality, whatever it is, and you are a beautiful example of how to do it!

  9. celia,after my last post and your comments about my pics in Italy, my son was attacked and beaten while walking home downtown over the last long weekend. I have been in the hospital since then. Due to severe kicking he had suffered a hematoma on his right leg and had to do an emergency fasciotomy. he has out of danger thank God but very long recovery. Being a massage therapist is his dream career and will have to put on hold. He is still in the hospital recovering. Perhaps one day, you can share your experience with him and how you had moved on in life. he is 17 and has his life ahead of him. On a lighter note, my next chapter continues by taking my real estate course and be my own boss. I will also be a part time nurse for Jordan in helping him with physio and rehab. Have a great day.. xoxo

  10. Dear Celia,

    SO happy to hear you are going full steam ahead with your blogging - I enjoy each and every post. You have a wonderful way with words and bring encouragement to your readers no matter what they may be facing. You will be THE best volunteer!!

    Merci for all you do,

    1. This is so well phrased about Celia...!
      She already is a great volunteer.
      Hugs to you both,

  11. I always find much inspiration and comfort here...along w/ knowledge. Knowledge of how to lead a calmer, happier life and how to take care of myself along the way. You are wonderful.

  12. Looking forward to seeing the new things in store for you blog. :)

  13. Celia,

    You are an inspiration to ALL. Acceptance of what IS ..is not easy and I admire you strong WILL and perseverance.

    Glad you are back and I look forward to hear more about all of your volunteer opportunities. My friend is a breast cancer survivor now volunteers her time at a local hospital. She comforts babies that were born with drug addiction. Her story is amazing.. as is yours.


  14. you are such an inspiration and you help give me the strength to go on when I think I have no more left.

  15. I'm glad you are keeping the tea section. It is a huge blessing to me. I can feel myself slow down and enjoy life, when reading a post on your tea time! I know whatever changes you make, you will continue to inspire (and electrify!) - you are an inspiration to me.

  16. Celia,
    Loving the new additions! Playing catch up.
    And I truly believe that when one door closes, another opens. What is meant to be will. And you my friend, are a daily inspiration with a much bigger job that one in the corporate world.

  17. Dear Celia,

    I have not commented for while; however you have been in my heart. You have inspired me through all you have endured and come through. I am still rehabbing after the 3rd surgery in 9 months, and hope to get back to work mid Oct. A lot of work I am so determined though!
    Art by Karena

  18. Dear Celia,
    My friend Mariette has let me know about your blog.I had a brain injury last year.
    I am getting better.I look forward to reading your blog.


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