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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tea Room In the City ...

Living in the country and having a birthday 6 days before Christmas makes planning a get-together with friends almost next to impossible any time near the actual date. So when one of my girl friends suggested that we start an annual Girls Tea in the City to celebrate Christmas and my BDAY!! I was over the moon delighted.

The tea room is among the finest in the city ... 
If you live or visit the GTA , you might guess where we went!!!
They offer two sitting areas; a traditional side with cream and white furnishings more of the Victorian era, and a modern side with dark and light purples accented by white ceiling and trim.

It was Christmas time....the contrast of the red and light purple was so beautiful...

The chandelier, is breath taking. This room also has a fireplace and is quite grande and glamorous!

Did you guess the WINDSOR ARMS ?

No matter how many times we take tea at the WA, Ms. J always discovers something fascinating!

Ms. L ~ just mention food, tea, and champagne and her face lights up!!

Moi ... enjoying the peacefulness before the room comes alive with the chitty chatter of the other guests. The Tea Room is booked solid with reservations during normal afternoon tea, add in Christmas season and the chances of getting a  last minute seating almost a dream. Despite the higher noise level of happy Christmas shoppers, I am  happy to be enjoying time in the city with my wonderful and thoughtful besties...

Now on with our tea...
How lovely is this tea pot ... all deck out in gorgeous roses..

I tried to get a photo of tea cup ... sorry for the quality ... I even took a photo of the bottom, sadly it didn't turn out at all ~ and I can't recall the maker.

There were plenty of yummy goodies to keep our taste buds tingle with delight,
another tea pot decked out in pink roses makes an appearance on our table....

and here is a white one with a collar trimmed in blue.  I love when tea rooms use different tea pots and tea cups [instead of the same style cup and tea pot for everyone], it takes me back in history to when tea was starting to make its mark on the world. The average person could barely afford the tea let alone a set of matching tea cups. But that did not stop them from enjoying and hosting afternoon tea. Guests would just bring their own tea cup.

Thank you Ms. L and Ms. J for making my birthday celebration extra special!! and I can't wait to celebrate Girls Tea in the City 2012...

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  1. Oh how I love those purple curtains!! Looks amazing!

  2. What a wonderful experience! How neat to celebrate with friends...and what better to take tea together! Thanks so much for sharing and linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. What a wonderful tearoom and how fun to spend some time there with good friends celebrating your birthday. I do get to the GTA once in a while and this would be a great place to visit. Can you email me the name and address of it? Thanks so much. Have a great week. Pamela from NB

  4. That looks like so much fun!! When I was a little girl we would go The Jefferson Hotel, here in Richmond, for tea with my grandma!

  5. Well this looks like a delightful gathering.

  6. looks soo much fun! never been to a place like that!

  7. You are a tea room loving girl! LOVE those dark walls and that chandlier......oh my!

    If you ever get to Dublin you MUST have afternoon tea at the Merrion Hotel. Heavenly spot. http://www.merrionhotel.com/page.php?pid=241

  8. Well I must say there is no other person I could imagine that deserves this more! What a great time you had! That place looks like it was made for you! How lovely, the teapots, food...company - well that is just the best. Sadly, one of my favorite tea rooms here in MN CLOSED in December! I think I am still recovering from grief! Have a great tea week.

  9. There is no greater place for tea! OR anything for that matter.
    Looks lovely.

  10. I am so happy that your girlfriends made your birthday so special with High Tea. Gorgeous images!

    Art by Karena

  11. Dearest Celia,

    Wow, what a lovely gathering at the Windsor Arms Tea Room! First of all it was lovely because of the warm and special friendship that is obvious in these photos. What a charming setting and yes, I did notice the two teapots clad in roses!
    Fond memories and a great post; looking forward to the next happy meeting. I almost would toast with a teacup to the fact that you were able to pull this off dear friend!

    Love and hugs to you,


  12. Dear Celia,
    how nice to see you and your friends. Thank you for the nice invitation, I feel as if I had celebrated this tea party with you. What a wonderful room to have tea. Hmmm, the cookies and sandwiches look so lovely. And the tea pot with roses is gorgeous. I can imagine what a fun it was. Thank you so much for sharing those livand have lovely memories. Have a wonderful week.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. How fun! High tea sounds like a great idea for a day with the girls!

  14. Oh my, Celia, these pictures are so beautiful. From the hat rack to the dreamy curtains, the china and your gorgeous smiles. I am so glad you enjoyed this special time. Happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing with us and thank you for stopping by.

  15. this looks so nice! Ive wanted to try the afternoon tea at bergdorfs

  16. I would have hoovered up everything, I am not the best guest at afternoon tea, I eat as if my life depended on it.

  17. This is a great idea for a new annual tradition! I may just have to try the Windsor Arms with our Circle of Friends tea group. I really enjoy the high tea at the Fairmont and we tried to go there before Christmas but they were booked for the day we wanted.
    A belated happy birthday Celia and thanks for sharing your special outing.

  18. Hello Celia,
    What a lovely time to celebrate a birthday! A belated Happy Birthday to you! I was supposed to be born on Christmas but I came on New Years instead. Yes, it's a very busy time of the year for a birthday but I'm so glad your friends took you out to tea to celebrate. It looks like a faboulous Tea Room and the teapots are gorgeous. How lovely! I like Ms. J's hat too as I'm a hat person. Thank you for sharing this special outing with us. It's been lovely!

    Blessings & hugs,

  19. As if I was not excited enough about Hubby taking me to tea this coming Sunday! After seeing how much fun you had I do not know if I can STAND the waiting.

  20. oh, my! This looks like a lovely place to be! -- and delicious!!! Make sure to check out my NEW Tuesday Tedium post! :D

    Best Wishes from,

  21. What a beautiful tea room, Celia! It looks like such a fun time! WIsh I could have joined you all with the lovely tea cup I won from your blog! I'm off to look up tea rooms in LA now :) xo

  22. Gorgeous tea room! It is so nice that you and your best "buds" could share the afternoon together. You all look like you're having a great time!

  23. Love this post. What a fabulous tea room. Love to have tea there. I am following now on google and linky. Have a great rest of your week. Pat

  24. My son has a Dec. 17th birthday -very busy time of year to have a newborn (he is now 23 and I still can't believe it!) This looks like it was a wonderful event in celebration of YOUR day. We have a tea house in WA state that reminds me of this one (difficult to get reservations there too!) My daughter and I take my Mother to the tea house around the holidays. This tea room is gorgeous! I love the light purple drapes w/ the red holiday decor. The tea pot and cup is very pretty as well.

    Enjoy your day!

  25. You girls look like you had a fab time at the tea room. How lucky you are to get together to celebrate. The tea looks wonderful and delicious. And what a gorgeous tea pot!

  26. Cute! You are sitting at my favourite table in the purple room :O)


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